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PARIS - LONDON - Eurostar - train
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[size=125:e0jwd0zy][b:e0jwd0zy]PARIS - LONDON | EUROSTAR train[/b:e0jwd0zy][/size:e0jwd0zy]

Several daily connections: ... kingdom/70
There is a [b:e0jwd0zy]special passholder fare[/b:e0jwd0zy] for travellers owning a valid InterRail ticket.
The [b:e0jwd0zy]passholder fare is non-refundable[/b:e0jwd0zy] but is exchangeable once before the departure of either leg, subject to seat availability at the time of request.

[size=125:e0jwd0zy][b:e0jwd0zy]Passholder fare:[/b:e0jwd0zy][/size:e0jwd0zy]
[b:e0jwd0zy]SINGLE one way: EUR 65 / £57,50 for a single[/b:e0jwd0zy]
[b:e0jwd0zy]RETURN: EUR 130 / £100[/b:e0jwd0zy]

[b:e0jwd0zy]Where to buy:[/b:e0jwd0zy]
[b:e0jwd0zy]1) [/b:e0jwd0zy]You can not buy the ticket to the special InterRail fare online. Often there a special price tickets available beside the Interrail reservation (and much cheaper!):

Or directly at the Eurostar website.
[b:e0jwd0zy]2) [/b:e0jwd0zy]At a Eurostar Terminal
[b:e0jwd0zy]3) [/b:e0jwd0zy]At the contact centre on [i:e0jwd0zy]08705 186 186[/i:e0jwd0zy] (in the UK only) or [i:e0jwd0zy]+44 1233 617 575[/i:e0jwd0zy] (international calls).

[b:e0jwd0zy]The ticket to the special passholder fare can [u:e0jwd0zy]not be purchased online[/u:e0jwd0zy]!!![/b:e0jwd0zy]

[i:e0jwd0zy]All tickets are sold subject to availability.
All tickets purchased over the phone are subject to a £5 booking fee.
As long as you are in possession of your pass on the day of travel, it is not necessary to validate it first.[/i:e0jwd0zy]

:idea: [size=125:e0jwd0zy][b:e0jwd0zy]CHEAPER normal tickets[/b:e0jwd0zy][/size:e0jwd0zy] [i:e0jwd0zy](update by SiDUDe)[/i:e0jwd0zy]:
If you can book in advance you can usually find much cheaper advanced normal tickets, sometimes as low as half the pass holder price for a return, although you have to commit to specific trains on specific days

:idea: [size=125:e0jwd0zy][b:e0jwd0zy]Avoid the EUROSTAR - use a ferry:[/b:e0jwd0zy][/size:e0jwd0zy]
[b:e0jwd0zy]FRANCE (Calais) - UK (Dover)[/b:e0jwd0zy]: paris-london-ferry-calais-dover-t1442.html
[b:e0jwd0zy]NETHERLANDS (Hoek van Holland) - UK (Harwich)[/b:e0jwd0zy]: ferry-netherlands-england-t1659.html

[b:e0jwd0zy]Due to the unclear situation of the ferry prices, think about using a bus (also overnight)[/b:e0jwd0zy]: ... kingdom/70

[b:e0jwd0zy][color=#FF0000:e0jwd0zy][size=150:e0jwd0zy]IMPORTANT UPDATE[/size:e0jwd0zy]:[/color:e0jwd0zy][/b:e0jwd0zy] ... kingdom/70

[color=#008000:e0jwd0zy][size=85:e0jwd0zy][b:e0jwd0zy]Update: Jan 2015[/b:e0jwd0zy][/size:e0jwd0zy][/color:e0jwd0zy]



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