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Paris - Dusseldorf (Haldern)
23-05-2010 - 21:43

Hi, I've not used an IR ticket before but I'm hoping to use a '5 within 10' ticket to get from Paris to Dusseldorf, and then hopefully finding a connection to Haldern for the Haldern Festival (12-14th August). Are there any preferred routes along this way? And would it require a lot of extra money for surcharges, hoping for as small a budget as possible!




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Paris - Dusseldorf (Haldern)
24-05-2010 - 10:22


Düsseldorf - Haldern is by free Regional Express.
Journey time ~ 1 hour.
There are direct trains or trains with one change.
For details use the schedule planer:

Paris-Düsseldorf is possible by expensive THALYS train. Cheaper solutions as well via the following link.
First travel Paris-Cologne, there change to a free train to Düsseldorf (about 30 minutes by free Regiona Express):

A good connection [b:3nml41ba]directly from Paris to Haldern without supplements[/b:3nml41ba] is this one:

Paris Est Dep: 0735 | free Regional Express
Bar-le-Duc Arr: 0951

Bar-le-Duc Dep: 1010 | free Regional Express
Nancy Ville Arr: 1117

Nancy Ville Dep: 1220 | free Regional Express
Luxembourg Arr: 1345

Luxembourg Dep: 1424 | free IC train
Oberhausen Hbf Arr: 1835

Oberhausen Hbf Dep: 1851 | free Regional Bahn
Haldern(Rheinl) Arr: 1933

:idea: [b:3nml41ba]Book your official online-ticket[/b:3nml41ba] for this route directly in the railcc-Bahn shop (including special price tickets and specials like "Europe Special"):
[color=#999999:3nml41ba]The price for you is the same like at DB. But you directly support the railcc project with your purchase. Thank you![/color:3nml41ba]




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