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Paris - Avignon - Interlaken(Switzerland) - Colmar - Paris
22-06-2012 - 18:30

I have flight to Paris on july 9. Then i'm going to visit Avignon, Interlaken and Colmar. So i will be able to buy InterRail Pass only in Paris.

The main travel plan it's like this:
July 14 - train from Paris to Avignon
July 17 - train from Avignon to Interlaken.
July 22 - in the morning - train from Interlaken to Colmar.
- in the evening -train from Colmar to Paris.

I need some advices about my route.
1. Can I get a seat reservation for a French TGV train "Paris - Avignon" for 4 days in advance before departure? What is the probability that the seats for Interrail pass holders will be sold?
2. How many reservation fees will i pay during my trip? I can not decide - to buy InterRail Pass or book tickets now:) Is "InterRail Pass" a good bargain for me? All single tickets cost 386.4 euros.

What can you advise me?



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Paris - Avignon - Interlaken(Switzerland) - Colmar - Paris
23-06-2012 - 20:45

Does no one help me?



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Paris - Avignon - Interlaken(Switzerland) - Colmar - Paris
24-06-2012 - 07:26

As earlier you book single point to point tickets, as earlier you are.
but you are fixed on dates, times and trains. With Interrail you are more flexible.
So I suppose you will buy an "Interrail Global Pass 5 travel days in 10" ?!:) ... in-10-days
It is EUR 175 for YOUTH (under 26) travellers.

[b:5slc0ity]Paris - Avignon[/b:5slc0ity]:
- direct TGV train (journey time 3:30h), reservation required ( ... ncf-tgv/42 ). If no reservation is available (limited seats for Interrailers), there is a non-official "solution": tgv-reservation-peak-period-t2344.html
- by free regional trains via Lyon. No reservation required. Journey time: 8 hours

[b:5slc0ity]Avignon - Interlaken[/b:5slc0ity]:
- using the TGV, reservations see above. Via Mulhouse and Basel. Journey time: ~ 7 hours.
- regional trains in France, then in Switzerland free IC trains. Via Lyon, Geneve, Bern. Journey time: ~ 9 hours. Free of reservation fees.

[b:5slc0ity]Interlaken - Colmar[/b:5slc0ity]:
- free train in Switzerland until Basel, from there regional train to Colmar. Journey time: 3 hours

[b:5slc0ity]Colmar - Paris[/b:5slc0ity]:
- direct TGV trains or with change in Mulhouse. Journey time ~ 3 hours.
- free regional trains via Mulhouse, Belfort. Journey time: 6-8 hours.

You will find [b:5slc0ity]schedules[/b:5slc0ity] here:
Information about [b:5slc0ity]reservations[/b:5slc0ity] with Interrail here: ... supplement

And next time, please buy your Interrail pass here on railcc. Then you directly support this answer and all the information here on the website. And not just an anonymous big company like you will do with your purchase in Paris. As more people buy here, as faster the free answers are here.:)
We often send tickets to Russia without any problems.:)

Have a sunny trip, Peter:)



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