Night train TH 220 from Venice to Paris. Where to buy tickets. Schedule information, seats, couchettes and sleepers.

The Thello night train offers a comfortable overnight connection from Venice, Verona and Milan to Dijon and Paris. The train conveys comfortable sleeping coaches, couchette coaches and a dining car. There are no regular seated coaches available.

The train conveys comfortable, refurbished "MU" sleeping cars. Each compartment has one to three beds and a washing basin. Two neigbouring cabins can be combined to a "suite" with up to six beds. Toilets are at the end of the carriage. The compartments have air-condition and a power plug.
It also has a modernised "T3S" sleeping car. This offers regular compartments as well as four deluxe compartments. These offer extra comfort and have ensuite shower and toilet.
Passengers in the sleeping car get a goodie bag with personal hygiene products, towels, drinking water and a welcome drink. A small breakfast is served.

The couchette cars offer comfortable compartments with six or four berths each. They are air-conditioned. Toilets and lavatories are located at the end of the carriage. Passengers get a bottle of water.

You can enjoy breakfast and dinner in the dining car. Of course you can also get small snacks if you dont want to sit down for a full meal.

station arrival departure

IT Venice Santa Lucia


IT Venice Mestre


IT Padua Centrale


IT Vicenza Stazione


IT Verona Porta Nuova


IT Brescia Stazione


IT Milan Centrale


FR Dijon Ville


FR Paris Gare de Lyon


You do not have to change trains. The times are for information only.

Connection available on these week days (1=Monday / 7=Sunday):

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Travel this route in reverse direction: TH 221 / Paris-Venice


Couchette 6 | 6-berth-compartment | 2nd class

Couchette 4 | 4-berth-compartment | 2nd class

Sleeper 3 | 3-bed-compartment | private washing facility | 2nd class

Sleeper 2 | 2-bed-compartment | private washing facility | 2nd class

Sleeper 2 | 2-bed-compartment | private shower + WC | 1st class

Sleeper 1 | 1-bed-compartment | private washing facility | 2nd class

Sleeper 1 | 1-bed-compartment | private shower + WC | 1st class

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