Night train Stockholm - Narvik
Nattåg 94 (NT 94)

Night train NT 94 from Stockholm to Narvik. Where to buy tickets. Schedule information, seats, couchettes and sleepers.

The comfortable night train from Stockholm to Narvik (Nattåg 94) via the famous iron-ore railway in northern Sweden. The first section heads north overnight. From early morning, the train journey will be exciting, through beautiful nature.

Travel time: The travel time is 19 hours, from central Sweden to the Arctic Circle to Norway.

Ticket prices: Train tickets are available from 50 euros in the seat car. Couchette and sleeper tickets start at 70 euros. The fare depends on the travel date. The earlier you book, the cheaper your train ticket will be.

There are seats in the open-seating-car. These are relatively cozy.

The couchette cars always have compartments with six beds. Three on each side.

In the sleeping car there is the 3-bed compartment as an inexpensive option. You can also book a sleeping compartment for only two travellers or for yourself as individual. The unused beds are closed. The toilet and the shower are on the corridor of the car. The shower is very spacious, heated and clean. There are free towels.

We made a film about this night train. Watch this detailed video so that you are well informed.
Station Arrival Departure
SE Stockholm (Central) 18:11
SE Arlanda (Central) 18:33
SE Uppsala (Central) 19:03
SE Gävle (Central) 19:55 20:02
SE Söderhamn (Station) 20:56 20:57
SE Sundsvall (Central) 22:32 22:46
SE Härnösand (Station) 23:38 23:39
SE Örnsköldsvik (Station) 00:55 00:56
SE Umeå (Central) 02:14 02:18
SE Bastuträsk (Station) 03:46 03:47
SE Älvsbyn (Station) 05:10 05:11
SE Boden (Centralstation) 05:40 06:00
SE Murjek (Station) 06:56 06:58
SE Gällivare (Station) 08:01 08:04
SE Kiruna (Central) 09:12 09:29
SE Abisko (Östra) 10:55 11:05
SE Abisko (Turiststation) 11:13 11:14
SE Björkliden (Station) 11:23 11:24
SE Riksgränsen (Station) 12:05 12:06
NO Narvik (Stasjon‎) 12:54

You do not have to change trains. The times are for information only.

Connection available on these week days (1=Monday / 7=Sunday)

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7

Travel this route in reverse direction:

NT 93 / Narvik-Stockholm
Seat | 2nd class Buy
Couchette 6 | 6-berth-compartment | 2nd class Buy
Sleeper 3 | 3-bed-compartment | private washing facility | 2nd class Buy
Sleeper 2 | 2-bed-compartment | private shower + WC | 1st class Buy
Sleeper 1 | 1-bed-compartment | private shower + WC | 1st class Buy
Note: for ticket fares please follow the given booking links. Prices may vary depending on the route, purchase date and comfort category.

Category: Only the available categories are listed.

Eurail: if you want to travel this route by Eurail instead of train tickets, have a look here for reservation fees and further information.

Departure from Stockholm
Sleeper 2. Class corridor
Sleeper 2. Class day position
Sleeper 2. Class night position
Sleeper 2. Class washbin and window
Couchete night position
Couchete day position

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