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MINSK - WARSAW - train
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[b:3sjyrfq2][size=150:3sjyrfq2]From MINSK to WARSAW by train.[/size:3sjyrfq2][/b:3sjyrfq2]
How to buy point to point train tickets. Online shop to travel the route from Minsk (Belarus) to Warsaw (Poland).

Train connection from [b:3sjyrfq2]Minsk to Warsaw[/b:3sjyrfq2]. Several connections every day, also overnight. The fares vary a lot, depending on the type of train. For details check the prices in the railcc Russia partner shop https://rail.shop/realrussia

:arrow: To find schedules and fares and to buy tickets online, please have a look on our partner link: https://rail.shop/realrussia

[b:3sjyrfq2]More information and schedules[/b:3sjyrfq2]:
[b:3sjyrfq2]Minsk - Warsaw[/b:3sjyrfq2]: https://en.rail.cc/train-connection/min ... poland/550
[b:3sjyrfq2]Warsaw - Minsk[/b:3sjyrfq2]: https://en.rail.cc/train-connection/war ... elarus/549

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