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Sightseeing in Marseille (France). What you have to visit at your stay in Marseille.

Old Port of Marseille Old Port of Marseille
Vieux-Port de Marseille

The Vieux Port is located in central Marseille. It is the oldest port in the city as well as the cultural and historical center. There are numerous cafes and restaurants where you can taste the famous bouillabaisse. At the Quai des Belges, there is a fish market. From the Vieux Port there are...

Île de Pomègues Île de Pomègues

A visit to the "Frioul archipelago" is considered as one of the highlights for visitors of Marseille! The "Ile de Pomègues" is 2,7 km long and 400 meters wide island of Frioul archipelago. It is very popular for tourists and locals, but is far less busy than the neighboring island "Ile de...

Île d'If Île d'If

A visit to the "Frioul archipelago" is considered as one of the highlights for the Marseille-visitors! The "Ile d'If" is a small, uninhabited island, about 1.5 kilometers from the coast of Marseilles and belongs to the Frioul islands. It is about 80 meters wide and 280 meters long. The island is...

Abbaye de Saint-Victor Abbaye de Saint-Victor

The abbey of Saint-Victor in the west of Marseilles was founded in the 5th century by John Cassian. In December 1739, the abbey was dissolved. Since 1997, "Saint-Victor" is classified as a "Monument historique". Be sure to also go inside! Open daily from 09:00 to 19:00 h !

Marseille Cathedral Marseille Cathedral
Cathédrale de la Major

The "Cathédrale de la Major" is one of the main attractions of Marseille. The cathedral in the Romanesque-Byzantine style is right next to the port of Marseille. The interior is rather spartan and reminds du to numerous drooping from the ceiling banners with Provencal crest more like a knight's...

Fort Saint-Jean Fort Saint-Jean

The "Fort Saint-Jean" is a spacious fortress, which was built in the late 12th century to protect Marseille. However, it was also a symbol of royal presence and a signal of the absolute power of Louis XIV on the inhabitants of Marseilles. Be sure to climb the tower, from the top you have one of...

Palais du Pharo Palais du Pharo

The "Palais du Pharo" is a magnificent palace which Napoleon III gave his wife Eugénie as present. The palace was named after the bay and the cape "Pharo". Today the "Palais du Pharo" is used as a convention center and is home of some parts of the city council. The palace is part of a nice park...

Vieille Charité Vieille Charité

The "Vieille Charité" is a former hospice for poor people in the Panier district. Construction began in 1671 after the plans of Pierre Puget. In the meantime, the "Vieille Charité" was used as barracks. After blastings at the port in 1943, homeless residents were housed here. The building had...

Vallon des Auffes Vallon des Auffes

The "Vallon des Auffes" is a very nice little harbor in the middle of the big city. There are many brightly painted fishers boats and many (mostly expensive) restaurants. Best reached by bus number 83 from "Vieux Port". Get off at the station "Vallon des Auffes".

Notre-Dame-de-la-Garde Notre-Dame-de-la-Garde

The Basilica of Notre-Dame-de-la-Garde, popularly known as "La bonne mère de Marseille" (= the good mother of Marseille), is the landmark of the city. It is located on a 147 meter high hill - from there you have a spectacular view over Marseille. From the Vieux Port (stop Cours Jean Ballard) the...

Île de Ratonneau Île de Ratonneau

A visit to the "Frioul archipelago" is considered as one of the highlights for the Marseille visitors! The "Ile de Ratonneau" is a 2.5 kilometer long and 500 meter wide island of Frioul archipelago. It is very popular for tourists and locals, therefore it is often very crowded, especially in...

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