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Interrail rules in detail. The rule of the country of residence, the 19:00 h rule for night trains. Where is Interrail valid.

These are the official general conditions of use by that apply when using your Interrail pass. They are also printed in the Interrail pass guide you get free with your Interrail Global Pass.

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1. Interrail pass definition
An Interrail pass consists of a ticket and a pass cover that includes the travel diary. Neither the ticket nor the pass cover is valid on its own. If you travel using one without the other you risk payment of a full-fare ticket and a fine.

2. An Interrail pass is strictly personal
An Interrail pass is strictly personal, non-transferable and valid only upon presentation of a valid passport or other recognised travel identification document. If you travel without a valid passport or a legal equivalent to be presented together with the pass, you risk payment of a full-fare ticket and a fine.

3. Recording personal, ticket and journey details in the travel diary
All Interrail Global Pass holders will receive a travel diary along with their pass. Fill in the personal details and ticket details in the travel diary before using the pass. Before boarding a train, bus or boat, each journey must be recorded in the journey details section of the travel diary in blue or black ink. Those who travel without having recorded these details risk payment of a full-fare ticket and a fine. If you send your completed travel diary you will receive a free Interrail souvenir.

4. Flexi pass: Filling in the travel calendar box[
Flexi pass holders may choose the days on which they travel within a longer period of overall validity. Before boarding the first train, bus or boat on a travel day, you must enter the date correctly in blue or black ink in the corresponding travel calendar boxes on the ticket. If you travel on a date that has not been entered on the ticket, you risk having to pay a full-fare ticket and a fine. Once entered, you may not correct a travel date, as it can be considered an attempt at fraud. The correct date must be entered in the next travel day box.

5. Flexi pass: Overnight journeys
If a trip on a direct overnight train departs after 19.00 and arrives after 04.00, it is only necessary to enter the date of arrival in the travel calendar boxes on the ticket. This also covers travel between 19.00 and 24.00 on the day of departure, as long as the day of departure and arrival both fall within the overall period of the pass’ validity. When travelling with an overnight ferry covered by the pass, either the date of departure or arrival may be entered in the travel calendar boxes on the ticket.

6. Travelling within your own country
An Interrail pass is valid for travel on the trains of all participating railway companies. You cannot use an Interrail One Country Pass to travel in your own country. If you have an Interrail Global Pass it's valid for 2 journeys in your country of residence. Read more about travel in your own country .

7. Misuse of an Interrail pass
Railway staff are authorised to confiscate a pass which appears to be forged, which is being used by anyone other than the person to whom it was issued, or on which personal details or travel dates have been altered. This can be considered as a fraud attempt, which will be reported to legal authorities.

8. Period of validity
An Interrail pass is valid within the overall time period indicated on the pass. Travel can begin after 00.00 on the first day printed on the pass, and the last trip must be finished by midnight (24.00) on the last day of validity. Interrail passes are non-extendable at any point. All the available validity periods are listed on our website. If you wish to change this, you will need to exchange the pass for a new one, provided that this meets the return conditions.

9. 1st and 2nd class
An Interrail pass is valid for travel in the class indicated on the ticket. 1st class passes are also valid in 2nd class cars. Those wishing to travel 1st class with a 2nd class pass must pay the full difference between 1st and 2nd class fare on the respective route. There is no refund for 1st class pass holders travelling in 2nd class.

10. Eligibility
An Interrail pass may only be used by citizens of Europe, the Russian Federation or Turkey.

11. Seat availability and reservations
An Interrail pass does not guarantee a seat in a train or boat, unless a reservation is secured in advance. Fees for one reservation per person per domestic train route are included in the Interrail Premium Pass only. For all other Interrail passes, fees for seat reservations, sleeping accommodation, port taxes, meals, and other services while onboard trains and boats are not included. Reservations are compulsory for specific trains in some countries. Read more about train seat reservations.

12. Lost, stolen or damaged passes
A duplicate Interrail pass unfortunately cannot be issued for those that are lost, stolen, or damaged in such a way that they are unusable. offers a Pass Loss and Theft Cover that will cover replacement train tickets in case of lost or stolen passes. Loss and Theft Coverage costs are non-refundable. After payment of your pass, it is not possible to cancel the Loss and Theft Coverage.

13. Refund policy
Refunds can be applied for if an Interrail pass is returned to the point of sale before the first day of validity and up to 1 month after the last day of validity as long as the pass has been certified as “UNUSED” by a European railway before the first day of validity. In both cases, the entire cost is refunded with a deduction of a 15% cancellation fee. Passes that are (partially) used, lost or stolen will not be refunded or replaced. Read the return policy of

14. Compensation policy in event of train delays
In the event that you experience 3 or more train delays that are longer than 60 minutes each, you can request compensation from the Eurail Group.

15. Responsibility
Eurail Group G.I.E. cannot be held responsible for damages or extra costs incurred due to loss of baggage, theft, force majeure, strikes, or cancelled trains. However, in some of these cases, the Conditions of Carriage from the specific carrier may be favourable to claims.

16. Liability
Issuing offices and the Eurail Group G.I.E. act only as the intermediary of European carriers, and are not liable for operation of national rail services.

17. Legal provisions
For an Interrail pass valid in more than one country, transportation is subject to the “Uniform Rules concerning the contract for GCC-CIV/PRR”. For Interrail passes valid in one country only, the legal provisions of that country apply. For journeys by sea, the legal provisions of the individual sea carrier apply. In the event of a conflict between English and other translated texts, the English text shall prevail.

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