ZURICH - BERN - GENEVA - BARCELONA - train - Elipsos

Pete @ 14-04-2010 18:22

ZURICH (Zürich) - BERN - LAUSANNE - GENEVA (GENÈVE) - PERPIGNAN - BARCELONA | night train Elipsos Pau Casals | EN 274 / EN 275
Information for Interrail, Eurail and travellers with normal train tickets.

TIMETABLE night train Zurich (Switzerland) - Barcelona (Spain):
Zürich HB Dep: 1927
Bern Dep: 2108
Lausanne Dep: 2238
Geneve Dep: 2335
Perpignan Arr: 0614
Barcelona Estacion de Franca Arr: 0943

UPDATE: https://rail.cc/en/train/zurich-to-barcelona

normal sleeping seats
Rail pass fare: EUR 46
Standard fare: EUR 139

tourist class (4 beds per cabin)
Rail pass fare: EUR 73
Standard fare: EUR 170

club class (double bed, only 2nd class)
Rail pass fare: EUR 108
Standard fare: EUR 247

club class (single bed, only 2nd class)
Rail pass fare: EUR 164
Standard fare: EUR 359

1st class - double
Rail pass fare: EUR 155
Standard fare: EUR 296

1st class - single
Rail pass fare: EUR 204
Standard fare: EUR 431

Update: Nov 2016

DrSavedra @ 03-02-2011 15:00

Good afternoon,

On route planner, we're giving:

Days of operation:
runs 13. Dec 2010 until 10. Jun 2011 Mo, We, Fr; not 25. Mar

I intend to travel on June 12.

In renfe also no trains from June 10.

This train no longer exists as of this date?


Flo @ 03-02-2011 15:56

It will continue after this date - running dates (Mo, We, Fr) should remain the same as well.

On Su, June 11th, there is the annual small timetable change that's why the timings are not including in the online databases yet.

It wont run on June 12th anyway since it is a Sunday and the usual running dates for this train are Mo, We, Fr. 😐

Flo 😎

leecurtis89 @ 15-02-2011 14:54

Does this night train run both ways ?

for example i am wanting to come from barcelona to bern.

Pete @ 15-02-2011 19:38

Yes: https://rail.cc/en/barcelona-geneva-bern-zurich-night-train/f1098

Peter 🙂

adrianp1989 @ 24-02-2011 18:01


I really need help!

I am going to travel between Bern and Barcelona with an interail global pass. I'm going to do that on March 23th.

The problem is that I think I really need to book it online, because I'll get to Bern on the same day in the morning. So if I book it there I may have problems as it will be too close to the departure date.

The thing is that I'm getting crazy trying to find any website to book it, but all of them have 70 euros as the cheapest price and they dont have any option for interail.

What could I do to book it and make sure I won't have trouble there?

I do appreciate your help!

fogodinho @ 07-04-2011 23:34

I have the same problem. I'm reaching Bern on the 15th of April, and I want to take this train to Barcelona on that day... I don't find this night train on the route planner.

Please, I need your help!!


Flo @ 07-04-2011 23:45

Hi Godi,

where did you look for this train? Link?

It runs on Friday, 15th April.

Flo 😎

Rosela @ 06-07-2011 20:52

Like others, i am struggling to reserve 6 reclining seats online for this night train. I've tried the railcc online shop but had no luck. Any help would be much appreciated 🙂

Hetman @ 06-07-2011 23:47

try directly on elipsos website www.elipsos.com

Skubister @ 20-07-2011 14:49


We are going to travel this summer around europe and we want to travel by this night train at 8.8.2011 to barcelona form zurich Hb,... we are 4 friends and i ` d like to ask you how can i make reservation for us ( four normal sleeping seats), when we will have interrail global passes for 10 days....are informations on top of this post still correct ( 46 eur for one sleeping seat) ? or is it preferably take tourist class for us ? is it 73 euro for one person or for all?
thank you very much for answers 🙂

Hetman @ 20-07-2011 14:58

73 euro for one person 😐

try to do reservation on eplipsos web site: www.elipsos.com/en/

Hetman @ 20-07-2011 14:59

46 eur for one sleeping seat

it's 50 euro now

Skubister @ 20-07-2011 15:18

ty very much for answer - 50 euro is still acceptable , but when i`m trying to make some reservation on that site, i can`t see possibility for interrail and for 50 euro , only for higher costs..when i click on purchase it moves me on some spanish site and this page is horrible 🤣
I`m from slovakia and i`m not sure , that i can make reservation on Bratislava central station which is the biggest and main station in our country...but i`d like to ask you if it is possible to make reservation at zurich station when we will arrive there? 2 hours before this train leave?

Flo @ 20-07-2011 15:25


- 2 hours before departure is certainly too late. At the Elipsos site it shows me less the 9 available seats for 8.8 Zürich - Barcelona.
- It should be possible to get the reservation in Bratislava hl st - just go there and try! 😉 Or do you have to travel far to get there? (I got reservations for this train in Austria without problems)

- You cannot get these reservations online - but the price should be shown: You have to select a type of class and then you will get the price at PASES INTERNACIONALES - you can also switch the website to english.
However, reservations are not possible - the site only connects to another website (SNCF, where online reservation for the Elipsos trains for InterRail is not possible).

Flo 😎

Skubister @ 20-07-2011 15:39

Thank you very much 🙂
now i see it 🤣 i`ve always choose tourist class and now i know that i must to choose super reclining seat
hmmm last available spaces.... so i need to go to bratislava tommorow , it is only 45 mins from my city by train 🤣 and try to make reservations there ... i hope that those seats will be together because it will be our first journey and we don`t want to travel alone 🙂
thank you very much again

Flo @ 20-07-2011 15:43


before you go to Bratislava just for trying contact the ZSSK reservation center if they are able to make this reservation:


Flo 😎

Skubister @ 20-07-2011 15:49

Ty again,

i wrote them 🙂

Skubister @ 21-07-2011 07:42

This morning i get answer from reservation center and they wrote that they can`t make reservation for those seats in this train.... they can only make reservation for 4 beds tourists class for 75 euro one ....it`s very bad answer, because if we want to travel by original plan it will cost about 25 euro more.... do you have any other advice ? or should we change our travel plan?

Pete @ 21-07-2011 10:00

Just split the topic to Bratislava-Barcelona: https://rail.cc/en/bratislava-barcelona/f6617

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