skumraket @ 01-08-2008 09:35

Hi there,

I was wondering how much extra the nighttrain from Zagreb to Munich is? How can I make a reservation?

Also, how much in advance should you make reservations? How often is necessary to do it? Is it enough to get the tickets when you get to the train station (e.g. 1 hour before departure) or is it better to sort it out some days before? Feel a bit confused about all this 🙂


Kicksnare @ 29-07-2009 16:02

Hello All, thought I would bump this thread, as it is asking the same question.

I want to travel overnight (one night in mid-Sept) - yet I cannot see the 'reserve' seat option on the DB Bahn website.

I've tested random other days, and dates 3 months in advance - and it's not on there either.

I've booked a reservation on my Paris-Munich leg fine.

Many thanks


hedgehogs123 @ 29-07-2009 16:06

How did you book your Paris-Munich reservation?? Because the DB website generally wont let you book anything unless the journeys start and end in Germany. Online reservation systems are quite bad at the moment for all companies (not working correctly).The easiest way to do this would be to do it at a major station in Europe or try ringing DB using number on their site depending where you live?


Kicksnare @ 29-07-2009 17:12

Thanks Ian

Well it seems to have gone through fine - I have email confirmation from them.

How far inadvance would people recommend that I reserve an overnight train?

hedgehogs123 @ 29-07-2009 17:34

If it's the Zagreb-Munich train, I hardly expect it to be as full as other routes in Western Europe. It all depends how desperate you are to be on that train I suppose, most info in here is to try as soon as you get to the destination where you will be travelling from.
The other guys in here would no for sure.

Ian 🙂

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