With what age can we do an InterRail ?

jonhking @ 11-01-2009 11:41

I was chatting with my friends and we decided that in a few years we should do an InterRail, because it's a BIG dream of ours...
So, with what age can we do an InterRail... (we are all 15 years old ).. 😎

Pete @ 12-01-2009 15:10

hej hej ... 🙂
you can travel by InterRail at all ages... but the problem is that in some countries you need an adult with you when travelling as minor ... normally you won't get any problems - and there also a lot of InterRails, younger than 18.
but if something happens, your parents will have problems.
the best way is to have an adult friend with you (aged 18 or older) and everyone younger than 18 have to give him a paper with a written permission of their parents who allow to travel Europe by train alone. 🙂

jonhking @ 12-01-2009 22:13

What source of problems can our parents get? are there very serious. thanks for your time... I'm very young but im excited to probably do this InterRail.

Pete @ 13-01-2009 09:56

not serious ones... I am not specialist for law ... 🙂
but an other problem can be that some hostels ask for your IDcard and want to see if you are older than 18. but this is in most cases only a problem in the bigger hostels, not in the personal and small ones !! 🙂

Sankku @ 27-01-2009 13:17


I'm a 17 year old boy from Finland and I'm going to interrail next summer with two 18+ year olds. I was just wondering about that permission from parents. Will any kind of paper do? Does it have to be an official paper or something or just plain paper with my parents' signature and a text where the permission reads?

Pete @ 27-01-2009 15:51

a simple paper is enough --- 🙂 at least in Germany.
just this way: The parents name of your name allow to travel alone by InterRail. responsible for the minor is the name of your 18 year old friend. signature of one of your parents.
that's it... 🙂

Sankku @ 27-01-2009 16:20

Is it possible to interrail alone as a minor? If yes, do you know how it affects the trip?

Pete @ 27-01-2009 16:23

it is also possible to travel alone as minor...
the problems you might get are when you want to buy alcohol, cigarettes ... or some hostels do not allow minors sleeping there alone without an adult travel partner. also some bars, music clubs and so on don't allow minors to come in.

Sankku @ 27-01-2009 16:28

Thanks for the quick answers =)

Nikolai @ 28-01-2009 12:43

Check with the Finland-Sweden ferry companies Silja Line and Viking Line they allow you to board without a parent.

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