WARSAW (Warszawa) - VIENNA (Wien) - night train

Pete @ 02-07-2008 08:16

WARSAW (Warszawa) - VIENNA (Wien) | night train | D 407

Warszawa Wschodnia Dep: 2057
Warszawa Centralna Dep: 2110
Katowice Dep: 2357
Ostrava hl.n. Arr: 0224
Ostrava hl.n. Dep: 0226
Wien Meidling Arr: 0621
Wien Westbahnhof Arr: 0635

UPDATE: https://rail.cc/en/night-train/warsaw-vienna-en-407/68

Sleeper - SINGLE | 1-bed-compartment (only 1st class)
Rail pass fare: EUR 98/116
Standard fare: EUR ??

Sleeper - DOUBLE | 2-bed-compartment
Rail pass fare: EUR 42/52
Standard fare: EUR ??

Sleeper - TRIPLE/T3 | 3-bed-compartment
Rail pass fare: EUR 28
Standard fare: EUR ??

Couchette | 4-bed compartement
Rail pass fare: EUR 23
Standard fare: EUR ??

Couchette | 6-bed compartement
Rail pass fare: EUR 16
Standard fare: EUR ??

Seat (only 2nd class)
Rail pass fare: free
Standard fare: EUR ??

❗ Fares in red are for Deluxe compartments.

update: July 2011

Abhishek @ 11-03-2010 10:07


I need to make reservations on this train for late April, and I don't know where can I book them. I live in Lyon, France and will be using an Interrail pass. I would be very thankful if one can answer the following:

1. Is there any place outside Poland where these tickets can be booked, in person. I saw the online offers but they seem expensive.
2. In case I don't want any sleeping couchettes, can the travel be done without any reservation. I am asking this because in the information above, you say it is free with a pass (normal seats).

Thanks so much!


Pete @ 11-03-2010 10:40


1) Read here: https://rail.cc/en/interrail-train-reservation
You can buy the reservation at a station in Germany for example. I am not sure if you will get it in France.
Online reservation is not possible.

2) Yes. Seats are free like mentioned above Seats with IR - free.
So you can travel as well without reservation.
But I recommend a couchette.

Have a nice trip, Peter 🙂

Abhishek @ 19-03-2010 09:25

Thanks so much Peter! 🙂 🙂 I really appreciate the support of this forum .
Have a great time!

Lin Shi @ 04-05-2010 10:46

Dear Peter,
many thanks for your info but I still has some questions:
I want to book round-trip ticket for D 407( WAW-WIE , night train) departure time: 25.June about 21:00;
1. Sleeper - TRIPLE/T3 | 3-bed-compartment can I require for only female passengers in the same T3 compartment ? (I'm a girl)
Rail pass fare: EUR 28 Does it mean that: with this price, I could only book the ticket online with INTERRAIL ?
Standard fare: EUR ?? If I go to train station to book the ticket earlier, it will be higher ? ( you don't have the rate? )

2. I want to return fm Wien to WAW at 27.June afternoon or night, do you have the schedule and rate?

Thanks a lot !Best regards!

Flo @ 04-05-2010 11:01


Sleeper compartments should be separated for males/females.

The 28€ is the supplement you have to pay when you are travelling with an InterRail ticket. If you arent travelling with an InterRail ticket than you will have to pay a regular tariff ticket Warszawa - Wien plus the supplement for the sleeper which probably is around the same as the 28€ for InterRailers. If you are only travelling Warszawa - Wien - Warszawa then regular tickets probably will be cheaper than an InterRail pass.
The cheapest available IR ticket for this route would be the 5in10 global pass (assuming you are not a citizen of Poland, Czech Republic or Austria) for 159€ plus sleeper supplements. I cant give you details for the regular fares as I'm more into InterRail, sorry. 😉
For the return, have a look here: https://rail.cc/en/vienna-warsaw-night-train/f1544

Flo 😎

Lin Shi @ 06-05-2010 07:56

Dear Flow ,
many thanks for your info 😧
Have a nice day !


PennyLane @ 27-06-2010 20:11

hey guys,

are there any trains coming from Poland, arriving to Vienna Westbanhof after 20.44? or this is the last one before 6?
the point is I wanna catch the 10.15 train from Salzburg to Innsbruck and trying to avoid a night on a station in Vienna/Salzburg 😉
any advice?


Flo @ 27-06-2010 20:52

Hi Penny!

There are only three direct trains coming from Poland, one being this night train, the others are EC from Warszawa, arriving Wien Meidling at 1423 and 2020.

But I dont understand what you then want to do? There is no 1015 from Salzburg to Innsbruck, whether it is AM or PM...please let me know so I could help you. 😉

Flo 😎

PennyLane @ 27-06-2010 21:47

hey Flo,

no 10.15 trains? hmmm....I'm confused now 😧 going from Salzburg to Innsbruck through Zell am See?


Flo @ 27-06-2010 21:50


why would you do that? It takes much longer...but OK, scenery is quite nice. 😉

Anyway, if you want to get that connection, it is best to use the direct night train from Warszawa, arriving Wien West at 0622. Then continue with OIC 542 Wien West dep 0644 - 0949 arr Salzburg. 🙂

Flo 😎

PennyLane @ 27-06-2010 22:00

hahaha....quite nice? only quite? 😉

ok then, the night train won, hope it won't be late...
thanks so much for you help Flo!


Flo @ 27-06-2010 22:04

Oh, you know, we have so many nice places around here... 🤣 😉

And I just figured that the 542 has through coaches to Innsbruck via Zell/See so you would have to change trains only at Wien West. Only take care to sit in the right portion of the train then. And if possible, get a seat on the right-hand side...should provide best views. 😉

Have a nice trip,
Flo 😎

Griffner @ 08-05-2011 03:49

Hello ! I will be travelling with a Poland Eurail Pass this summer. In order to book this train from Warsaw, will I need to pay anything if I just want a seat? (I.e. Do I need a global pass for the seat to be free, or is the Poland pass enough?) Also, where would I pay a couchette reservation supplement ? Directly in Poland, or would it be possible in advance over the internet ?

Thanks a million !

-An eager Canadian student.

Hetman @ 10-05-2011 23:38

Hi Student!

if you want to go to Vienna you need passes for each country (Poland, Czech Rep. and Austria)

but in fact you can buy reservation for polish part only and probably you will go to Vienna without problems. however, it´s bad and illegal and if there is some smart ticket inspector during the travel you will have problems...about midnight... 🙂

the reservation you will buy or at the station or via Die Bahn call service. if you are now in Canada i don´t know about possibility of sending the ticket to Canada from DB

there is not possible to buy tickets on website of PKP (polish railways)

ignelis @ 13-07-2011 09:16

I want to buy ticket by using online market but I can't find a price... I want to buy full ticket (I'm 23 years old) but when I choose that ticket they show me just that I must pay 7 euro for reservation... How much more I'll must pay later for ticket - not just for reservation??

Hetman @ 13-07-2011 09:33

normal price of a seat in 2.class is 75 Euro

spar price is from 39 Euro

this train has also couchettes and sleepers but they are not available to buy by internet
if you can not buy it via railcc shop try to call diebahn info-line and they surely will sell it.

more information and also possibility to buy this ticket(only seats) you can find here: www.oebb.at/en/index.jsp

ignelis @ 13-07-2011 10:21

Thank you for your fast answer 🤣

Griffner @ 13-07-2011 15:06


what I did in the end to reserve this train was to book it with SNCF (the french rail company, excellent website). I payed my ticket and the seat reservation online, fetched the ticket in a Paris office (but you can also pick it up at eurail officesi in Europe). For a sleeper in a 6 berth cabin, the price was 92 euros, everything included. It worked like a charm once in the train, and I slept soundly all night (except the cabin was pretty hot). The cabin door locks and everything is very secure and smooth.

Hetman @ 13-07-2011 15:16

that nice!
BUT on SNCF you will not find spar-prices and moreover a normal ticket in 2. class is from 79euro so 4 euro more than on OBB 😎

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