VIENNA - ZURICH - night train

Pete @ 20-07-2010 08:19

VIENNA (Wien) - ZURICH (Zürich) | night train | EN 466 Wiener Walzer
Information for Interrail, Eurail travellers and persons with normal train ticket travelling by overnight train from Vienna (Austria) to Zurich (Switzerland).

The direct night train from Vienna to Zurich is a comfortable way to travel this route.

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Vienna - Zurich:
Zurich - Vienna:

Older information:
Budapest-Keleti pu Dep: 1905
Györ Dep: 2032
Wien Westbahnhof Arr: 2201
Wien Westbahnhof Dep: 2225
Salzburg Hbf Arr: 0126
Salzburg Hbf Dep: 0140
Innsbruck Hbf Arr: 0338
Innsbruck Hbf Dep:0340
Bludenz Arr: 0601
Sargans Arr: 0621
Zürich HB Arr: 0720

Sleeper - SINGLE - private shower and WC (1 person compartment - only 1st class)
Rail pass fare: EUR 134/134
Limited special fare: not available
Standard fare: EUR 263

Sleeper -SINGLE (1 person compartment)
Rail pass fare: EUR 98/98
Limited special fare: EUR 129
Standard fare: EUR 206

Sleeper - DOUBLE - private shower and WC (2 persons compartment)
Rail pass fare: EUR 93/103
Limited special fare: not available
Standard fare: EUR 175

Sleeper - DOUBLE (2 persons compartment)
Rail pass fare: EUR 78/88
Limited special fare: EUR 69
Standard fare: EUR 160

Sleeper - QUAD (4 persons compartment)
(the compartment users are separated by sex unless all four people are on one reservation card)
Rail pass fare: EUR 31/36
Limited special fare: EUR 49
Standard fare: EUR 114

Couchette 4 (4-bed compartment)
Rail pass fare: EUR 31/36
Limited special fare: EUR 49
Standard fare: EUR 114

Couchette 6 (6-bed compartment)
Rail pass fare: EUR 23/28
Limited special fare: EUR 39
Standard fare: EUR 103

Seat (2nd class only)
Rail pass fare: EUR 5
Limited special fare: EUR 29
Standard fare: EUR 88

Secondly mentioned fares are for high season: 23.12. - 06.01., 26.03. - 26.10.

Update: Nov 2016

Warczech @ 10-09-2010 08:50


SJWest @ 20-03-2011 17:19

Hi Peter!

Thanks for the great info on night trains from Vienna to Zurich. I have been using the European Rail planner you suggested, to find the best routes around europe. Whilst I have been trying to avoid trains with supplements, I think from Vienna to either Zurich or Innsbruck is going to have to be paid for (due to the insane length of time of a trip without surcharges)...

I wondered if you could help me by telling me how you found out the surcharge costs of different trains?? Especially costs for passengers with an interrail card?? This would be very helpful and let me plan my trip with more certainty to the costs of certain routes, and also figuring out which trains with surcharges will be the best options to take...



Pete @ 21-03-2011 12:55

Hi Steve.
I found them out by using all these trains and asking the staff in the trains for details.
Peter 🙂

fishmonger @ 16-05-2011 18:55

Is there any way to reserve ourselves for this train journey online?

What is the difference between a sleeper quad and a couchette for 4 people?
there will be two of us (2 adult males) travelling if that makes any difference.

Flo @ 16-05-2011 19:33


There is no option to make the reservation online as far as I know. You could try at though.

The 4bed sleeper will be male only whereas the 4bed couchette can have male and female occupany. In the sleeper you have washbasin en-cabin and IMO the beds are more comfortable.

Flo 😎

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