VIENNA (Wien) - SOFIA - night train

Pete @ 12-09-2008 15:58

VIENNA (Wien) - SOFIA | night train | D 347 / D 341

Wien Westbahnhof Dep: 1850
Györ Dep: 2033
Budapest-Keleti pu Arr: 2219
Budapest-Keleti pu Dep: 2300
Novi Sad Arr: 0456
Novi Sad Dep: 0502
Beograd Arr: 0629
Beograd Dep: 0750
Nis Arr: 1200
Nis Dep: 1235
Sofia Arr: 1737


single sleeper
Rail pass fare: EUR 91/101
Standard fare: EUR ??

double sleeper
Rail pass fare: EUR 39/52
Standard fare: EUR ??

triple sleeper
Rail pass fare: EUR 26/39
Standard fare: EUR ??

couchette with 6 beds ❗ to Beograd only
Rail pass fare: EUR 16,40
Standard fare: EUR ??

couchette with 4 beds ❗ to Beograd only
Rail pass fare: EUR 23
Standard fare: EUR ??

❗ Fares in red are for the higher quality ÖBB carriages running to Beograd only.

❗ There is only one wagon running the full journey to Sofia. If this wagon is missing in Vienna, use an other wagon until Budapest. There your wagon to Sofia will wait. The reason: sometimes the train coming from Sofia is already in delay in Budapest. The wagon is detached there- and attached again in Budapest on its way back to Sofia.

💡 As all cabins of this single sleeper to Sofia are the same type (all with three beds), the number of persons per cabin depends on how much money you pay as supplement (see above). You can always ask the staff at the wagon for a single person compartment. If there is a free cabin, you will get an upgrade for small money.

Update: Nov 2016

Pete @ 20-07-2010 07:51

by Mixed20:
On my way to Turkey in April I used this service from Wien Westbanhof. It's only one Bulgarian sleeper which is very basic second hand bought from Germany. Toilets are very dirty and no power socket for your mobile phone. Make sure you bring enough food and drink with you because you not allowed to get off the train anywhere. from Vienna to Budapest its attached to the Dacia express to Bucharest. In Budapest the coaches to Belgrade and Sofia are detached and when it arrives in the morning in Belgrade it will join the daytime service to Nis and from there again its get detached and joined with other coaches all the way to Sofia.

Beware take good care of you wallet because some passengers on this service had their money stolen, it happened at the Hungarian/Serbian border. The journey is quite adventurous but the scenery is very nice especially in southern Serbia and Bulgaria.

SiDUDe @ 20-07-2010 19:14

We were certainly allowed to get off the train if we wanted. There is a shop on Nis station sellig refrigerated 2l bottles of beer that we went back to several times...

TMDaines @ 03-08-2010 09:37


How can I go about reserving a seat/bed on this night train from Wien to Sofia? I am currently staying in Duisburg, Germany for a week and after that I will be travelling to Obzor (on the East Coast of Bulgaria) via Interrailing and buses. At the moment I'm planning on going Duisburg to Wien, and then Wien to Sofia with this train, before taking buses in Bulgaria. Is it possible to make a reservation for this train for a week or so's time from Germany?

If anybody could help me I would greatly appreciate it!

Thank You

Pete @ 03-08-2010 10:14

At Duisburg main station you should easily get it. If one ticket window can't sell it to you, try an other one...
You can not book it online.
Peter 🙂

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