Using the ticket in train stations

faja @ 10-07-2008 06:47

I have pretty silly Q 😧 , tried looking up in the forum but couldnt find so asking here:

How do you use the ticket?

a) if no reservation required ❓

do you go to the tills in train station and they issue you a valid ticket for free? or you get into the train and show conductor the itnerrail ticket?
do all conductors know about the interrail? ( especially in eastern europe - thats where we r going)

b) if with reservations ❓

you reserve the tickets before the journey and then as well do you go straight to the platform and hop on the train?? 😲

my biggest worry is that train st workers wont know what interrail is and we will need to pay for journey or even gives as fine or miss our train when trying explain 🙂

hni @ 10-07-2008 08:21

I hope it's OK that I add another question:

c) do some trains have voluntary reservation, and if so, how do I know which seats are free? I can't remember this detail from my last trip :-)

faja: I went on interrail many years ago, and every single conductor knew exactly what our interrail tickets were, and stamped or punched the line where we wrote down our journey each time. No problem. (Suddenly discovering that my friend's passport had just expired was a bigger problem, but that's another story)

Pete @ 10-07-2008 08:40

here are the answers... 🙂

a) no reservation/supplement needed: just jump into the train
reservation/supplement needed (these trains are listed on ): buy them before at a ticket window at a station (can also be some days in advance). see:
also when having a look at the train schedules, you see reservation needed or not:

b) oooh... see above ... 🙂

c) on most of the trains for which you need a reservation there are little papers or little displays over the seats where you can read from which station to which station this seat has a reservation.

❗ they will know the InterRail pass... sometimes if they don't know it, it is not your problem! 🙂

faja @ 10-07-2008 09:28

Tahnk you very much! 😉

AlphaOmega @ 10-07-2008 15:35

❗ they will know the InterRail pass... sometimes if they don't know it, it is not your problem! 🙂

I've had some pretty silly conductors in regional trains in eg macedonia. Don't worry - they'll gasp at your ticket for a while, they may ask their colleague, but they will usually just stamp it and give it back to you. A month's ticket is worth as much as the averagte monthly salary so they'll guess it's valid. Otherwise talk to them in english (which, in most cases, they won't speak) and they'll gladly save themselves the trouble 😉

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