Travelling Italy and Greece

marie @ 19-07-2008 14:51

I am going to travel in august alone for the first time. I'ld like to go in Italy (roma, napoli) and then from bari or brindisi whatever go to corfou or igoumenitsa. I have quite a lot of questions.

Can we take two passes interrail for two differents country at the same time (without taking the global pass)?

Is it less expensive to get a pass to travel in greek islands, that is to say to take greek ferries, or not? How can i know what greek companies of little boat (to go from islands to islands) are accepting my pass (if there are any)?

If i am taking an interrail pass for italy, will i have reductions on ferries from italy to greece or do i need a pass greece plus?
And with the greece plus pass can we go from italy to greece or does it work only in one way (from greece to italy)?

How long before to leave do i have to take my interrail pass? Can i buy it a week only before?

Pete @ 19-07-2008 15:16

hej hej... 🙂

yes you can take two SINGLE Country InteRail Passes at the same time for the same period of time - no problem!

to use the ferry Italy - Greece and back, you need the SINGLE Country Pass GREECE PLUS. you can travel in both directions.

you don't get any discounts on the ferrys between small islands, as InterRail is a train ticket. and the ferry from Italy to Greece is only discounted as it is very complicate and long to travel by train from IT to GR. 🙂

about the little island ferries, read this topic:

buy your pass 10 days before. then you are sure to receive it in time (normally you get it within 3 business days!!) - but you never know if the postman has a bad day !! 😉

have fun, Peter 🙂

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