Transylvanian Trek

Pete @ 26-03-2008 21:06

only a short message:

it is really a beautiful tour !!! don't forget: Romania is extremely cheap !! buses, trains, food and beer !!! 🙂

maybe you have link for this tour you mentioned... to check it !! 🙂

and one of my favored European cities is Vilnius ... a lot of culture, night life to good prices !!! stay there at least two nights !!

have fun,

Andy @ 30-03-2008 01:50

The Transilvanian Trek sounds too expensive - you'd be better off exploring for yourself. Plus, if you go to Romania, it'd be a shame to limit yourself to Transilvania. Depending of course on your tastes, you might find Bucharest, Constantza and the Danube Delta more interesting.

Hehe, Peter, when was the last time you went to Romania? Unfortunately, it's not as cheap as it used to be. Food for example is sometimes more expensive than in Germany. But going out drinking/clubbing is indeed somewhat cheaper than Western Europe (but don't expect huge differences).

Pete @ 30-03-2008 14:19

@Andy... the last time I stayed there for a longer time was in 2005 ... then only short stops when crossing ... but you are right... Eastern Europe will have the same prices than Western Europe soon !!
And you are right... Romania has soooo nice places to stay... I love Eastern Europe because people of Western Europe mostly know France, Spain, Italy and so on ... and forget the beauty of the east !!! 🙂

Andy @ 08-04-2008 01:57

Sorry for the late reply, I hope it's still useful. Having seen the route, I'd say you'd be better off just going by train and exploring for yourself, I think it'd be a lot cheaper. Plus none of those cities is too big, so you don't really need a tour guide to get around. Most young people in Romania speak English so you shouldn't have too much trouble.

In any case, whether you go for the Trek or not, I hope you have a great time.

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