Interrail SUPPLEMTNES for Italy

Pete @ 29-04-2008 12:59

Supplements for trains in Italy:

omerko @ 20-09-2008 15:17

I was trying to find the supplement for Euronight train (EN 220) from Milano to Paris?
I am not sure the list below includes Euronight or not?

Pete @ 21-09-2008 10:30

Here is the information for the night train Milan (coming from Venice) to Paris:

Peter 🙂

yatinsardana @ 28-01-2009 10:35

I'm thinking of Milan to Zurich by cisalpino.. Now that's an international route, is that still 5 euro reservation? i ask because on the website it says 5 euro reservation for cisalpino on domestic routes *makes the thinking face*

Pete @ 28-01-2009 11:23

still 5 EUR ...! 🙂

Pjerjaje @ 04-06-2009 15:29

Does anyone know where i can find timetable for vanezia-milano train and supplement?!?!?!!?

Petra @ 04-06-2009 15:45

Use the route planner... . You can see your train is EuroStar Italia so the supplement is 15€. If you don't want to pay it, there are also other possibilities.. just tick the trains without surcharge in whole journey field. It should work.

PS: I just found out that Cisalpino (cheaper) is also a possibility but far less frequent than EuroStar.

Pjerjaje @ 05-06-2009 08:23

Hvala Petra !!!! 🙂

Uspeo sam ja posle da nadjem taj cisalpino

mihce_slo @ 20-06-2009 09:13

Can I ask if the supplement for Cisalpino is the same for an EC train and the CIS train? Cause it says at the price supplement page that for the EC it is 5€ but for the CIS 5-15€.

Thanks a lot 🙂

hedgehogs123 @ 20-06-2009 14:06

Which train is it for Venice to Paris going by night train due to distance and time!!

Cheers folks we booked our tickets last night 🙂

SiDUDe @ 20-06-2009 14:46

Flo @ 20-06-2009 19:49

EC trains operated by CIS are 5€, the CIS pendolino trains are 5-15€, depending on distance I guess. 😐

mihce_slo @ 21-06-2009 09:31

Yeah, I remeber looking for the price on Trenitalia and it came 15€ for pass holders from Trieste to Basel. Then it's 15€ I guess 😉 . Thanks 🙂

Flo @ 21-06-2009 10:29

Yeah, that should be the connection where you have to pay the 15€. 🙂

evangelos @ 21-06-2009 10:44

I am going to take the train from Bari to Rome on 27 June at 00.15

It is an InterCitynight Train. Do i have to pay any extra fee? And the most important: do i have to do any prior reservation or something like that? If so, when should i do this, would a few hours before the train departs be enough?

I couldn't find any contact email on site!

Thank you!

Flo @ 22-06-2009 18:42

ICN have compulsory reservation, the mentioned ICN Bari - Roma only consists of Couchettes and Sleepers so calculate with ~25€ for a place in a 6-berth couchette.

evangelos @ 22-06-2009 23:03

ICN have compulsory reservation, the mentioned ICN Bari - Roma only consists of Couchettes and Sleepers so calculate with ~25€ for a place in a 6-berth couchette.

Thanks you very much for the answer, but i didn't understand exactly what compulsory reservation means. When should i do this reservation for the train which departs on 27 June 00.15? I am a little bit concerned about this, i am not going to have much time for the reservation because i will arrive to Bari train station approximately by 26 June 23.00. Can i do it online, or can anyone else in italy (but not from bari) do it for me?

Thank you very much!

Flo @ 22-06-2009 23:22

You should be able to make reservations online now:

I didn't try it out yet though. If it doesn't work you can either try to make the reservation at your local train station or will have to try your luck at Bari directly.
You may not enter the train without a reservation!

If you dont get a reservation you could alternatively take one of the following trains:

E 906 Bari 2338 - 0612 Bologna/ 1010 Torino
E 926 Bari 2351 - 0652 Bologna/0920 Milano

No supplement/reservation required for these trains, however you'd probably have to take a train with supplement back to Rome then.

You see. there are always alternatives preventing you form spending a night at the station. 🙂

kaban @ 26-06-2009 15:16

yesterday i made reservations for Eurostar Italia from Roma to Milan and paid 10 eur not 15 as it is written in the first message. The same price for eurostar city from genova to roma 🙂

P.S. i bought reservations at train station in Germany

Pete @ 26-06-2009 15:35

hi... 🙂 it was already updated on the website - so I changed the first entry and link now directly to the website where everything is always up to date. but thank you for the hint... 🙂

cutiemeow @ 29-06-2009 12:14

Hello, me and my partner will be going to Italy from Munich. I am kind of stuck right now on whether or not to buy a pass. Here is our itineraries:
Munich to Venice - thinking to take night train like CNL Sleeper on July 31 and arriving on the 1st of Aug early morning.
Venice to Milan - Leaving Venice on the 4th, taking train to Milan.
Milan to Florence - Leaving Milan on the 7th, train to Florence..
Tour around Tuscany (mainly Chianti) - by rental car, until the 13th.
Cortona to Rome - Leaving Cortona on the 13th and take train to Rome.
Rome to Munich - Leaving on the 17th, take night train (CNL Sleeper).

1. I am planning to buy a Eurail Saver Pass 3 countries(Germany, Austria, Italy) and for 5 days in 2 months which should cost me 275euro p.p.. Taking into consideration of all the reservation fees and supplements,is it worth to buy this pass? Or better off to buy point to point tickets?

2. Besides CNL, is there any other night train which I can take from Munich to Venice or Milan? I know there is one called Euronight but I checked their website and they said all reservations need to be done inside Italy?!! Is that true? Or maybe I misunderstood?

3. According to the above travel plan, do you think I should spend more time at one place over the others, for example, should I shorten my stay in Milan and extend my stay in Tuscany in general or in Rome?

4. Do you have any recommendation on which towns or wineries worth to visit in Tuscany?

Your professional advise is greatly appreciated 🙂

Pete @ 29-06-2009 12:28

hi ...
just some short information for you ... 🙂
1) I am not specialist for Eurail, only for InterRail. Concerning InterRail, there is a ONE Country ITALY InterRail Pass for 3-8 travel days per month. Maybe something like this is also available on Eurail.
If yes, then have a look on some special fares for the CNL ... buy them and use the ONE country pass
2) the night train is the CNL... also the EN is the CNL. CNL is the cheapest option.
3) I think it is good the way you planed it. not too much and always time in the different cities... to get the feeling of the them.
4) wineries ... come here to my place in Germany. good and cheap wine... it is called the Toscana of Germany... 😉 for Italy I do not have any ideas.
Peter 🙂

kbenoehr @ 29-06-2009 17:13

Hey 🙂

I am planning on taking the train from Ancona to Venice. One part of the journey is on the R stoptrein (no extra charges, right?) and the other part is on an IC Intercity. Do I have to pay anything extra on this part of the journey?

Thanks for helping... 🙂

kbenoehr @ 29-06-2009 17:15

Oh, and which train station would be the best to go to? 🙂

Flo @ 29-06-2009 17:18

In Venice? Santa Lucia if you want to visit the Laguna, Mestre if you prefer the industrial quarter. 😉

R is free of supplements, right. IC should be free as well 👉 According to the trenitalia website IC trains are with compulsory reservation recently. 😐 To be sure check locally.

Have a nice trip.

Flo 🙂

Biberkopf @ 29-06-2009 18:32


I can't find the Global Pass option for a Udine/Vienna night train I'd like to book, and it looks like I'm not the only one to have the problem, so how can I book that train ? I read it's necessary to book that kind of train before (maybe I should also book the ones between Ventimiglia and Udine ?). By the way, my trip is from Marseille to Trencin (Slovakia).

Pete @ 29-06-2009 19:49

... the system of the Italian railway company is a bit confusing ... if you have good luck, the option is viewable, of not then not... I don't know why. but better than nothing at all like it was in the past or like it still is in most other European countries. the website of the Italian railway company isn't as bad !! 🙂

cutiemeow @ 30-06-2009 01:46

Thanks Peter 😲 . Sorry, I didn't realize that Interail and Eurail are 2 different companies. But I am just come you keep saying that the CNL train is cheap? Correct me if I am wrong, I just checked the price from Munich to Venice it costs 178 euro! Is this the kind of rate that you would consider cheap? Sorry, I do not live in Europe so I have no idea the cost of transportation, but to me, that's pretty expensive.

Also, how much would it be for the 3 or 4 days Interail Italy pass? Can it be used for all rails in Italy including Eurostar and IC...etc? With supplement or not? With Eurail, the pass I mentioned is 275euro (saver pass), and add 60euro for CNL supplement for sleeper. So all together, pass + 2 ways CNL= 395 euro+ supplements to be paid for some trains in Italy, so roughly 425euro per person, just on train ride, and only northern Italy! Does it sound too much for you? Or does it sound normal? I am sorry, I am currently living in Asia and 425euro is equal to a little over 4000rmb and that sounds a bit much to me just traveling around northern train 😲 . So, I just want to make sure that I am not making any mistake here.

Also, where is your winery in Germany? We'll be going to German and London first, then return to Munich and depart to Italy, see where's winery, perhaps we can come to visit :P

Thanks for you time again.


Pete @ 30-06-2009 05:41

hej hej ... 🙂
just to clarify... Eurail and InterRail ar both products of the all national European railway companies with the difference:
InterRail is for Europeans or persons lived 6 or more months in Europe.
EuRail is for Non-Europeans.
Maybe in future there will be only one ticket left, but the tickets are old... coming from the 1970s ... and have historical backgrounds... now growing together step by step.
So I think for you the Eurail pass is the solution.
And I know - Asia is cheaper. I also travelled there by train in November and December, you can't compare it to Europe. 🙂

About the CNL: it is cheap if you have an InterRail/Eurail pass... and use a 4/6 bed couchette and pay 20/30 EUR for it per night - a hostel in one of these big European cities is definitely more expensive.
If you pay the normal fare (no Pass reduction) it is of course more expensive!! And the same if you use a 1-person-compartment is like using an expensive hotel for the night.

For Italy: they have expensive supplements (this is the case for Italy and Spain - other countries like Germany, Scandinavia, UK, Eastern-Europe are much cheaper and less supplements).
But especially in Italy you always have a bit slower regional trains - which are much more interesting as you see more of the country and of the people. These regional trains are free!
I think it is always nearly the same the supplements Eurail/InterRail.

And the wineries of my corner are located here (close to Karlsruhe - in the region called Südpfalz):,8.123036&sspn=0.01053,0.027874&ie=UTF8&z=11
If you cross Karlsruhe (a lot of night trains and ICE train stopping here), let me know and we will have a little tour and taste some yummy wine. 🙂

Peter 🙂

cutiemeow @ 30-06-2009 05:55

Hi Peter, I just checked the price for Interrail Pass and it said it is for European Residents, is that correct?


SiDUDe @ 30-06-2009 06:55

Yes, there is a ticket called Eurail (google it) for non european residents

Biberkopf @ 30-06-2009 09:00

Thanx Peter.
So it basically means that I don't have the choice and that I'll have to book my tickets when I'll be in Italy ? I've got another question, more general this one (it's the first time I'll use the Inter-Rail) : I'm French and I'll come from Marseille. To make the most of the Inter-Rail, should I take a first ticket from Marseille to the first Italian town, and then stop there and start my Inter-Rail pass ? Or can I take a single ticket from Marseille to Udine and the fares will be adjusted ? Thx for answering (the french rail office is unable to answer my questions !)

Flo @ 30-06-2009 09:05

Buy a SNCF ticket to the border only (Ventimille), from there you start your InterRail pass. You get a 50% discount for the ticket Marseille - Ventimille, however you wont be able to get the discount online, only at the counters of any SNCF station.

As for reservations in Italy. At least in Marseille St. Charles they should be able to make you the reservations you need for the Italian trains.

Flo 😎

Biberkopf @ 30-06-2009 09:11

Ok ! Thanks a lot for those precisions. I'll buy my Inter-Rail pass right now.

Pete @ 30-06-2009 09:23

... and buy it online via , then you support this forum . 🙂
and by the way... Biberkopf... a cool nickname in German language... 🙂

Biberkopf @ 30-06-2009 09:35

I was going to buy it from the website, it's the easiest way anyway, french rail offices are totally helpless about that inter-rail thing.
bye and thx again.
ps : Franz Biberkopf = name of the main character in Berlin Alexanderplatz, and in many other Fassbinder's movies as well...

iva2402 @ 03-07-2009 00:15

Hi. I'm planning to go to San Remo from Zagreb.
I need to go from Zagreb - Venice with EN train
than Venice - Milan with CIS
than Milan - San Remo with EC.
How much should I pay the supplemtnes for this journey??

When I'll going back to Zagreb I'd go from
San Remo- Taggia with R
Taggia - Albenga with R
Albenga - Milano with R
Milano - Venice with ES
Venice - Zagreb with EN.

Thx 🙂

iva2402 @ 03-07-2009 00:17

Do I need to pay the supplemtnes all the time when I change the train?

Flo @ 03-07-2009 11:26

Yup, you need to pay a supplement for each train you'll take.

Flo 😎

iva2402 @ 03-07-2009 14:55

Yeah. I went to railway station in zagreb today, and I bougt the tickets and supplements.
I needed all suplements exept for those train which is marked with 'R'.

Flo @ 27-07-2009 14:05

Apparently IC trains in Italy have compulsory reservation since July 1st. I paid 3€ for a seat on a Milano - Ventimiglia IC today. 😐

Also, most E (Espresso train) are listed with compulsory reservation in HAFAS; all of them are Global Price. I try to find out if you can still use those without compulsory reservation for free or if you have to pay a supplement too.
Wednesday I'm in Milano for a few hours, maybe the queues are not too long. 😉

Flo 😎

Pete @ 28-07-2009 09:20

In deed - the supplements changed. Eurostar trains are cheaper now, IC trains and Express trains with small supplements. I just updated it on the website some days ago... 🙂

respiko @ 28-07-2009 14:37

so how much do i pay using a E train from firenze to rome?
eurostar is 10€ now, right?

Flo @ 28-07-2009 15:16

Yeah, but E isnt Eurostar, E means Espresso. 😉

Flo 😎

respiko @ 28-07-2009 15:29

i know, they were two different questions :-p
Eurostar - 10€
Espresso - ?


Flo @ 28-07-2009 15:36

3€ IIRC; it should be mentioned in the supplements section of the website.

angelpop2k1 @ 02-08-2009 21:02


I am hoping to travel from munich to florence and have found a train EC 85 to Bologna and then ES9643 to Florence. It says that there is a compulsary reservation. How to i do this online or can i reserve a seat at the train station in Munich. Also does anyone if I can pay the supplements there as well?


Pete @ 03-08-2009 13:52

hi ...
you can buy this supplement in Munich main station - no problem.
keep in mind: EUROSTAR (ES) is expensive (EUR 10):

marko18 @ 04-08-2009 18:42

Is it possible to buy off TrenItalia yet? I tried last week with my Maestro but it came back with something about a problem with the card. I need to get a cople of reservations for me and a friend who are going on the 26th. Im in the UK so cant buy at a train station. Do many of the trains sell out their 2nd class seats, or do you think we'll be OK to book our reservations once we're over there? Thanks, Mark.

hedgehogs123 @ 04-08-2009 18:52

No you still cant get reservations online!! I'm in the UK and am in the same boat as you i'm having to have a space (4 days) between when i get into Paris and the 1st train i need so i will try to book it then it should be enough 🙂

There are a few select travel shops (independent) that make bookings but will charge a large commission fee onto of the actual price and may not be fully reliable so best to wait until your in Europe friend.

Ian 🙂

marko18 @ 05-08-2009 00:02

Cheers Ian, good luck with your trip!

m_loizides @ 01-04-2010 13:39


i have a 3day italy pass and i'm traveling from ancona to firenze with a connection to bologna.
the trains i can use according to route planner are:
ancona - bologna (Intercity)
bologna - firenze (Eurostar)

My questions are:

1) How much do i have to pay for each train?
2) Do i have to reserve a seat for each train? If yes, can i do this online? Or its better to do it at the station (ancona, bologna)?

Thank you!!!

Pete @ 01-04-2010 14:14


The supplements are listed here:

Intercity: no supplement required, but a reservation recommended - EUR 3
Eurostar Italia: supplement required - EUR 10

Online reservation is possible:
And you can buy them as well at a station.

Completely free of supplements or reservations are these connections - especially avoid the Expensive Eurostar train for such a short travel!!!!

Ancona Dep: 0740 | by free Regional train
Bologna Centrale Arr: 1020
Ancona Dep: 2035 | by free Regional train
Bologna Centrale Arr: 2320

This connection is available every hour the whole day long!
Bologna Centrale Dep: 1009 | by free Regional train
Prato Arr: 1119
Prato Dep: 1130 | by free Regional train
Firenze S.M.N. Arr: 1155

Just use the schedule planer for more connections:

Peter 🙂

ShoRa @ 21-04-2010 22:33

There are few contradictory posts about IC trains. So, is the reservation compulsory for them now, or not?

Pete @ 21-04-2010 22:50

The newest information is: not necessary, but recommended.
Peter 🙂

iva2402 @ 02-05-2010 13:31

ok, those reservations are not necessary, right? I'm going from Venice to Milan (like I did last year, it costed me 10€, but the train was empty). Do I really need the reservation, or I can sit anywhere I want?

And is it the most expensive reservation for Italy - 10 €?
'cause I'm planning to go from Milan to Bologna, from Milan to Florence, and from Milan to Lugano (CH), as well..
Switzerland is in the same zone as Italy, right?

Pete @ 02-05-2010 15:37


The supplements depend on the type of train.
On all routes you can use different types of trains.
Eurostar Italia (=high speed train) is more expensive (EUR 10), but faster than the free IC trains.

Just use the schedule planer to find the different types of trains:

And compare it to the supplements:

For example (there are a lot more connections, it is only an example):

Venice - Milan:
Venezia Mestre Dep: 0802 | free IC train - reservation recommended for EUR 3 - but you can use it also without.
Milano Centrale Arr: 1025

Milan - Florence
Expensive EUROSTAR Italia train:
Milano Centrale Dep: 0815 | Eurostar Italia - supplement EUR 10
Firenze S.M.N. Arr: 1000

or free IC train:
Milano Centrale Dep: 1050 | free IC train
Firenze Rifredi Arr: 1417

... and so on ... 🙂

And I don't know what you mean with Switzerland and Italy are in the same zone - the system of the different zones disappeared in 2007.
Have a sunny trip, Peter 🙂

iva2402 @ 16-05-2010 18:58

ok. thx, I get it 🤣
I haven't decided yet, if I am going to use Interrail or just a regular ticket. 'cause there are some changes in my plans, but okay 😉

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