Ticket validation

Gifty @ 15-03-2009 05:15

Hi! I'm Portuguese and I'm planning to do an interrail by the Summer with 3 friends. Since we have (just) 15 days of vacations, but there are no interrail ticket for 15 days (just 10 or 22), we're planning to go by plain to some country (I'm wishing Ireland!), stay there 2 or 3 days and than start using the interrail pass. So, my question is... where should we validate the ticket? Can we validate it just in Ireland? Or we have to it in Portugal?

Thanks in advance guys,

Gifty @ 15-03-2009 05:17

Obviously (or not! :P ) I'm talking about the ticket first validation, I don't know if there are some special name for this... 🙂

Pete @ 15-03-2009 07:30

Hi Sofia ...
you do not have to validate your ticket.
when you purchase your ticket, you select the first day it will be valid. and from this date you can use your ticket then. just jump into a train.
only the travel days (you have 10 in your case) you have to fill in manually during your tour. just fill one in your ticket when you need it... so you are flexible and free! 🙂
have a good time... Peter 🙂

Gifty @ 15-03-2009 12:08

Thank you very much for the quick reply! 😉

earthfirst @ 23-06-2009 20:17

I'm thinking of starting my interrail pass in Paris.
I'm going to buy my interrail pass starting on 24th july but I will fly from Lisbon to Paris before that. At the 24th of July (the first day of travel) can I use high speed trains?

Thank you! :P


Flo @ 23-06-2009 20:22

You choose the starting day - at 0000 you can start using the trains. However since you're starting in Paris you're likely to take a TGV train - these have a 3/10€ supplement including a reservation that you have to buy in advance.
And avoid going by Thalys and Eurostar as there are cheaper alternatives.

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