Ticket received

OlafFO @ 01-09-2008 18:52


I just received the interrail ticket today from the UK.
So now a few questions.

1. Can i laminate the ticket so it dosent get wet, bent, broken ect...?
Is it allowed or will the ticket be unvalid when I enter a train ?

I will be starting in London for a few days and then head over to Holland.

2. I will take the ferry from Harwich to Hook of Holland at 09.00. Is it nessery to book a ticket in advance or can I just show up and say I would like to buy a ticket to Holland ?

Also, how exactly do I get over to harwich at this point? It´s very early in the morning. Does a bus or train travel to Harwich at this time in the morning ?

I have to get up probably at 05.00 or something like that, and then find a bus/train.

3. OR is it better if I travel to harwich the day before departure ?
Would also like an answer to the previosly asked question.

4. So when I arrive in Hook. Can I then just jump on a train and away I go over to Den Haag ? And from Haag over to Amsterdam ?

After spending a day or two in Amsterdam, I will go to Paris. I just make a reservation because the trip is over 10 hours and I can see on https://rail.shop/bahn that the trains departs over 19.00, so it is a night train. (That is if I chosed the right Paris section.

But when I type in from Amsterdam and the write Paris CDG Fret Centre it takes 5 ½ hour.

5. Should I, when I arrive in Amsterdam, go to the train station and make a reservation to Paris on the night train ?

6. If I decide on the train, hey, why not stop in Brussel for 1 day, can I do that, when is stops is brussel ?

Thanks 🙂


Pete @ 01-09-2008 19:43

here are the answers:

1) do NOT laminate your ticket. it won't be valid any more. use a something else to put it in.

2) maybe the best is to sleep somewhere in Harwich. you have to be 45 minutes before departure on the ferry, otherwise your ticket isn't valid any more!
on day ferries you do NOT need to book a cabin. so the single way will be 33 EUR - you get a 30% InterRail discount - so it is 23 EUR you have to pay.
these discounted tickets are only available at their office at the harbour!

3) see above. 🙂

4) yes. there is a station at the harbour called Hoek van Holland Haven - you have direct access by trains to Rotterdam and then you go on by IC.

maybe the one is a night train, the other a Thalys (high-speed-day-train) !? 😲

5) yes. do it when arriving in Amsterdam.

6) yes. you are free with Interrail !! 🙂

and by the way... I am on the ferry Harwich-Hoek in the night of 5th to the 6th September... let's meet for a beer !! 😉

have fun on your tour, Peter 🙂

OlafFO @ 02-09-2008 12:43

I am levaving the Faroe Island 08 sep. and to holland 12 sep.
thanks anyway.

Pete @ 05-09-2008 11:59

just some further information...
I just stayed overnight on the ferry today.
leave the train from London at HARWICH INTERNATIONAL. just go the stairs up, turn right and in the terminal the Stenaline ticket window is at the right.
you can easily get a ticket there, I talked with the man sitting there.
and there are not a lot of people going by foot on the ferry. tonight it was something about 20 or even less. most are car or truck drivers.
at the terminal in Hoek van Holland, just get out of it and you are directly at the train station.
then you travel till Rotterdam where you change to an IC for Amsterdam. the ICs are free of supplements or reservations. 🙂
a beer on the ferry is 3.15 EUR ... but cold like ice. 😉
all the best, Peter 🙂

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