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1Nation @ 02-07-2008 11:09

Hello guys,

hope it's the right forum I've posted this problem. My problem is following: I am planning my trip through Europe for next year and I am nearly done. My country of residence is Germany so the ticket does not count here. So now I am staying in Milano during my trip and want to ride to Amsterdam. The problem is, in Basel I have to change the train and this train is going to ride through Germany, my country of residence, but I won't get out of the train in Germany and I get in in Switzerland.

So now is my question: Can I do this ride with the interrail ticket or do I have to buy a single ticket for the ride through Germany?

thankx for answering

Pete @ 02-07-2008 16:34

hej ...

bad news for you. you have to pay from the border Switzerland-Germany to the border Netherlands-Germany. you normally even don't get the discount of 25% (the 25% of a normal train ticket - you only get for your home city to the border) for your country of residence (=Germany) ... only if you meet nice staff somewhere in a station which don't know the details and sell you the 25% discounted ticket.
best option for you: either travel via France (Strasbourg - Luxembourg) and Belgium or buy a special discounted ticket of the night train CNL (City Night Line) from Basel to Amsterdam. if booking early enough, you will get one for 29 EUR one-way, what will be a lot cheaper than a normal ticket.

the rule of the country of residence is especially for Germans really bad - as you can not travel from Southern Europe to Scandinavia by rail without crossing Germany. 😢

details about the CNL are here:

have fun,
Peter 🙂

1Nation @ 02-07-2008 16:46


thanks about replying so fast. But the problem is, this CityNightLine train going from Mailand to Amsterdam goes straight through Germany. And going through France and so on would be a detour of about 7 hours or something. You know what I mean?

Maybe I am going to try this CityNightLine through Germany with paying the extra price when I am crossing Germany.

Thanks again

Pete @ 02-07-2008 17:01

I know that the CNL goes straight trough Germany. I only wanted to say: forget about travelling with your InterRail ticket on this route, just buy a CNL special offer (has nothing to do with InterRail) ... ! 🙂

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