SWEDEN-FINLAND: free bus - Luleå-Haparanda-Tornio-Kemi

Pete @ 21-05-2008 13:42

SWEDEN-FINLAND: free bus connection (Luleå-Haparanda-Tornio-Kemi)

In the north of Sweden and Finland there is no train connection available any more. But you can use free buses with your Interrail https://rail.cc/en/interrail or Eurail https://rail.cc/en/eurail pass!

The buses always start in front of the rail stations and are "connected" more or less to the rail systems... so if a train is in delay, they usually wait for the train.
You always have a connection with the night-trains.

Luleå (Sweden) to Haparanda (Sweden - border station)
Tornio (Finland - border station) to Kemi (Finland)

At Haparanda/Tornio you change the bus. it is not complicate (800 meters to walk), other passengers walk this way as well. and you have a supermarket there.

UPDATE: https://rail.cc/en/train/lulea-to-kemi

Dep. Luleå: 0820, 0950, 1050, 1300, 1400, 1510, 1635, 1840(1855), 2100(2110)
Arr. Haparanda: 1035, 1215, 1310, 1530, 1635, 1745, 1850, 2055(2110), 2315 (2325)
then you have 30 minutes time to walk. Some of the buses go on directly to Tornio.
Tornio to Kemi: between 25 and max. 45 minutes

Dep. Kemi: every 30 minutes
Arr. Tornio: between 25 and max. 45 minutes of bus travel
800 meter walk to Haparanda bus station
Dep. Haparanda: 0520, 0720, 1120, 1200, 1335, 1610, 1810
Arr. Luleå: 0740, 0940, 1340, 1435, 1600, 1835, 2035

❗ Attention: there is a difference of time between Sweden and Finland of 1 hour !!

💡 Please read our blog for up-to-date information: https://blog.rail.cc/kemi-lulea-bus/

luhying @ 16-09-2009 10:03

HI Peter,

That's great information I found it here, thank you.

I have a question to ask.

Is it the free buses will be service on 26th Dec 2009???



Pete @ 16-09-2009 17:03

Hi ...
Maybe the best is to contact them by email: www.veljeksetsalmela.fi/yhteystiedot.html
They should speak English.
Then your information is save!!
Peter 🙂

jens90 @ 08-06-2011 07:23


the times aren't quite correct any more, probably due to time table changes. The times are the ones untill the 18th of June 2011. After that the times in brackets are valid!

The bus leaves Lulea at:

8.20 9.50 10.50 13.00 14.00 15.10 16.35 18.40(18.55) 21.00(21.10)

and arrives in Haparanda at:

10.35 12.15 13.10 15.30 16.3517.45 18.50 20.55(21.10) 23.15 (23.25)

Some of the busses go on to Tornio, so you don't have to walk. Just aks the conductor.


dep. Haparanda:

4.40 5.20(5.30) 6.50 8.30 10.00 12.30 13.45 15.10 16.10 17.10

arr. Lulea

7.00 7.40(7.50) 9.45 10.50 12.35 14.50 16.10 17.45 18.45 19.45

At weekends, there are different timetables!!

Look at http://www.ltnbd.se/tidtabeller/ and then search for haparanda. Lines 20 and 100 do the journey.

Pete @ 08-06-2011 10:02

Hi Jens. Thank you for the update !!! 🙂

gannybun @ 28-11-2012 18:28

Do we need to activate one day in our Scanpass for this shuttle bus service?

Flo @ 28-11-2012 18:40


I assume you are talking about the Eurail Scandinavia Pass?

Yes, you have to use a travel day. For all extra services which are free (such as this bus) you have to enter a travel day in your pass, even if you dont use a train on that day.

Flo 😎

gannybun @ 29-11-2012 09:29

yes the Eurail ScanPass.
so we will need to add a travel day to it even we travel by bus?

how much is the bus ticket?
Lulea -> Haparanda?

Tornio -> Kemi?

Flo @ 29-11-2012 09:37

Yes, you will need a travel day.

Lulea - Tornio: 163 SEK
Tornio - Kemi: 6,60€

Pete @ 29-11-2012 10:11

Hi gannybun.
And if you like to support the answers you get, buy your official Eurail pass here on railcc. Thank you.

👉 [uhttps://rail.cc/en/eurail

Peter 🙂

veggiegrace @ 10-11-2016 14:39

Hi there

My boyfriend and I will be travelling from Jokkmokk to Rovaniemi on 4th Feb 2017. We found it hard to make it on a Saturday by public transport, so we are considering if we can travel from Jokkmokk to Luleå by bus 44, then take your free buses from Luleå to Haparanda, and then again we take your free bus from Tornio to Kemi; finally we will take a bus from Kemi to Rovaniemi.

1. Are the above free buses available to everyone, including those who have used the rail service days ago? (By that time, we will have taken your train from Stockholm to Jokkmokk.)

2. Are the buses available on 4th Feb 2017?

3. Do we have to reserve a seat or we can just show up at the bus station in order to take the free buses?

We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Grace Man

Flo @ 10-11-2016 14:49

Hi Grace Man,

first to clarify: railcc does not operator these buses (nor do we operate any bus or train services)! railcc is an independent information website about train travel in Europe, not a company operating trains, buses etc.

Jokkmokk to Rovaniemi certainly is a quite challenging route to travel by public transport but it should work as you described.
Blog post: https://blog.rail.cc/from-kemi-to-lulea-by-bus/

1) The buses between Lulea - Haparanda/Tornio - Kemi are free to rail pass holders (Interrail and Eurail). If you have such a rail pass, you can use the bus service for free. If you have a Flexi Pass, you need to fill in a travel day to use the service for free.

2) Yes. Timetables:
Jokkmokk - Lulea: http://www.ltnbd.se/tidtabeller/print4web/Stomlinjer/161211_171209/Stomlinjer_44_161211_171209.pdf
Lulea - Haparanda/Tornio: http://www.ltnbd.se/tidtabeller/print4web/Stomlinjer/161211_171209/Stomlinjer_20_161211_171209.pdf
Haparanda/Tornio - Kemi - Rovaniemi: https://www.matkahuolto.fi/en/
There are more frequent local buses running Haparanda/Tornio - Kemi only which usually are not shown at Matkahuolto.

3) It is normally sufficient to just show up at the bus station; at larger stations (Lulea) you can buy tickets at the ticket desk, otherwise directly from the driver. On many lines, no cash is accepted, credit cards only!

Flo 😎

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