SPLIT / RIJEKA - VIENNA - night train

Pete @ 28-10-2008 15:01

SPLIT / RIJEKA - VIENNA (Wien) | night train
How to buy point to point train tickets - online shop. Interrail and Eurail pass travel information. Route from Split / Rijeka (Croatia) to Vienna (Austria).

More information:
Split / Rijeka - Vienna: https://rail.cc/en/train/split-to-vienna
Vienna - Split / Rijeka: https://rail.cc/en/train/vienna-to-split

Older information:
Direct connection only from May-September.
Winter connection only via Salzburg - night train Munich - Rijeka:

Fares for the direct summer night train:

Couchettes | 4-bed-compartement
Rail pass fare: EUR 20
Standard fare: EUR ??

Couchettes | 6-bed-compartement
Rail pass fare: EUR 13,50
Standard fare: EUR ??

not available or free

Update: Sep 2014

redja @ 29-03-2009 15:39

does this train still run? i cant find it on the timetable.

Pete @ 29-03-2009 18:12

right now you have to change in the morning in Zagreb. I think in summer the train will run again. 🙂

etienne @ 29-03-2009 19:36

Some days it's a direct train (D824/EC158 example on 16.05.09) and some days you change at Zagreb.
But the schedules are the same:
Split 22:10 -> Vienna 14:05

Look at https://rail.shop/bahn !

adelaroki @ 06-04-2009 15:40

My family wants to travel fom Vienna to Split( late July-as few changes as possible)by night train and back from Split to Vienna early Sept-I can not find the prices,please advise

Pete @ 06-04-2009 16:23

hi ...
if you travel by the InterRail Pass, then you can find the fares above - as well the schedules (available only 3 months in advance from today).
I do not have prices for normal train tickets, as this website is specialized on the InterRail ticket, not on normal train tickets.
Peter 🙂

redja @ 13-04-2009 15:06

if going from wien to split and having to change at zagreb...do you have to book these trains seperately?


Pete @ 13-04-2009 16:02

by day train:
Wien Südbahnhof Dep: 07:26 - no supplements
Zagreb Glavni Kolod. Arr: 13:33
Zagreb Glavni Kolod. Dep: 15:22 - supplement EUR 5: https://rail.cc/en/interrail-train-reservation/croatia/hr
Split Arr: 20:55

by night train:
Wien Südbahnhof Dep: 15:56 - no supplements
Zagreb Glavni Kolod. Arr: 22:34
Zagreb Glavni Kolod. Dep: 22:55 - supplements like above - you can buy it already in Vienna !!
Split Arr: 06:55

etienne @ 10-08-2009 14:00

My interrail trip was really nice. I have some information about the train from split:

+ I wasn't able to book anything outside Split (even in Zagreb), so don't be affraid.

+ When you want to reserve a couchette C6 in Split, they say that there is only 4 Bed or normal seats. But in fact there was several couchette coach (for the 20:50 train) and I paid directly in the train (it was a coach from Slovakia 9.6€ for couchette C6 and about 14€ for C4)

+ There is a better connection to go to wien without waking up at 6/7h: Split 20h50 -> Hegyeshalom 12:38 - 13:06 -> Wien 14:08

The train Split -> Hegyeshalom (D 474) is the same than the D 1822 and leave at 20:50 and not at 21:00. And on https://rail.shop/bahn you can read that this train go to Rajka but in fact this train go to Bratislava and then to Praha.

Pete @ 10-08-2009 14:05

perfect !! thanks a lot !! such informations is what we need !! 🙂

hedgehogs123 @ 10-08-2009 18:05

I need to know the price of supplements from rijeka to paris night train asap please folks 🙂 i know there's changes etc i just need the price.


Pete @ 11-08-2009 08:38


1) Rijeka to Vienna with the supplements mentioned abvoe.

Then Vienna to Munich by free RAILJET or free ICE train.
Change in Munich to the TGV France-Germany: https://rail.cc/en/interrail-train-reservation/tgv-alleo/172
Or continue from Munich to Stuttgart and change there to the TGV - as you have only 2 connections daily from Munich to Paris, but 4 from Stuttgart.
This train is often full. So see the following option:

3) Other possibility: Vienna by free ICE to Mannheim or Frankfurt (both Germany).
Then change to the ICE Germany-France to Paris: https://rail.cc/en/interrail-train-reservation/ice-alleo/64


hedgehogs123 @ 11-08-2009 12:57

Hej Peter sorry about this, this is what i've got on on route planner can you work out what the supplements would be? I cant work out caus of the different trains to what you posted me 😐 😐 😐 I'm very confused.......


Journey guide

Station/Stop Date Arr. Dep. Platform Products Comments

Rijeka 07.09.09 20:45 480 trein/train Through coach, Sleeper and couchette train, Please reserve, Non-smoker train, snacks + beverages avail. from sleep.-car attendant on part of route
Opatija Matulji 20:55 20:56
Jurdani 21:03 21:04
Sapjane 21:16 21:28
Ilirska Bistrica 21:40 22:00
Pivka 22:15 22:16
Postojna 22:27 22:28
Borovnica 23:05 23:06
Ljubljana 23:22 23:50
Kranj 08.09.09 00:11 00:12
Lesce Bled 00:32 00:33
Jesenice(SL) 00:44 00:54
Villach Hbf 01:30 01:45
Schwarzach-St. Veit 03:18 03:20
Salzburg Hbf 04:09 1

Salzburg Hbf 04:28 2 EN 462 EuroNight Change of coach en route, Special offer Spar-Night, Through coach, Sleeper train, Global price or ticket plus supplement, snacks and beverages available from sleeping-car/couchette-car
Rosenheim 05:26 05:28
München Ost 06:02 06:04
München Hbf 06:15 12

München Hbf 06:20 13 TGV 9576 TGV Subject to compulsory reservation, Subject to supplement, Reservations required for bicycles - only on international services, Number of bicycles conveyed limited, Bordbistro, special fare
Augsburg Hbf 06:55 06:57
Ulm Hbf 07:40 07:42
Stuttgart Hbf 08:39 08:54
Karlsruhe Hbf 09:29 09:31
Strasbourg 10:13 10:17
Paris Est 12:34

Duration: 15:49

Pete @ 11-08-2009 13:20

hard to do ... as you have to calculate maybe a delay for the train coming from Rijeka to Salzburg.
and you have a second night train Salzburg-Munich for which you have to pay then.

I recommend you this way:

Rijeka Dep: 2045 (night train - fares mentioned above - buy this supplement already now in Berlin if you are fixed on this date!!!)
München Hbf Arr: 0623

München Hbf Dep: 0723 (by free ICE)
Stuttgart Hbf Arr: 0947
If your night train is in delay, take a later ICE train - on the route München - Stuttgart there is a connection at least every 30 minutes, in most cases even every 20 minutes. So no problem. And Munich is nicer to stay for 2 hours than Stuttgart.

Stuttgart Hbf Dep: 1254 (by TGV France-Germany: supplement EUR 5 - buy it already now in Berlin if you know the exact date!!)
Paris Est Arr: 1637

Peter 🙂

hedgehogs123 @ 11-08-2009 13:30

wicked, fantastic Peter cheers 🙂
I might print this off so i've got it on us and yeah we'll use it if needs be 🙂

Leaving on friday how bloody fun this is gonna be after all the stress of sorting odds and ends out cause we're having Han's daughter join us after the Interrail Event 🙂

Pete @ 11-08-2009 13:39

... be sure ... you will get the reservations you need in Berlin main station without any problems - maybe even in Amsterdam. As earlier, as better if you know the exact dates. 🙂

hedgehogs123 @ 11-08-2009 13:45

Yeah we know the exact dates caus its the journey back to Paris to get home the day later 🙂

grabilca @ 25-04-2010 12:17

Hi! ^^

I´m Alexandra, from Portugal, and this summer I´m going to do IR (I hope!!). 🙂

Unfortunately, I´m having some problems with Croatia transports...I would like to go from Szekesfehervar to Split and then from Split to Vienna but I can´t find Split station on https://rail.shop/bahn . Some weeks ago I found a train from Szekesfehervar to Split on bahn, but now appears an error warning!

Can you help me, please? I would be very grateful!:P

Thank you!

Pete @ 25-04-2010 13:21

Just use the scheduled planer of the Croatian railway company - then it will work:
Peter 🙂

grabilca @ 25-04-2010 13:32

Thank you for the quick reply! 🙂

Maybe its my computer problem, but when I try to open the timetable leaflet or when I search a timetable, it shows this message: Service izvr3 in Category hzinfo returned the following message:- < The requested report cannot be found. > 😐

Pete @ 26-04-2010 09:09

The system does not work for your request, you are right.
It only works for connections within Croatia. I didn't realized that Szekesfehervar isn't in Croatia, it's in Hungary. 😧

Just check first Budapest-Zagreb: https://rail.cc/en/budapest-zagreb-train/f4053
And then Zagreb-Split: https://rail.cc/en/night-train/zagreb-split-b821/129

You have direct trains from Szekesfehervar to Zagreb:
Szekesfehervar Dep: 0746 | 1416
Zagreb Glavni Kolod. Arr: 1259 | 1936
The second one is with a supplement for IC trains (~2,50 EUR)

Peter 🙂

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