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Barcelona to Madrid low-cost high-speed-train

kucheo: I'm trying to
I make a one-way reservation for a low-cost high-speed train from Barcelona to Madrid on June 12, 2020. Not working, can anyone help?
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Last Post kucheo
2020-02-02 05:43

San Sebastian to Nimes

lakhavein: What is the best way to travel by train from San Sebastian Spain to Nimes France? What are the fares and frequency of routes? Thank you!
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Last Post lakhavein
2020-01-02 17:40

Marbella to Cannes by train

fmbmmmm: How do I travel from Marbella (Spain) to Cannes (France) by train? What is the ticket fare? Where do I have to book the ticket? Thank you!
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Last Post fmbmmmm
2019-12-13 14:04

Travelling from Santander to Irun with bikes

hnlowe: Hi, three of us are hoping to travel with bikes from Santander to Irun next summer. Wondering which is the best way to do it and if we need to book the bike spaces in advance. We don’t want to dismantle the bikes. Many thanks.
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Last Post hnlowe
2019-09-23 19:49

Luggage storage Santiago de Compostela

AVSheedy: Is there a place to store luggage at the train station in Santiago de Compostela?
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Last Post AVSheedy
2019-06-25 18:10

Interrail reservations sud express San Sebastian - Lisbon

Clarab: We want to go on the nighttrain between San Sebastian and Lisbon with our interrail passes but we’re finding it hard to know what tickets we can buy. They offer 4-beds sleeper cabin, but only for the same gender. Would it be possible to book four reservations to get the...
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Last Post Clarab
2019-06-11 08:57

Trains to Cordoba

mickybee: I am having a problem getting times for travel from Antequera to Cordoba in June 2019. When i select travel on 12 June it keeps coming up with Bus rather than train travel. Is there a problem with trains between these two stations in June?
Replies 2
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Last Post mickybee
2019-04-16 11:13

Train tickets

DumitruBrenoaie: Hello! I want to buy 2 adult tickets and a baby ticket = 5 years online for the Madrid-Barcelona route on 06/06/2019 and I can not find it. I want if you can help and offers.
Replies 2
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Last Post DumitruBrenoaie
2019-03-11 10:32

From Madrid to Lisabon

matejcrncevic: Hello, I would like to ask you: If I want to travel from Madrid to Lisabon, could I have only interrail global for Spain? Because interrail for Portugal has a different price
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Last Post matejcrncevic
2019-02-18 09:58

By train to Pamplona

csaladanya3: In the summer we travel to Barcelona and from there we want to go to Pamplona, the San Fermini festival. My question would be, what kind of distraction can get there, how much time is the journey, and how much are the tickets?
For 2 adults and 3 children...
Replies 2
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Last Post csaladanya3
2019-01-22 08:44

Interrail pass not available to buy in Zaragoza Station

Mariahernandez: If you call the central office in Madrid (912320320) they will tell you that you can buy your Interrail Pass in any Spanish Renfe station, but I went today (10/09/201😎 to Zaragoza Station and they told me that their printer (the only one for the whole region, Aragón) broke two...
Replies 2
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Last Post Mariahernandez
2018-09-10 14:54

Travelling with a dog that has a uk dog passport

IanTaylor6439: Hello, please could you help me I need to travel from palma Mallorca to London by train with my partner and our dog who has an in date uk passport and is chipped.Thank you. Kind regards Ian.
Replies 3
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Last Post IanTaylor6439
2018-08-29 15:04

Trenhotel without Reservation

tomatenfreak: Hey there,
in my current travel plan for Interrail I have to go from San Sebastián to Paris.
The SNCF website tells me I need to take the Renfe Trenhotel (Sud Express🧐 to Hendaye, from where I can take a TGV to Paris.
For the Trenhotel, you...
Replies 2
Views 764
Last Post tomatenfreak
2018-07-01 17:27

spain train ticket price query

SUCHIIYER: I will be travelling to spain in Aug 2018 & would prefer travelling by train mainly around the country. Some websites are telling me that if i book 30 day in advance the train tickets are more pricier than if I book 14 days in advance. Is that true? I...
Replies 4
Views 822
2018-06-24 04:11

Trains in September

tomatenfreak: Hey there,

I am planning to do an InterRail trip around Spain and Portugal this September.
I already found a quite good route, but there's one problem:
On the InterRail planner website as well as the Renfe-Website, there are only very bad or no routes...
Replies 2
Views 803
Last Post tomatenfreak
2018-06-06 18:26

Luggage storage in Valladolid

Isabela: Hello,
I would like to know if there is a place where the luggage can be stored at the valladoid train station (or nearby)
Thank you!
Replies 2
Views 886
Last Post Isabela
2018-05-15 06:12

Madrid-Puerta de Atocha to Malaga

samwarmer: I want to travel from Madrid to Malaga without using high-speed trains. I have an Interrail Global pass and I was wondering if you need to make reservations for regular trains in Spain. I saw that there was a connection from Madrid to Malaga via Cordoba for example, an intercity...
Replies 3
Views 828
Last Post samwarmer
2018-03-29 18:50

Night train Madrid - Lisbon "Lusitania"

Borodovskikh: Hello!
I can not buy tickets for the night train Madrid - Lisbon "Lusitania".
I need two tickets for May 16, 2018 (Gran Clase, Family)
I enter all the contact details and when I want to make a payment, the system writes an error (on the ASPRail...
Replies 1
Views 942
Last Post Borodovskikh
2018-03-29 17:45

This connection is temporarily suspended.

samwarmer: The night train from Barcelona to Granada is currently suspended.
When will I be able to use this connection again?
Replies 3
Views 1103
Last Post samwarmer
2018-02-26 20:04

Spain Travel any suggestion?

Radimir: Me and my friends are planning to go to Spain this month. We would love to see some nice beaches with clear water and some stunning scenery. We were thinking Majorca,Maspalomas and Canary Island, we are up to some adventures and experience a great nightlife in our travel. I came...
Replies 1
Views 1067
Last Post Radimir
2018-02-08 06:15

Night Train from Irun to Lisbon

JohnJohn: Hi
We intend to travel from Irun to Lisbon over night on an EU Interail Global Pass early May 2018, the timetable does not appear to be published yet on the RENFE webpage. What extras are involved with using the EU Global Pass on this service?
Replies 3
Views 1012
Last Post JohnJohn
2018-02-05 14:41

Confused about Madrid to Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port

KarenChudler: Hello and Thank You for your wonderful website!
I am becoming very confused at trying to figure out all of the different ways to get from the Madrid airport to Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port in April. I ran one search that tells me there is a train from Bayonne to SJPdP, on...
Replies 2
Views 1196
Last Post KarenChudler
2018-01-03 20:53

Round Trip from San Sebastian to Bordeaux

Jewel1325: We will be visiting San Sebastian this summer. We would like to travel by train to Bordeaux for an overnight stay, and then return the next day. Is train travel available from San Sebastian to Bordeaux? I have been able to locate the trains available from Hendaye to Bordeaux. However,...
Replies 3
Views 1310
Last Post Jewel1325
2017-12-23 20:19

Basque Country, Cantabria, Asturias, Galicia

bigliettiperfavore: Hi,
I was wondering if anyone had done the northern coast of Spain using the narrow gauge railway from Ferrol to Hendaye (or v.v.)?
This has been a dream of mine for some time. Is it possible to travel all the way by local trains? It seems so...
Replies 4
Views 1168
Last Post bigliettiperfavore
2017-12-15 08:57

Ticket for valencia

lentiggini: Hi, I will arrive in Alicante on December 29th. I would want to know if there is a luggage storage at the train station and how much it costs.
The same day I will have to take the train to Valencia, is it better to buy tickets online...
Replies 2
Views 1137
Last Post lentiggini
2017-12-12 17:19

Bicycle in Train from Spain to France

Hutchie: I am a cyclist, and am travelling by train from Granada City, Spain, to Lyon, France. What about bicycle? As is, or packed in a carton. And how much extra to pay? Thanks, F.A. Hutchison
Replies 2
Views 1836
Last Post Hutchie
2017-06-23 13:21

Trenhotel Hendaye/Irun - Lisbon

schau_n: Hey,
does anybody know if the night train Trenhotel Sudexpress Hendaye/Irun - Lisbon still is operating?
I cant get any informations about it.
Replies 2
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Last Post schau_n
2017-06-17 17:28

How to book Barcelona-Granada TH897 ?

aitaro: I want to use TH897 after April in 2018.
When can I book the seat?
Replies 2
Views 2135
Last Post aitaro
2017-05-26 07:23

Barcelona to Seville

PhilipSimmons: Hi,

I've been trying to make a reservation using this link but I'm not able to enter / type the cities in the details section. Is the website down?

We plan to leave 2 weeks, and so far have made reservations...
Replies 4
Views 1765
Last Post PhilipSimmons
2017-04-03 16:28

Train reservation for Paris - Barcelona

MrSyniX: Hello togehter!
We are planning to do a Interrail journey. Therefore we have to travel from Paris to Barcelona. We are travelling direct with the Train RSC 9711 Renfe SNCF Cooperation which departs at 7:15AM and arrives at 01:34PM.
First, i did not find this train in...
Replies 3
Views 3326
Last Post MrSyniX
2017-03-18 17:59

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