SPAIN: supplements for the different trains

Pete @ 19-04-2008 12:33

SPAIN: supplements for the different trains

More details about reservation fees and supplements in Spain:

gyoung88 @ 09-04-2009 15:10

Hi I just got a Spain only pass and am ready to make reservations for Madrid>Granada and Granada>Barcelona journeys on AVE and ALS. Can I make the reservations online ??

Pete @ 09-04-2009 18:45

hi ... as much as I know it is not possible to buy the reservations for these trains in the InterRail version online ... !!?! maybe send an email to the Spanish railway company... 😶

marcelilie @ 07-07-2009 15:51

Your last response is a little disturbing. I've tried to find information about these supplements on the RENFE website but I didn't get anywhere. Does anyone know anything if these supplements changed to 10 Eur to all trains?

I'm planning a trip to Spain and I'm doing a InterRail vs Real price comparison.

Pete @ 07-07-2009 16:01

some paied already EUR 10 this spring. others not. seems to be a bit confusing ...
but if you have to calculate if you spent 3,50 EUR more or less when travelling by InterRail (or normal single tickets) you shouldn't even start a tour...
one nice sentence I love: double your budget - and then throw the half of your things out of your backpack, then your tour will be perfect. 🙂

Asmodaeus @ 17-04-2010 16:45

I have just finished my trip to Spain and to my astonishment every train needs a reservation. It sounds strange and but it is true!
From 4 EUR for something like a regional express train to 10 EUR for Avant, AVE.
Talgo, Alvia, Alaris will cost around 6 EUR.
Night trains from Madrid to Lisboa or from Granada to Barcelona around 32 EUR.
Avoid travelling to Spain with Interrail Passes. RENFE has made it a traumatic and very expensive experience.

Flo @ 17-04-2010 17:00


It is true that most long-distance trains in Spain require a reservation. Sad but true - but quality of trains usually is really good and especially with AVE trains you can move very fast. And the compulsory reservation doesnt only apply for InterRailers but for all kinds of tickets.

Despite the supplements InterRail still is quite a good offer, especially when you want to stay rather flexible. Of course there are quite cheap advance fares available but you are then usually fixed on a certain date and train. I was in Spain in February - here's a little comparison of prices for the routes I've been travelling (Note: I checked the Without IR prices online for the same amount of days in advance than I got my IR reservations):

Lisboa - Madrid:
With IR 32€ | Without IR 83€

Madrid - Sevilla:
With IR 10€ | Without IR 80€

Sevilla - Granada:
With IR 4€ | Without IR 24€

Granada - Barcelona:
With IR 7€ | Without IR 62€

Barcelona - Latour de Carol:
With IR free | Without IR ~10€

Flo 😎

Asmodaeus @ 17-04-2010 17:32

All trains require a reservation. I was asked to pay it for regional trains from Jerez to Sevilla or from Madrid to Valladolid.
It seems strange you didn't. Perhaps not every RENFE worker knows about new rules.

Flo @ 17-04-2010 18:01

I was speaking about the few, but existent Regional Express which run for instance Zaragoza - Barcelona, Madrid - Leon/Zaragoza/Badajoz and some other routes. They are only a few, but they run and to my knowledge dont require a reservation.
But I can understand your point, of course. However, despite it isnt the best country for InterRailers, Spain isnt that bad as it (admittedly growing) reputation. Especially when you are travelling longer distances you are travelling pretty cheap still compared to regular fares. And in the metropolitan area of the larger cities you have the Cercanias/Rodalies network which you can use for free.

Jerez - Sevilla: They changed all the trains to MD category (4€ reservation) last year. 😢
Madrid - Valladolid: You probably were travelling with an AVE/ALvia/AL train which all require reservation. There are however, at least three connections with Regional Express trains without compulsory reservation.

Asmodaeus @ 18-04-2010 15:22

I am sure I took a regional express train at 20:30 from Madrid to Valladolid.
I took a regional train from Seville to Malaga and the ticket inspector told me I should have done a reservation.
It really seems that all or almost all trains need a reservation and it is not my will to spoil Spain's reputation.
Let's wait for other people to confirm what I experienced personally.

Flo @ 18-04-2010 15:41

That seems very strange for me that the conductor insisted on you getting a reservation for such a train. To all my knowledge you dont need it for Regional and Regional Express - at least my sources (Thomas Cook Rail Timetable and HAFAS) and personal experience say so.
Please dont misunderstand me, I really appreciate your postings here and I believe what you are writing. 😉 It just surprises me that RENFE would have changed to now even charging on Regional/Regional Express services. But that's the good thing with the forum that we have firsthand information here that will certainly help other travellers.

I just wrote a mail to RENFE...let's see if I get an answer.

Flo @ 24-04-2010 13:19

So I finally got an answer...and you are right, the Regional Express services from Madrid to Leon are among those who require a reservation.

You can find now and updated list of the supplements in Spain if you follow the link in the opening post. 🙂

Flo 😎

Asmodaeus @ 22-06-2010 17:25

I wonder if there are trains which don't require reservations.
I have lived in Spain since September and travelled a lot in Castilla y Leon without IR (because regional trains are quite cheap, especially with a Carnet Joven). I remember that all tickets had seat numbers indicated on them, that would mean that all of them require a supplement.
Did you ask about other regional train connections?

And one more thing. Today I bought an Interrail Pass and I wanted to make a reservation for a Tgv from Hendaye to Paris and it wasn't possible. It complicated once more my travel.

Flo @ 22-06-2010 21:42

Well, the list is updated with the information we got officially from RENFE - like I've written. The Regional Express trains in Castilla y Leon are among those who require a reservation.

Did you try this method for getting a reservation for the TGV?

Flo 😎

Rosela @ 13-04-2011 09:01

I'm looking for a train route from Castellon to Barcelona which requires no supplements or reservations. Is this possible? I've found euromed which does this route, but it requires a supplement charge.

Also, do you pay supplements at the station/train or prior to the trip? and i'm guessing reservations have to be done online?

Thank you!

Pete @ 13-04-2011 09:38

Which Castellon in Spain do you mean. There are several ones.

If you are talking about Castellon de la Plana close to Valencia, you have this connection free of supplements by a Regional train:
Castellon de la Plana dep: 1759
Barcelona Sants arr: 2208

Peter 🙂

Flo @ 13-04-2011 17:51

Another option:

Castello 1134 - 1306 Tortosa
Tortosa 1324 - 1535 Barcelona

Flo 😎

Rosela @ 14-04-2011 08:48

Yep, meant Castellon de la Plana!
Thank you very much! 🙂

Eurotrip @ 22-05-2011 13:25

Hello Interrailers!

We also faced that interrail in Paris and Spain is an annoying business, but it still worth the trouble when it goes to money. Currently we are also facing trouble with an Irun-Madriud line. We have two opportunities: Take a night train, HOT 313, but we need a reservation in advance, because there is no time to buy the ticket there. But I can not even find this train in the webpage, nor the option to select any interrail pass fares.

Also, we can take th alaris train, but interrail fares are still a problem.

Anyone please, have an experience with renfe?

Pete @ 22-05-2011 14:02

In deed it is annoying... 🙂

I recommend you to use the direct trains, as then you pay only once the reservation fee:

Irun dep: 0825 | ALS (Alaris) train - reservation fee EUR 6,50
Madrid-Chamartin arr: 1400

Irun dep: 1620 | ALS (Alaris) train - reservation fee EUR 6,50
Madrid-Chamartin arr: 2200

Peter 🙂

Eurotrip @ 22-05-2011 14:24

Thank you for your quick answer!

My only problem is when it comes to fares calculations, i get full fare resulst, and i see no option for interrail passes.

Pete @ 22-05-2011 14:31

You can't book the InterRail supplement online. You will have to do it directly at a train station in Spain.
It should be also possible in France (or Germany, or other countries) directly in train stations.
If you want to book by phone, do it like described here. But you have to pick the ticket up at least 24 hours before departure:

Peter 🙂

HannesL @ 08-07-2011 11:57

I have some more information concerning supplements in spain.
I went by Media-Distancia train from Sevilla to Merida, where no reservation is required.
Also i asked in Sevilla about the Regional train from Merida to Madrid and there is a reservation required.
I think in medium distance it does not depend on the kind of train but on the route you want to go.
That might be a bit annoying but if you know it its not really a big problem.


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