Some questions for people with Interrail experience

A.Paixao @ 09-02-2009 18:20

Hey everyone!

My name's Paixao, I'm from Portugal and I'm going on an InterRail next Summer with my mates.

Still we have some questions, if you could help us out it would be quite a help!

We are taking the 10 days - 5 travelling pass, 159€.

1) With this pass are there any trains we can enter and use without paying anything more? If yes, which of them? If no, how much will we have to pay more ?

2) I read that if we enter the train from 7pm on a day it will count as the next day, can you tell me if the information is correct?

2.1) If we bought our pass from 3rd to 13th August, can we use it from 7pm on the 2nd of August?

3) If you have some tips / information you consider important to give it would be a great help to !

Thx for the atention,

Cmps for everyone !

Pete @ 09-02-2009 18:43

hej hej Paixao...

here are the answers for you:

1) avoid trains which are listed: ... for those you have to pay supplements. for others not... you will always find train connections which are slower but without supplements:

2) that's right. if you use a direct night train without changes during the night, fill in your ticket the date of the next travel day and you can start with the night train after 1900h in the evening and travel the full next day. it counts as only ONE travel day.

2.1) no... that's not possible on your first day of travel as your ticket starts at the 3rd of August at 0001h in the morning, not before. 😶

3) ... 🙂

all the best and a lot of fun, Peter 🙂

A.Paixao @ 10-02-2009 01:56

Thx for the help Peter!

The tool, Root Planner, you recommended is really useful,

I just don't understand somethings,

1) What do they mean by the symbol of a man and a clock, and then Transfer 45 min. Continue by local trains? How can I know what local trains to get?

Thx once more!

A.Paixao @ 10-02-2009 01:57

Sorry for the double post :/

I just forgot to ask you this too,

2) I checked the no trains with subcharge box, this means I'm only seeing trains where I won't pay anything more right?

Hetman @ 10-02-2009 06:29

1) this man and clock mean that you have to change station. this is some kind of attention because for some people 50 min is short time bur for other is long.

2) no trains with subcharge gives you in 90% trains without subcharge because sometimes travel from point A to point B is not possible without this type of trains so then Root Planer will show you travel with subcharge too.

A.Paixao @ 10-02-2009 13:22

Thx Lucas !

I'm finding some problems while working with the R.Planner,

1) They don't give us info on how to get from one station to another, when it says transfer we will have to search what trains do the transfer (Because if they recommend the route it's because the trains obviously exist correct?) right?

2) What is the meaning of the red circle with the interior white and a black stripe on it that appears in front of some stations name?

3) For example, when I put the date I want (3rd of August, 4th...) I can't find a train that takes me from Montpellier to Marseille, though if I put todays date there are trains. Can you explain me how to work with it in those cases? Cause some times it says the route doesn't exist put it's obviously that there has to be some way of going from point A to point B.

Pete @ 10-02-2009 13:34

1) when there is written transfer you can walk the distance... and you will see the signs and the direction where you have to walk... it will be no problem for you.
2) ?
3) train schedules are only available up to 3 months in advance. so not for August right now.

Hetman @ 10-02-2009 17:14

2) i think that this is border station(between two countiers).

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