Interrail: sleeping outdoor ?

TheFratellis @ 22-06-2008 15:37

We're thinkin' about interrailing from Switzerland down to Genova and all along the coast to Barcelona or somewhere like this.

How's about camping outdoor in the wilderness? In a forest, on a open field.. we know that it isn't legal but we could save money for hostels and campings.

and when we leave the place like we've found it.. I dunno.

How's about? Did someone already this experience, especially in Northern Italy, Southern France and North-east Spain?

Greetz from Switzerland

Pete @ 22-06-2008 17:19

Let's say it like this ... it is not legal to sleep in nature somewhere on the beach ... and sometimes you will have bad experiences and meet bad guys at the beach at night.
during the years I found some small really hidden places. but they are to special to explain.
mmmh... also the police in southern France don't like it if you sleep at the beach. they are not nice... but that's the law ...
so my personal experience says: often it is also nice to use a camp site. not the ones in the first row at the beach ... take one in the second row and you will get a place for a tent (around 5 EUR) and per person 2 EUR. as well you have a shower...
Peter 🙂

TheFratellis @ 22-06-2008 20:22

thanks so far. you've just answered for the beach. how's about other locations? We had some strange experiences on the beach last summer (without interrailing, staying 2 weeks at the same place) and I think the beach is a place where we wouldn't sleep in the future 😛

but some fields in the near of little villages? is it there dangerous, too? can't imagine that. but i don't wanna make some mistakes like these..

MariaRK @ 22-06-2008 20:35

Hoping it' okay to ninja-ask a question in your thread 😛
Do you (or anyone else) know about camping... I've looked alot on the internet for camping sites, but I think they seem a bit expensive and located in the middle of nowhere... is it simply because the cheaper campsites don't have websites?

AlphaOmega @ 26-06-2008 18:19


I've slept on a park bench in a few cities (n. Germany, London, Croatia) and never had any problems. Twice the police did wake me up though and asked for my passport, but i gave them some excuse that I missed my train (I always pick a park relatively close to a train station).

I've also slept on a beach once, but that's another story. I was out partying at Scheveningen (pretty close to my house) and somehow woke up with sand in my shoes in the dunes of scheveningen ^^

Nice one

NillerDK @ 27-06-2008 14:49

If you go to the outskirts of the cities, you can always find a field or grass area, and then politely ask the owner if you can set up your tent somewhere for the night. I have used this in Sweeden, Norway and Denmark with big succes.

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