SKOPJE - BELGRADE - Balkan Express - night train

Pete @ 15-07-2008 13:42

SKOPJE (Macedonia) - BELGRADE (Beograd - Serbia) | Balkan Express | night train D 334
Information for Interrail, Eurail and travellers with single train tickets on the route from Skopje to Belgrade.

Direct night train connection.
Skopje - Belgrade:
Belgrade - Skopje:

Older information:
TIMETABLE night train Skopje to Belgrade:
Thessaloniki Dep: 1705
Skopje Arr: 2017
Skopje Dep: 2045
Beograd Arr: 0559

Sleeper - SINGLE | 1-bed-compartment (only 1st class)
Rail pass fare: EUR 66
Standard fare: ?

Sleeper - DOUBLE | 2-bed-compartment
Rail pass fare: EUR 33
Standard fare: EUR 98

Sleeper - TRIPLE T3 | 3-bed-compartment
Rail pass fare: EUR 20
Standard fare: EUR 85

Couchette - 4 | 4-bed-compartment
Rail pass fare: n/a
Standard fare: n/a

Seat (only 2nd class)
Rail pass fare: n/a
Standard fare: n/a

Update: Nov 2016

Biscuit @ 14-09-2011 13:05

Does this mean there is no need to reserve a space in a couchette on this train?

Every other night train I've been on in the area has required a paid for reservation and I really don't want to be stuck in 2nd class seating!!

Pete @ 15-09-2011 07:26

n/a means: no information available.
Simply follow the link given under UPDATE. There you will find this information about couchettes:
And it is like you had it in the past: couchettes are never free.
Have sunny travel days, Peter 🙂

VANGSKG @ 28-01-2013 21:55

Hello,Do you know how much one way ticket to Belgrade costs as well return ticket and a couchette?In Macedonian Denars?

Flo @ 28-01-2013 22:18


the return price Belgrade - Skopje - Belgrade is 32,60€, the price should be around the same in Skopje. A couchette might be somewhat between 6 and 10€ I think.

Flo 😎

VANGSKG @ 29-01-2013 14:01

Thanks!Once question more!🙂 Do you know if there is a ATM or exchange office at Skopje railway station?

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