Shoes for Interrail Shoes trip !

Titou @ 11-05-2007 20:36

Actually I have two questions:

_As we will travel through Europe for one month, do we need walking shoes, knowing that we'll stay only in big towns or snookers are ok ?

_My second questions is about Night club, we're going to Austria, Croatia, Germany, Poland, Czeck Republic, Holand...Do we have to be well dressed, I mean some of my friends want to to take their leather shoes for going to night club is it a good idea(we don't have much place in our bag)or once again are snookers ok?!!!

thank you

Miro @ 13-05-2007 21:26

First of all, I think you mean sneakers, not snookers. Sneakers are sport shoes... Snookers are.. a lot of billiard-like games?

- The kind of shoes you take is your own choice. If you want to do a lot of walking through the cities, it might be a good idea to take walking shoes with you. If you use very much buses and metro's, walking shoes are not necesserily I think.

- The shoes you need for nightclubs here in Holland depends on which club you wanna go. Most clubs don't mind, but some big clubs, especially in big cities like Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague will have a dresscode. These clubs are usually also more expensive than the clubs without dresscode...

Pete @ 14-05-2007 07:12

I have the same opinion on the shoes ... it really depends on how much you will walk ... sneakers are okay if you only stay in the big cities with a stress less travel program. 🙂

For the night clubs here in Germany... it is the same like Miro said for Holland: in some you need (but these one are expensive ones) and in the cool ones you do not need leather shoes. And in big cities you will always find cool night clubs which you can visit without leather shoes. The best way is just to ask other travelers or the stuff of the hostels where you will sleep !! 🙂

Titou @ 18-05-2007 20:29

Thank you for your answers

I meant sneakers of course!!! snooker is this that kind of pool with stange rules! anyway we'll only stay in big cities, so i think we'll take our basic shoes. And for night club we'll see !!

niks @ 22-06-2007 09:56

because my folks said that they'll treat us to some trainers for europe, they keep saying id be best of with a pair of those sandle like ones. u know the ones with the straps over the feet and ankle????? what u guys think?

i was just thinking of taking my comfortable pair of flipflops with some normal everyday trainers.....

admin @ 23-06-2007 18:30

im interrailing right now, i brought 2 pairs of converse with me, i've worn one the entire time, no problems whatsoever.

admin @ 23-06-2007 19:45

I take Saloman snukers and a pair of Lonsdale snikers, for evening wear.

antoine @ 26-06-2007 09:56

Good to know ! 🙂
this topic helps me a lot because i'm preparing a travel in East Europe this summer, and i had no idea of how many shoes and which ones i had to take...

niks @ 26-06-2007 10:43

lol yeah i know what u mean antoine, this forum is such a great place to get the know on things lol 🙂

ive gotten my sandals, only £30 and really comfortable! so just taken them and my flip flop oh my mules for nights out....sorted!!! 🙂

less then 3 weeks yaaaaaaaaaaaar! lol 🙂 🙂 🙂

admin @ 26-06-2007 16:31

make sure you have spare footwear. it absolutely poured down in munich yesterday, and now my shoes are drenched. bring spares!

Miro @ 13-07-2007 22:33

Or just put old newspapers in them for the night. Next day they'll be dry. And if they aren't, just put some plastic bags around your socks and you don't feel any wet (make sure there are no holes in your bags). This way you don't have to take spare ones!

admin @ 14-07-2007 10:08

i tried the newspaper thing if i remember correctly, all was fine. am liking the bag idea too, next time.

admin @ 14-07-2007 10:38

One can tie old rags around the feet and rub them in newspapers and vinegar in the evening. That way they are perfectly fresh in the morning.

Oh, and I left my night-time Lonsdale snikers in the hostel in Grindelwald last week. Can someone please email them to me.


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