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Autotrain Subotica-Bar "Panonija"

wagat6: Hello
I am planning a vacation and would like to know where I can book or buy tickets for the "Panonija" train, route: Subotica-Bar with a car?
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Last Post wagat6
2020-01-02 09:38

Belgrade to Ljubljana night train on Christmas

kajjinu: Hi! I am travelling from Belgrade to Ljubljana and saw that there is a night train available. But when I search for them using the rail planner app no night train shows up. I just want to make sure that night trains are available from Belgrade to Ljubljana. Can you...
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Last Post kajjinu
2019-11-08 15:07

istanbul-serbia viza for turkish person

fundaersoy: Hello,
I wanna go to Belgrade from Istanbul by train with Turkish passport. Do I need a Schengen or Bulgarian visa for this transit journey?
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Last Post fundaersoy
2019-08-01 12:38

Belgrade to Thessaloniki

MarillePupille: Hello, I would like to travel this summer with the balkan flexi pass from Belgrade to Athens and I am wondering about the train route from Belgrade to Thessaloniki. Is it better to go through Skopje or Sofia and is there just a night train existing or can I also...
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Last Post MarillePupille
2019-06-18 12:17

Belgrade-Ljubljana night train

NinnaNinna: Hello, everyone. Does anyone know if there is certainly a night train from Belgrade to Ljubljana and from Ljubljana to Belgrade. I read about one from Belgrade to Ljubljana, who leaves from Belgrade at 21, but I do not know if the information is up to date. Thanks in advance!
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Last Post NinnaNinna
2019-05-21 11:37

Belgrade - Nis - Dimitrovgrad

dulcecardoso: Hello,

I have a question, next 29 october I will go from Belgrado, Sérvia to Nis (Naissus), and the 30 of october I will go from Nis to Dimitrovgrad to Sófia, Bulgária.
I want know if there are train,s available an where I can find the...
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Last Post dulcecardoso
2019-05-03 12:59

Nis, Serbia, to Thessoloniki

CameronMacaulay: Hello all,

I wish to travel from Nis (Serbia) to Thessonolikki via the train from Belgrade in June 2019. Is that train still running on that leg?
My information suggests a train runs each day overnight from Nis at around 11:30pm arriving Thessonlikki 10;30 the next...
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Last Post CameronMacaulay
2019-03-13 09:37

Any Train connection from Beograd to Thessaloniki

EuropeanUnionTraveller: Dear Community,

I`m planning a trip from Beograd to Thessaloniki and I would like to take the Train. But I read, that the Night Train from Beograd to Thessaloniki doesn`t operate at the moment. So my question is, is there any posibility to travel from Beograd to...
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Last Post EuropeanUnionTraveller
2018-11-26 19:41


HenrietteMoeller: Hello
Is it possible to bring bikes by the train. We are planning a trip late july 2019.
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Last Post HenrietteMoeller
2018-11-18 17:04

Athens to Budapest

FelixJ: Hi,

I'm looking to do the Athens to Budapest in late June 2019 and was wondering when the Serbian rail timetables will be released.

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Last Post FelixJ
2018-11-11 09:36

Train ticket & schedule

ogzt1270: Hi everybody,

I want to go from Belgrad to Zagrep in december. My ask that, ı need time table and prices.Thank you all.
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Last Post ogzt1270
2018-10-22 10:24

Beograd - Thessaloniki

LottyPOP: Hello everybody,
we are planning a journey to Greece by train and had to learn there is no possibility to book or reserve train
No 335 from Beograd to Thessaloniki at German railway counters.
We didn´t find this train on Serbian timetable either, but German...
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Last Post LottyPOP
2018-08-29 19:06


RobertPighills: I’m trying to book a reservation on the train from Zagreb to Belgrade on the 21/08 but can’t do it using the Interrail website and can’t find the train on Trainline.
Is it possible for me to get the train without a reservation? If not is it possible...
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Last Post RobertPighills
2018-08-14 20:24

Reservation for night train from Stara Pazova to Budapest

Flix66: On 19.9.2018 we want to travel by the night train B340 from Stara Pazova (or Novi Sad or Belgrade) to Budapest: 2 adults + 1 dog. Because of the dog, we need a couchette for our own use! How can we make a reservation in advance so that we are...
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Last Post Flix66
2018-07-28 10:16

Belgrade to Bar: buy tickets and where to stop on the way

leoncita: Dear Friends!

My boyfriend and I are travelling from Belgrade to Bar or Podgorica at the beginning of August. I've read that it isn't possible to book the tickets in advance...but what if all seats are sold out? Is it likely?
Another question is:...
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Last Post leoncita
2018-07-03 17:06

Belgrade-Bar with a cat?

HughManitee: Hi!

Great site; thanks for all the info here.

I am considering taking the famous Belgrade-Bar train but I am wondering if it is possible to travel with my cat. I have found information hard to come by and would appreciate any advice. (I...
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Last Post HughManitee
2018-03-30 17:44

train from Beograd (Belgrade) to Sofia (Bulgaria)

johanna19: Hi guys,
I read on the interrail-webpage, that there is supposed to be a train connection between Beograd and Sofia - but on the webpage of the serbian railway or in the interrail app i can't find any schedule...
Any tipps?
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Last Post johanna19
2018-02-08 21:01

Belegrade to Dubrovnik

KiriakosTobmoyloglou: Hey, i was wondering how i can get from Belgrade to Dubrovnik. Is there a train or something ?
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Last Post KiriakosTobmoyloglou
2017-11-01 17:51

AutoTrain Bar - Novi Sad

Marysia: Hello

I am looking for information about the train going from Bar to Novi Sad and offers the possibility to load a car. Is the name of the train „Panonija”? Does it work entire year or have some limitation? I found information that it operates till 6th...
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Last Post Marysia
2017-09-06 08:17

From Nis (Serbia) to Sofia (Bulgaria)

marcv_nl: I would like to travel from Nis to Sofia by bus or train. Does anyone knows what is the fastest and cheapest way to get from Nis to Sofia?
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Last Post marcv_nl
2017-09-04 20:04

Belgrade to Thessaloniki

Jamie101: Me and my friend are currently on a month interrail using a 10 day flexipass.
We were intending on taking the Hellas Express sleeper train from Beograd to Thessaloniki on our Flexi-passes so that it would only take 1 day of travel.
However after investigation we have noticed...
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Last Post Jamie101
2017-08-09 21:18

Belgrade - Skopje - Thessaloniki train?

DanielP: Hello!

I am planning a trip to Serbia, Montenegro and Greece by train in march next year. Serbian Railways website says that both trains 334/335 Belgrade - Thessaloniki and 336/337 Belgrade - Skopje is cancelled until further notice due to construction works. These information is updated in...
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Last Post DanielP
2016-12-25 22:11

How to get from Belgrade Glavna Zeleznicka to Dunav station

Cup_cake222: Hello,

I will be traveling to Belgrade to meet and friend and from there we will be taking the train to Timisoara.

I know that we will have to get to Belgrade Dunav station, but I was wondering if anyone knows how to...
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Last Post Cup_cake222
2016-12-01 00:36

Reliability of D 341 Budapest to Belgrade

krasmussen: Some years ago I used the D 341 from Budapest to Belgrade a couple of times, and we always arrived late in Belgrade.
Do anyone have informations about the reliability present? Will people here consider it safe to use D 341 and plan for connection with the day-service to...
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Last Post krasmussen
2016-05-14 11:41


Peter.Freisberg: From BELGRADE to THESSALONIKI by train.
How to buy point to point train tickets - online shop. Interrail and Eurail pass travel information. Route from Belgrade (Serbia) to Thessaloniki (Greece).

Train connection from Belgrade to Thessaloniki.

👉 Have a look at...
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Last Post Peter.Freisberg
2015-04-18 08:02

Belgrade - Kiev

orestgreece: Hello 🤣 🤣

I will be in Belgrade till 2nd of January 2015 and I want to be in Kiev sooner than 3rd of January night . My first option was Wizzair flight from Budapest but from 50 euro it got 110 in just 2 days...
Replies 2
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Last Post orestgreece
2014-11-13 14:18

Interrail: night train from Belgrad to Venice?

matrofax: Hello,

I am trying to plan a interrail trip and I found some threads talking about a night train from Budapest to Venice but I couldn't find it on the interrail night train list. Also I was not able to find any proper information about such train...
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Last Post matrofax
2014-11-12 21:04

Floods in Southeast Europe: Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina

Josie90: Hi everyone,
next week I wanted to start my 3-week interrail trip. I start from the Czech Republic and would go to Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria and Romania. Now there seem to be floods in Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina, but I do not really know how bad...
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Last Post Josie90
2014-05-20 20:55

Novisad - Budapest: train reservation

wolfih54: Hello all together!
Does somebody know, how to make a reservation for the night train from Novisad to Budapest (in advance, from germany).
I want to travel in July with my 84 years old mother and she doesn't want to spent a night sitting on a hard seat...
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Last Post wolfih54
2013-02-05 13:23


Peter.Freisberg: From BELGRADE to LJUBLJANA by train.
How to buy point to point train tickets - online shop. Interrail and Eurail pass travel information. Route from Belgrade (Serbia) to Ljubljana (Slovenia).

Train connection from Belgrade to Ljubljana.

More information:
Belgrade -...
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Last Post Peter.Freisberg
2011-09-30 17:15

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