Schnellzug + EC/IC

yatinsardana @ 26-01-2009 15:02

two questions 🙂
I was on the route planner and the Bahn site as well looking for connections to go from berlin to praha and also praha to munich
My dad's interested in going to germany and czech as well. he wouldn't be buying an inter rail pass and would be paying for the individual train tickets so i'm finding out the cost for him.
Now on the bahn site it says for berlin to praha there are two main train types that go
A) eurocity (for which if we buy him a ticket right now we can get it for 19euro, otherwise 60eur🧐
B) I think it's Schnellzug (the train product says D 60457)
Obviously for eurocity, because we're getting it cheaper, i'll have to buy the ticket now. How much is reservation and supplement for if i have to go by eurocity as well? (with the inter rail pass)
And with Schnellzug do we have to buy it right now ? (or just go to the station and buy a ticket for my dad there)
I can't get the price for it on the website. Do you know what it is?

For Praha to Munich
I'm using Schnellzug (R350) and Länderbahn und Vogtlandbahn GmbH. For my dad it's costing him 60 euro. Do we need to buy him a ticket right now for it or can we buy it for the same price on the day itself? and for me, with IR PASS, i don't need any reservation or supplement for either of the trains do i?
Also for
Lastly Peter
I'm coming across Schnellzug for the first time. What kind of a train is it? regional train? Do we need supplements and reservations for it?
I've put the questions in bold for you because it might just get a bit confusing, although i've tried not to let it. :P
Thank You

Pete @ 26-01-2009 16:22

1) it is a special offer the EUR 19 or EUR 29 called Europa-Spezial Tschechien ... you can only buy it via Internet and you have to use exactly the train you booked. you can not take an earlier or later one.
for you as InterRailer you have to pay no supplement as much as I know from 2008. only the EC trains from Praha to Vienna needs a supplement, not the ones to Berlin.
so in case you have to pay a supplement in 2009 (whci hI think will not be the case), it is: EUR 7
a reservation for both of you will be EUR 4 per person - but you don't need it when avoiding peak times.

for the Schnellzug where you can not get a special offer, just buy the ticket at a station or also via internet. the offer of EUR 60 is always available - even 10 minutes before departure. the same for the EC: EUR 60 even 10 minutes before departure.
by the way... is there still a Schnellzug available on this route? 🙂

2) Praha to Munich: buy the ticket directly in Praha... it will be then EUR 60 - or even be cheaper ... as train tickets are sometimes cheaper to buy in Eastern Europe. and you do not need a resservation for this train then - if you want you can have it for EUR 2 per person - also at Praha station. 🙂

yatinsardana @ 26-01-2009 16:40

The website says that Schnellzug is still running on that route... i hope it is atleast because I'm counting on it! :P :P
Thank you Peter!!! Thankkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk Yooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu haha! :P

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