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Michal @ 19-04-2007 22:04


I am planning to go from Stockholm to Helsinki and then maybe back from Turku to Stockholm. I have found that with interrailpass it should be free, when travelling with Tallink Silja, what sounds really good 🙂 What are your experiences with these ferries, especially with that 'compulsory reservation'(where, how long before..)? They would be very helpful...

Another idea - the ferry from Bergen to Stavanger. Has somebody here got any information about it?

Thanks for help to beginners like me 😉

Pete @ 20-04-2007 07:12

hi... 🙂

I often used the ferry from Stokholm to Turku/Helsinki ... it is nice for overnight, you save the hostel and there is always a lot of people drinking there during the night - so often you meet people to talk, to drink ... and there was always a bar/mini-disco there ... it was fun ... 🙂

Bergen to Stavanger I never traveled... but if you want to travel this route, use the Flaggruten (50% discount).

Peter 🙂

cbichler @ 02-05-2007 11:30

@peter: did you have to pay anything for the ferry from stockholm to helsinki or is it a rumour that this route is free for interrailers?

Pete @ 02-05-2007 17:34

have a look at the ferry section on railcc:

there is only one free connection with Tallink Silja Oy from Stockholm to Turku... and only the day connection... then you can take a train from Turku to Helsinki which takes about 2 hours and most are free of supplements...!! 🙂

if you travel overnight, you have to pay a reservation for a cabin ... I will check the prices the next days... with the old version of interrail it wasn't very expensive ... 20 EUR I remember... ?!?!? but I am not sure anymore...

also you will already find the prices for traveling with Viking-Line in the ferry section. 🙂

Michal @ 16-05-2007 20:19

Hi again!

I am not sure whether I have understood it well: so in general ferries by Tallink-Silja from Finland to Sweden should be always for free (in that 'cabin Tourist II for 4 people', of course), but from Sweden to Finland there is only one ferry by this company for free?

What does it mean, when there is a reservation compulsory? I asked one slovak company, that usually makes the ferry reservations, how can I make the reservation of this routes and they wrote, that the only way is to buy ticket in the port terminal on the day of the route.. Is it possible? If not, could anybody advice me, how to do the reservation?

Thank you 🙂

lj @ 23-05-2007 13:18

I've asked the Tallin-Silja company, about all this prices and reservations and everything. They didn't answer clearly. Did anybody did this route? How did you booked? How is it like?


Michal @ 26-06-2007 01:38

Hi again!

I asked directly at the window in Tallink - Silja terminal in Helsinki on the sail to Stockholm and the man told me, that for interrailers is this sail really for free, including that place in tourist cabin. So I think (and I hope too 😉 , that each sail by Tallink - Silja between Stockholm and Turku or Helsinki should be for free and the only obligation is to book it (best in advance and probably only in the terminal). But I still haven't tried it, so I can't say..

Does anybody have more concrete information?

nantito @ 29-07-2007 12:31

It's free as in free!

Make a booking at least 7 days prior from the journey through their website. Report that you are owner of the rail pass (Scanrail, Eurail, Interrail).

You will get a reply with a confirmation of your reservation, including your reservation number.

You get a free bed in a C-class tourist cabin (you plus 3 more passengers).

Quote from their mail :

Thank you for your enquiry.
We can offer you a free ticket ,travelling in C-class cabin , Meaning that there´s gonna be three other men in the same cabin.

1 * Gentlemen's single berth in, C class cabin for 4 person(s) (Adult)

Total EUR 0,00

EDIT : That is for both trips I reserved, meaning both Stockholm - Helsinki and Helsinki - Stockholm

Nikolai @ 13-03-2008 02:32

Hi folks. Between Stockholm-Turku/Helsinki you may also want to check Viking Line whose prices are often competitive. In the the north there is more expensive RG Line. Sorry about the missing links, the forum didn't allow them to be added as I'm a new user.

gliondel @ 26-03-2008 01:34

hey guys,
I read your post above but I still want to ask that thse 'free' tickets are still free or not ?
Because in both interrail and ferry websites there shows a discount not a free travel 😢 (

Did anyone travel with these baltic ferry guys shortly ??

other question is that; is also Stockholm-Riga free ?? 🙂

thanks everyone, cheers

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