waldy @ 06-01-2009 10:29

Hi, I was wondering if it is safe for me and my friend (both 18 and girls) to travel to Bulgary, Greece and Turkey?

Pete @ 07-01-2009 17:23

mmmh... it depends on your personality... if you looks like a little shy girl or if you are self-confident... 🙂
let's say in Turkey and Greece some men are more offensive talking to women and the women don't have the same level in their culture ...
but if you are at the main tourist hot spots or if you meet the normal younger generation, you won't have any big problems...
it is like in every European country then ...! 🙂

BERTUGY @ 19-02-2009 18:42

sorry peter , but what you say is not true , I have been in Istanbul and Izmir in Turkey, Turkish people are very very helpful people, the problem is they do not speak English at all , even if they don't know English , they helped me a lot , Turks and Greeks men are just more masculan than other EU countries , that's all , but it doesn't make them impolite.
Hey guys , just take care of your bags and money , that's the single way . 😉

SiDUDe @ 19-02-2009 23:05

id agree with peter, simply from talking to girls in the hostel in Istanbul. Its not that the men mean to be rude, its just a different culture. If your headstrong and shrug them off youll be fine. And it is only a minority of men, obviously.

Pete @ 20-02-2009 09:37

it is simply a different culture... that's all ... I know this problem as well from a lot of talks to women travelling these countries like SiDUDe mentioned... and I travel and talk a lot ... believe me... 🙂
but it is not a real problem it is more the different culture... and a woman coming from Western Europe simply has to know this.
and of course I also met a lot of nice, very friendly and helpful Greek and Turkish men !!! 🙂

Iristja @ 17-03-2009 09:27

And I think you just have to be lucky maybe you only met nice people who really want to help you, but you can also met men who think you are 'just an tourist' and try to get money out of it.. but that can happen too if you're a men.

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