Genius Loci @ 27-02-2008 19:32

Hellow! I am Kirill from Moscow)-the capital of Russia. I can tell you to all questions about Russia, traveling to Russia and Russian Railways. Welcome to Russia!)))

Pete @ 29-02-2008 08:38

hey Kirill ... 🙂
a nice offer !!! Be sure, I will write you soon !! have some sunny days and all the best,

rabbits @ 06-03-2008 21:11

Hello Kirill! Do you think it would be safe for a woman to travel alone in Russia? Also what languages are useful for communicating with Russians - besides Russian of course, which I've heard is very hard to learn- is German more useful than English, for example? Thank you for your help!

Genius Loci @ 06-03-2008 23:24

Hello Kirill! Do you think it would be safe for a woman to travel alone in Russia? Also what languages are useful for communicating with Russians - besides Russian of course, which I've heard is very hard to learn- is German more useful than English, for example? Thank you for your help!

Hello, Rabbits!) I think IT IS NOT SAFE travel to Russia for a women is bad, but its true... You can travel to Russia with friends or tourist group with your country it will be better). 1oo% safe only with tourist group.. But if you want go to a small city ( not Moscow, Sankt-Peterburg), is will be safe, I think. How do you want go to Russia(train or avia)? For communications with Russian useful Russian, Ukranian and English). English study at schools all Russian pupils and students. Many young people know English. But... On Russian railways, in ticket-office very-very hard find people,who know English or other language... Many people know English only on basic level.
German NOT USEFUL IN Russia! Trere are not people, who know German.

Travel to Russia hard, but very interesting). Russia is situated between Europe and Asia. For Europeans it will be very interesting). You can go to Russian from Berlin, Paris,Budapest by train(RZD).
I ansvering to all qurstion about traveling in Russia by train)).

N_24 @ 03-03-2009 22:48

Just some late comments on women traveling alone in Russia;

I have been living as well as traveling by myself in the western parts of Russia, traveling both during day and night time. I am a female in my 20s. I did not at any point feel unsafe, BUT I am sure that the situation could have been very different if my own behavior would have been different. First of all; just forget about it if you don't speak any Russian. No-one at the trains, buses, stations or in the smaller cities speak English. If you do speak enough Russian to get by, it can totally be done. Just dress in a proper, low key way, which is enough to keep strangers guessing if you are native or not, but casually enough not to drawn to much attention. My personal tip is to always find some older women, since they will look after you regardless if it's needed or not. Travel very light, with all of your personal belongings in a purse (that you NEVER leave!!!) and stacking your larger sums of money in your bra. Just mimic the Russians; no smiling unless something is funny and don't look people in the eyes unless you seek contact.

Oh, two more things; if you never backpacked before you should probably start out with an easier country. E.g. Mexico is a walk in the park in comparison. Also if you don't have fair skin and light eyes, I would probably not do it. Racism in Russia is no joke, regardless of what some locals might say.

sanja @ 21-05-2009 14:48

Dear people,

I get a position on Summer School at Baikal Lake 🤣 and I would like to go there but I have very limited finance 😢 so I try to find the cheapest way to go from Moscow to Irkutsk.
Does anyone have some idea ❓

And also, if I go there I would like to stay few days more, so what is “must-visit” place in that region? :P

Any way, THANKS!

Hetman @ 21-05-2009 14:54

Moscow - Irkutsk (slow train 640), 3rd class :P £60

sanja @ 21-05-2009 16:11


thanks for this fast answer! 🤣

… there are few more questions!
👉 does the prize change for summer period?
👉 how many hour I need for this trip?
👉 is it safe… I’m women… 24 years. Ok, I traveled alone last summer (one month), but by northern Europe… it’s quite different, I think!


Sungwon @ 11-01-2011 21:54

I'm making a journey which is from St Petersburg P Mosk to Moscow.

But I can't find the website to get the information..

So would you help me??

I mean.. the time and the cost and..

something that I should know before visiting??


I'm Sungwon Hong from S.Korea.

Kaizeler @ 12-01-2011 08:16

(sorry, posted in the wrong place)

Button @ 28-01-2011 10:52


My friend and I (both female, 21 & 22 years old) are going Interrailing this summer for about 3 weeks, and we were really hoping to squeeze St Petersburg into our plans... how would you suggest the best way to do this is? We were thinking maybe it would be est to either start in St Petersburg and fly out there, or fly home from you agree? How often are these trains from paris, budapest & berlin and are they expensive? Any help would be really appreciated, thankyou!! 🤣

Robert_Antonio @ 29-01-2011 09:44

IR isn't valid in Russia and Baltic countries, so you need to buy an ordinary ticket from border station to St. Petersburg.

I think the most convenient way is via Sweden and Finland. There are two daytime trains between Helsinki and St. Petersburg. The tickets are available at Helsinki train station, ticket from Vainikkala (FI-RU border station) to St. Petersburg costs € 46,60.

The second way, quite slower, is a daytime train from Warszawa to Vilnius (Lithuania), and night train from Vilnius to St. Petersburg. I don't know the ordinary fare here.

The third way is a direct sleeper car from Prague and Warszawa to St. Petersburg via Minsk, but you need Belarussian visa for it. You spend one night from Prague to Warszawa and second night from Warszawa to St. Petersburg. The fare from Brest (PL-BY border station) to St. Petersburg is € 68,50, 3-berth sleeper reservation from Prague costs € 34, the sleeper reservation from Warszawa could be probably cheaper.

Peter will add you a connection from western Europe to Helsinki and Warszawa 🙂

Pete @ 31-01-2011 07:27

Okay... then let's add the connection for the information Robert already gave you. 🙂

It is easy to get to Warszawa for example from Berlin:

But as well for example from Vienna:

To Helsinki...
First to Copenhagen, then to Stockholm, followed by the ferry to Finland. Copenhagen is easy to reach from France, Switzerland, Netherlands and Germany by night train - or as well day trains. Just check the country topics:


Peter 🙂

Button @ 04-02-2011 16:25


Sorry - Im slightly confused. So are you saying its possible to get a direct sleeper train from Warsaw to St.Petersburg? Because we were thinking of going to Krakow, so could we get a train from Krakow to Warsaw and then onto Russia from there? What do you think about it, do you think it is do-able? We are going for about 3-4 it too ambitious do you think?

Thanks again,

Bethan 🙂

Flo @ 04-02-2011 16:49

There is a direct sleeper connection Warszawa (coming from Praha) to St Petersburg. It is crossing Belarus, so you'll need an extra transit visum! This will be ~40€ and you will need to apply at least one month in advance at a Belarussian Ebassy.

Another alternative would be to go Warszawa - Vilnius, then Vilnius - St Petersburg.

Flo 😎

Button @ 04-02-2011 18:14

Great, thankyou. We have actually heard that Vilinius is really pretty so that could be an option... Or I saw somewhere that going through Riga could be an option? Do you know where I could find prices for these options?

Bethan 🙂

Pete @ 04-02-2011 21:22

I definitely recommend Vilnius. One of my favorite cities within Europe. A lot of culture, nice people, good night life, inexpensive hostels.
Peter 🙂

Robert_Antonio @ 05-02-2011 08:30

Vilnius has better train connection with both Poland and Russia than Riga.

Some more details about the trip:

The direct train from Warszawa (7:25) to Vilnius (17:53) is in fact a two trains with change at border station Šeštokai, because of different gauge in Poland and Lithuania. The change is guaranteed, the Lithuanian train waits for the Polish one. At Polish territory you use IR, an ordinary international ticket from Šeštokai to Vilnius costs € 13,50, available at all international counters at European stations.

There are two direct trains from Vilnius to St. Petersburg, Peter you can add it to your timetables 🙂

080 Ч
Vilnius 15:48 – St. Petersburg 11:00
in summer runs daily, otherwise in odd days
platskartniy class: 1974 RUB (~ € 50)
kupeyniy class: 3832 RUB (~ € 97)

092 Р
Vilnius 18:18 – St. Petersburg 9:00
runs daily
platskartniy class: 2241 RUB (~ € 57)
kupeyniy class: 3522 RUB (~€ 89)

Platskartnyi class consist of 6-berth compartments open to aisle, kupeyniy class consist of closed 4-berth comparments. The tickets are available probably only at Vilnius station, but you should try to buy an e-ticket at (you have to switch to Russian language version)

Button @ 05-02-2011 10:13

Thats amazing. I didnt think getting St Petersburg into this trip was going to be an option at first, but its looking like a possibility now! Is it possible to get from Vilinius to anywhere else though? Its just that Warsaw isnt on our originial list, although its easy enough to change there to get to Krakow right? Im sorry, Im very new at this whole thing and am finiding it really difficult to find where to look for information like this!

Thankyou so much though! 🙂

Robert_Antonio @ 05-02-2011 11:10

A minor correction: Šeštokai isn't exactly a border station, you should buy a ticket from Mockava Gr. to Vilnius (Gr. means tariff border point to distinguish it from Mockava station) for € 14,70

TokyoMaple @ 10-07-2011 13:54

My name is Roman. I live in St-Petersburg.
If there are questions write to me =)

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