Rules for buying InterRail ticket

fnvasque @ 28-11-2008 18:58

I am 22 years old and I would like to buy a interrail globalpass ticket but I haven't lived in europe for more than six months. Although I have Italian passport, can I buy the ticket?

Pete @ 04-12-2008 07:55

yes... just fill in in the order form on Italy as your country of residence... and the passport number of your Italian passport.
all the best, Peter 🙂

kriste_tam @ 26-01-2009 21:13


I just bought an interrail ticket but now i am thinking that i have filled it wrong.

My surname is Tamošauskaitė, but as everywhere in foreign countries they do not have these letters i write Tamosauskaite. So on my ticket i wrote Tamosauskaite.

I hope this does not change anything and i can still travel.

Pete @ 27-01-2009 09:41

non problem ... it is valid !! 🙂 if there is a ´` or ö or ß or whatever ... everybody knows that there are the special symbols ... so no problems for you !! 🙂

sophiecatherine @ 11-03-2009 21:23

(I posted this under the wrong topic before!)

I am currently studying in the UK, and I have a British passport, and obviously British citizenship. (I'm living here in every sense)
I'm wondering if I can still get an InterRail pass? I've been here since December 2008, and plan to do the InterRail trip in April 2009. I have previously been here for a little over a month in November 2007.

I understand your meant to have been here for 6 months, but I'm a citizen, so a bit confused!


Pete @ 12-03-2009 08:34

yes you can.

alicekasznar @ 12-03-2009 14:22


I am Brazilian and I arrived in Europe on December 23rd. I've been living in France (i already have my Titre de sejour, which allows me to reside in France for one year) and I plan to travel in July to Italy and other countries and I wanted to buy the Interrail pass. By July i will have been living here for 6 months but if I want to buy the ticket in advance (let's say, may), could I?
Do I need to show any proofs that i´ve been here for 6 months?

Thank you,


Pete @ 12-03-2009 16:06

hi Alice...
you can buy your ticket already before you have the 6 months. you can buy it for example already in May.
only the first day it is valid has to be at least the 23th June 2009 or later.
during your tour, you always need your Brazilian passport with your and your residency permit (titre de sejour).
when purchasing your official InterRail ticket via fill in as country of residence: FRANCE
and the passport number of your Brazilian passport.
the proof of your residency in France you only have to show when your ticket will be checked in trains by the staff ... and only if they are asking for the documents. this won't happen very often ... maybe one time per week.
have fun , Peter 🙂

bree_blah @ 14-03-2009 09:18


Im a little confused with this pass I have a British passport however i live in Australia do i have to have lived over there for 6 months to be eligible or does having a British passport suffice?


ashal @ 14-03-2009 10:21

my friend and I are planning an interrail tour with global pass in Europe. We are both Turkish citizens, I have been studying in Austria since 3 years, I have a student visa from Austria. However, my friend is going to take her passport for the first time in her life so, she has not been in Europe. She only lived in Turkey so far.
Can she buy interrail ticket? Can I buy it?

I have a second question:
what does it mean InterRail Global Pass 10 days within 22 days ? 10 days in 22 days?
Does it mean that I may spent maximum 10 days in a country, but there is no limitation for the number of countries?


Pete @ 14-03-2009 11:30


... good news: you can buy an InterRail pass !!! 🙂
just by your official InterRail pass at and fill in as country of residence: UK
as passport number the one of your UK passport.
the delivery can be to Australia - no problem. but I recommend you to get the ticket send to an address in the UK (your parents maybe), as you then save the delivery costs.
delivery is by secure mail, so someone has to sign your letter with the ticket on delivery.

all the best, Peter 🙂

Pete @ 14-03-2009 11:35


... you both can buy a TURKISH InterRail Pass. it is no problem !! your friend needs then a Schengen visa to travel Europe - but I think you know it, as you are living in Austria !! 🙂

the best solution is for you to order official InterRail tickets is to do it online via
the reason: there seems to be some database problems at the Turkish railway company during the last weeks (I heard from a lot of travellers from Turkey) - so the only way is to do it is: online.
the delivery address can be in Turkey or in Austria (the place you are studying, university, your apartment). as the delivery is by secure mail, someone has to sign the letter with your tickets.

all the best, Peter 🙂

Pete @ 14-03-2009 12:48

and I forgot your second question:

InterRail Global Pass 10 days within 22 days = you can travel all European countries which belong to InterRail for a list - at the right site).
you have a period of 22 days on which you can travel. you fix the date your ticket starts at the purchase.
during this period of validity (the 22 days) you have 10 travel days which you can chose during your tour. just take one (fill it in your ticket) when you need one. your are flexible and free !! 🙂
ONE of your travel days is from 0001h in the morning until 2359h at night (so 24 hours), except the rule for night trains:
Peter 🙂

Emy @ 17-03-2009 21:47

I would like to have some info also.

I'm Romanian, and for more than 6 months I've lived in Denmark. As Danish ID, I'm using the European Health Insurance Card, which contains the Danish Social Security Number. Until now I've used this card as an ID everywhere, Libraries, Mobile phone subscription etc. It doesn't have a picture, and rarely I'm using any other document with my name on it (credit card, Romanian driving license etc) to prove that that is me, but it happened only once in 6 months. I also have somewhere lost a residence permit, but I needed it only for the DANISH SSN.

My question would be, how can they prove which one is my residence country? I mean, for example if I would like to travel using the InterRail Pass in Denmark, I could say that my residence country is Romania, or the other way around. I know that my conscience should motivate me to tell the truth, but at the same time I know that I'm a student, and you know how it is 🙂 )

I would like to travel from Denmark ( Odense st.) to France (Strasbourg) on the 5th to arrive there (because on the 4th Strasbourg is closed), and on the 20th to arrive back in Odense.
What would be cheaper, to buy an InterRail Pass or a ticket?

Pete @ 18-03-2009 07:53

hej hej ... 🙂
you can buy an Romanian InterRail Pass as your passport is Romanian. when ordering online via just fill in as country of residence ROMANIA. and the passport number of your Romanian passport. the delivery of your official InterRail ticket can be in Denmark (at the place you live, work, study or friends home, ...) - this is absolutely NO problem !! 🙂
if you only want to travel from Denmark to Strasbourg, have a look on the CNL - the direct night train between Copenhagen and Switzerland which stops in Karlsruhe - from there take a regional train to Strasbourg (1 hour - running every 2 hours - something about 12 EUR one way). you can get (if you book early enough) a bed or seat int his night train for 39 EUR ... then it might be cheaper by a normal ticket - otherwise the 5 days within 10 GLOBAL InterRail Pass would be the best solution for you.
for the special offers of the Deutsch Bahn, have a look on their website ... to get your official InterRail pass, use the link above ( )
I hope this will help you !! have fun, Peter 🙂

p.s.: and thank you for all your useful information about train travel in Romania !! 🙂

Emy @ 18-03-2009 20:38

You're welcomed Peter. My pleasure, I've traveled a lot with the train in Romania and I can honestly say, I've had all sorts of events, some funny, some not so funny.

Ok, let me see if I understand, the night trains have only wagons for sleeping? They don't have any type of normal wagons with seats? The problem is that I usually don't sleep in trains, I can't, I usually stay on my laptop and play 🙂

Pete @ 19-03-2009 06:39

so you are now the specialist for the Romanian trains ... I will ask you if I have special questions !! 🙂

about seats in night trains ... 5-10 years ago you always had seats in most of the European night trains ... today you often find recycling seats = a bit more comfortable seats but also ready to sleep there. have a look at the listed night trains in the country topics - if there are seats attached to the trains, I mentioned it.
but for example in Germany you will also find normal high speed trains ICE (at night they travel slower with more stops) - they only have seats and no beds. just normal trains travelling overnight.
that's the information I can give you for now ... 🙂

Anya @ 23-03-2009 18:09


I'm a little confused, help me please. Can i buy an youth interrail global pass (this one ) if i'm a resident of Russia? on the starting page it's said that it's possible, but on the page of pass details that it's not.
so, can i?

Thank you!

Pete @ 23-03-2009 19:37

hi Anya ...
yes you can ... as citizen of Russia you can buy an InterRail pass!! 🙂
but you can not travel in Russia by InterRail - like everyone.
As for Russia there is the special rule: it do not belong to the countries in which you can travel by InterRail, but to the ones where citizens can buy the InterRail pass.

so go on with this link and receive the original InterRail pass !!
have a lot of fun on your InterRail tour and all the best, Peter 🙂

lwr813 @ 24-03-2009 13:03

I have a british passport and have been living in the UK since december 2008. I am intending to travel in April 2009. Am I still able to get an interrail pass? Will there be any way of checking if I have lived in the country for 6 months? Im worried about buying a pass and then being stopped and ending up with some sort of fine or something!!!

Pete @ 24-03-2009 15:48

hi ...
no problem for you to buy an UK InterRail Pass. as you live there right now and you have an UK passport - so relax and enjoy your tour !!
Peter 🙂

AnniR @ 28-04-2009 21:32


Do you know if it is possible to buy interrail-passport from Glasgow, UK if I'm not a citizen of UK (I'm Finnish). I haven't even found any information if there is a possibility to byu international tickets in Glasgow at all. I've heard, in some countries you have to be a citizen of the country if you want buy your interrail-passport from the station. And how to prove that I have or I haven't live in UK for 6 months because obviously I didn't get the stamp in my passport when i arrived UK.

Cheers, Anni

Hetman @ 28-04-2009 21:59

if you are Finnish you only need some ID or passport to by IR pass. yuo don't have to be UK citizen. just go to bigger rail station and buy it! :P

SiDUDe @ 29-04-2009 01:35

i dont think you can buy an IR ticket from any UK train station - some agents at larger stations might sell it but i dont think ticket offices do?

Pete @ 29-04-2009 07:29

In the UK you can NOT buy the InterRail ticket at a station.
The easiest and fastest way to get am official and correct InterRail ticket is via
The delivery is fast and by secure mail. When buying online you also don't have the problem of nationality. 🙂
Peter 🙂

Sergio @ 03-05-2009 10:28

Hello, I am trying to figure out how strict the 6 months rule is. I work in The Netherlands and I have a Mexican passport. The arrival stamp on my passport is from Dec. 5th, 2008, and the date on my work/residence permit is Dec. 9th, 2008. I want to travel in Germany starting on June 1st, which is a few days shorter from the 6 months; could I still make the cut?

Thanks in advance,

Pete @ 03-05-2009 14:10

hi ...
the rule is strict... even everybody can see that you will stay 6 or more months in Europe.
but you have to wait until the 9th June. 😶
to get your InterRail pass then, go on , select the ticket you want and fill the forms. as country of residence fill in: the Netherlands
and as passport number the one of your Mexican passport.
always have your passport and residency permit with you during your tour.
Peter 🙂

cynthialin @ 11-05-2009 13:01

Hi, I just want to double confirm my case applies to the buying rule. I am Taiwanese and have lived in Germany for one year. That means I can buy the interail pass, right?

SiDUDe @ 11-05-2009 15:00

yep, just as if you were german!

Pete @ 11-05-2009 16:06

just to add: go on the website and fill in as country of residence: GERMANY
and as passport number the one of your TAIWANESE PASSPORT.

always have the proof of residency for Germany with you during your tour (visa, residency permit, etc ... attached/printed or stamped to/in your passport) 🙂

cynthialin @ 12-05-2009 13:00

Thank you both for the quick answer about the rules buying an Interrail pass. railcc is such a helpful project. I really love it. Thank you! 🤣

HoryunLee @ 12-05-2009 19:57

Hello. :P

I am S.Korean citizen and I have arrived at Europe on 31th Dec 2008.
i have a stamp about that record on my passport.
But i have been living in Norway.
Even though I have applied for my resident permit on Jan, I have got Resident Permit on 16th March.
I would like to travel on July. Can I buy Inter Rail on July?
I am confused whether i can buy it or not on July. :S

Thanks a lot :P

Pete @ 12-05-2009 20:32

mmmh... what is the stamp in your passport. is it a visa ?? 🙂

General rules:

HoryunLee @ 12-05-2009 20:39

No no.That is not Visa.

I arrived at Frankfurt on 31th Dec. I have got the stamp on my passport at the airport.
I do not know how I can say that one. That is just kind of a sign. you know?
After that i have arrived Norway, finally, I have got Visa on 16th March.
So When can i buy Inter Rail?

SiDUDe @ 12-05-2009 20:43

So what did you arrive in Frankfurt on? I was under the impression that all non EU visitors needed a Visa - and certainly they would if they were staying for any length of time.

HoryunLee @ 12-05-2009 20:48

There was no direct ticket to get to Norway from my country, so to Norway via Frankfurt.

SiDUDe @ 12-05-2009 22:27

Ok so how did you enter norway?

HoryunLee @ 12-05-2009 23:13

by train and bus. I could not buy flight ticket at the moment.
They allowed me to enter Norway without any permission.
I have got resident permit after getting to Norway.
Before arriving Europe, I did not have any kind of Visa.

is it clear?

SiDUDe @ 12-05-2009 23:20

Ok, so you entered germany (allbeit just to transfer to norway) without any visa...

Do you have any proof of living in Norway for 6 months, or just your residency permit?

HoryunLee @ 12-05-2009 23:43

Ok, thanks for your comments.
I got it.
I have only resident permit.
The entry stamp in my passport (which i've got at Frankfurt airport on 31th Dec) is not valid to buy Inter Rail ticket.
I have to show any proof of living in Norway for 6 months.

is that right?

SiDUDe @ 13-05-2009 07:03

yup, that is how i understand it

Pete @ 13-05-2009 12:17

that's right...
so even you do live more than 6 months in Norway, you can not proof it to the staff in the trains - they won't accept it. 😶
you have to buy an Eurail ticket (have a search on Google for it).

HoryunLee @ 13-05-2009 12:19

Thanks for your all advice.
Thanks a lot!

flyhigh383 @ 13-05-2009 23:33


I am 18 years old and have lived in the United States for several years. However, I do have a passport from the Netherlands. I lived there for over a year a long time ago, but recently i have lived in the U.S. Much of my family lives in the Netherlands. Can I still buy an interrail ticket? And, if so, do I just need to show my passport, or what documents are necessary?


SiDUDe @ 13-05-2009 23:35

Yeah if you have a Dutch Passport then you can use that as your identification

lfcarvalho @ 15-05-2009 11:34

Hi there!

I am brazilian, visiting a friend in Norway, and im going for a in europe trip soon. Can I buy interrail ticket? Besides, Which country should I fill in?
Furthermore, Can I use it even in Norway, once i am just visiting it?

Thanks in advance


Pete @ 15-05-2009 11:55

hi Luiz ...
if you lived the last six month in Brazil and have a Brazilian passport, you have to buy an EURAIL ticket. have a search on Google for it. 🙂
with Eurail you can travel then for free in Norway.
Peter 🙂

travel2croatia @ 16-05-2009 18:51

hi peter,

how much time do I have to leave before I buy my interrail ticket ? Can I decide to get my 10-day global pass a week before I want to travel? Also is there a unlimited supply of inter-rail tickets i.e. anytime I want...?

(ps: you're a hero for answering all our questions! 😉

Pete @ 17-05-2009 22:02

... and here the answer of a hero ... *joking* 😉

yes, there is an unlimited supply of IR tickets! 🙂
there is in the UK the option next day delivery, within the EuropeanUnion (48h delivery) and the rest of Europe 2-4 days delivery.
but as every postman might have a bad day sometimes, I recommend to order at least one week in advance! 🙂
all the best and have a lot of fun on your tour, Peter 🙂

wallco @ 15-06-2010 16:03

Hi everybody

My girlfriend and I would like to go to a music festival in July and the interail pass is probably a better option than flying. I am Irish but my girlfriend is Canadian. We are registered as partners by the state and she has lived in Ireland since 2008,the visa in her passport is the visa of a spouse of an Irish national though we are not married. In 2009 she went back to Canada for 9 months to help her mother who was sick and when it comes to the festival date her passport will show her as having been in Ireland for only 5 months. Would a pass inspector feel this is a violation of the rules. ❓

Pete @ 15-06-2010 16:25


The problem is like this: you have a ticket inspector in front of you who has to decide if the ticket is valid or not. The ticket inspector is not interested in the personal life of someone - only: 6 months or not.
Maybe she can get some kind of residency permit, something official showing that you lived now since more than 6 months together as a couple.
Otherwise with the visa in her passport showing only a 5 months residency in Ireland will be a problem. 😲
Sorry for these news... but it has to be an Eurail ticket:

Peter 🙂

thegift06 @ 18-06-2010 17:47

My friend bought us 2 tickets for 22 days but he entered my date of birth completely wrong, it still means im 22 with the date he wrote down but it does not match my passport, what should we do

Thank you in advance

Flo @ 18-06-2010 18:03


Where did you buy it? You will have to send it back there and have it exchanged - but only before its first day of validity.

Flo 😎

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