max-1 @ 19-02-2009 22:46


I need an advice from you. My last interrail trip took(have taken??I always mix these two times) 2 weeks.
I traveled from Germany via France to Edinburgh and carried a Crumpler Rucksack with me. Actually this rucksack is for cameras and has no waisbelt...but i only had a trouser and some shirts with me :P
I'd like to buy a special rucksack for my next trip which is built for travelling.

Which size would you commend? Today i tried a Deuter 45+10 in a store because the shopman say that 20-30l is toooo small 😲 I guess my camera rucksack has a size of maybe 20l...but ok it was really a bit too small 😎

I mean this rucksack i tried did really fit veery well, but it was a bit too big 😐

What are your expierences?

SiDUDe @ 19-02-2009 23:03

if you can travel with 30L the good for you! I have a 60l berghaus bag thats ok, and I just about manage to fit everything in it (including daysack) for a month. Depends how disciplined you are with your packing

max-1 @ 19-02-2009 23:08

omg 60litre

Did you carry a tent and so on with you or only clothes?

SiDUDe @ 19-02-2009 23:37

60 litres isnt that much, and yeah that includes a tent a little bit of cooking stuff, clothes, books, shitloads of chargers and stuff, sleeping bag etc etc

SiDUDe @ 19-02-2009 23:37

oh yeah and my epic thermarest airbed thing

filipa @ 24-02-2009 20:30

Hi! this summer i'm planning doing a Interrail during one month, i've to buy a rucksack first so i would like to know your opinion about the best volume that the sack must have, knowing that i won't bring a tent with me.

Thanks :P

SiDUDe @ 24-02-2009 22:41

prob 40-50 litres, make sure it has a decent hipbelt and is the correct backlength

max-1 @ 03-03-2009 11:03

Hello folks,

I bought a Deuter ACT light 40+10. That's really a nice bag and it's much more comfortable as with my camerabag :P

paulthebob @ 20-10-2009 00:38

Regatta 60L did me for 35 days. Just because you have 60L doesn't mean you have to fill it right to the brim. Take what you have and if you've a little space left over, then bring some stuff back.

If you're bringing a smaller bag, say, 30-40L, then bring some disposable clothes you don't mind throwing away, just in case. 20L is absolutely too small. Good for a weekend or a dayruck, but by no means for a traveller.

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