Rough Guide: Europe on a budget

Iristja @ 17-03-2009 10:30

I found the Rough Guide, europe on an budget on the internet, they recommend it for interrailers. Does someone have this book? And is it useful? I am planning to travel trough different countries in europe (italy, greece,bulgaria, serbia, hungary and austria) so I am doubting about what is better to buy, an little book about every city I wanted to visit or 1 big book. They say there are timetables of buses and trains in it so that can be useful , I guess?

SiDUDe @ 17-03-2009 12:19

I prefer the lonely planet guide, but the rough ones are okay too. They don't have that many timetables in, only the main ones. I find them useful for finding decent cheap places to eat and for the maps.

More information is here:

Pete @ 17-03-2009 15:57

like SiDUDe I prefer the LPs as well ... but both are okay to get an overview. maybe use not a general one for the whole Europe, better than the one for Eastern Europe or something like this. then you have more details.
book your hostels via internet - you will find much more than in the books ... and also timetable, good to do via internet...
but it is useful to have such a book with you ... for the basics, for the maps, to get a short and fast impression of the city you are travelling to... 🙂

Marlanah @ 24-08-2009 11:06

Hi !

I used to take the guide du routard with me (I think it is only in French..), but I'm a bit disappointed because much informations (like distances etc) are wrong and because most of the informations are suitable for people who have a bigger budget than me and who don't travel in the same way (go in Hotel, eat in restaurant etc, whereas I camp or sleep on the beach and cook myself).
So I'm looking for a guide that gives informations for backpackers, that says which beach is good to sleep, in which railway station one can left luggage, etc.
I never try the Lonely Planet or Rough guide, I know that the LP are translated into French, what about the Rough guide? Anyway, I can use a guide in English, do you know which is best for me ?

Thanks !

scarlet @ 15-11-2010 11:51

Rough Guides are quite good in my opinion. They're written in a very similar style to the lonely planet guides and are normally a few euros cheaper as I guess they're not as well known...
If you are a budget backpacker, and from what you've written it seems like you are, lonely planet do guides 'on a shoestring' which are really good. So you won't have any super swanky hotels and restaurants listed which you're never going to visit.
Any other questions, give us a shout! I have all sorts of travel guides for all round the world 🤣

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