ROME (Roma) / VENICE / MILANO - PARIS | day / night train

Pete @ 26-03-2008 20:58

ITALY (Roma, Venezia, Milan🧐 - PARIS (France) | day + night trains

about the ARTESIA trains:

Important update:

❗ fares for a one-way supplement, valid with an GLOBAL InterRail Pass - attention: only some limited tickets available per night!

👉 ROMA - PARIS(night)
couchettes (6 beds in compartment): EUR 25
couchettes (4 beds in compartment): EUR 45
sleepers (3 beds): EUR 65
sleepers (2 beds): EUR 75

👉 VENEZIA - PARIS (night)
couchettes (6 beds in compartment): EUR 25
couchettes (4 beds in compartment): EUR 45
sleepers (3 beds): EUR 65
sleepers (2 beds): EUR 75

👉 MILANO - PARIS (night)
couchettes (6 beds in compartment): EUR 25
couchettes (4 beds in compartment): EUR 45
sleepers (3 beds): EUR 65
sleepers (2 beds): EUR 75

👉 MILANO - PARIS (day)
seat: EUR 10

👉 reservation:
- details here (via Trenitalia):
- directly at a big railway station
- via

update: September 2009

furiousp @ 03-03-2009 13:36

How do I make reservations on these trains for sleepers? I can't find anything on the links you provided.


Hetman @ 03-03-2009 17:24

reservation on trains in europe:

Pete @ 03-03-2009 17:53

stfontes @ 26-03-2009 22:29

Aren't there regular seats on this night train? or does anyone suggest a cheaper way to get from Milano to Paris? I wouldn't mind going from Milan to somewhere pretty in France, staying there for a few hours and then getting on a train to Paris, if it's cheaper.

SiDUDe @ 26-03-2009 22:55

search for trains without surcharge. It looks like you would have to do 4/5 changes and would take 12/13 hours

stfontes @ 26-03-2009 22:59

I just tried that and one of the options is the direct train EuroNight EN 220.

SiDUDe @ 26-03-2009 23:13

which is the artesia mentioned above. the website isnt perfect and doesnt know that there arent normal seats on this train

stfontes @ 26-03-2009 23:14

Oh, ok. I thought it might be, I was just checking.

luxandbex @ 14-05-2009 11:07

any ideas on fares from milan to paris WITHOUT a pass please? would be looking for day or night trains....


SiDUDe @ 14-05-2009 12:22 should be able to sell those tickets

HTC32 @ 17-05-2009 10:50

Does anyone know what is happening with the Paris-Milan day trains this summer? It's currently impossible to book after 1 July and the Artesia website has the following message, which isn't very helpful:

The bookings of the TGV Artesia tickets are suspended for International and Italian routes from the 1st of July until a date to be confirmed. The procedure of the upgrading of TGV trains with the new system of Italian infrastructure (SCMT) is now in progress, but it is still to be confirmed by the authorities. The only bookings available starting from the 1st of July 2009 are the internal French routes (Paris-Modane).

Does anyone know if there will be any trains at all between Modane and Milan? If they want to encourage people to travel by train they need to do better than this 😢


Flo @ 24-05-2009 18:42

I think there might be kind of a replacement service, as there was over the last moths for Cisalpino trains. However, don't rely on these connections and plan with enough time to compensate possible delays.
If you are traveling from/to Paris you might use TGV to Geneve and from there on CIS to Milano as an alternative.

Petra @ 30-05-2009 10:31


I also have a problem / question...
I was planning on going to Paris by a night train from Venice. I bought an Interrail ticket and was counting on only paying for the supplement of 25€ (couchette, 6 beds) - the employees of the ticket office at our train station told me it shouldn't be a problem to get it for almost two months in advance. But it turned out that they couldn't get me the reservation at this price. The only possibility was some kind of discount; I'd have to pay 70€. They said it's possible that I could get it for 25€ only in Italy. Or is it that they are already sold out?

I would really appreciate it if somebody could tell me more about it. Thanks! 🙂

Pete @ 31-05-2009 21:18

either the person was too lazy or simply did not know how to use the booking system. you definitely can have this discount - and maybe for the special day you selected as travel day, it can be sold out - try an other date... and an other station!!! 🙂

Petra @ 31-05-2009 21:47

In the meanwhile I found a page (trenitalia home page) from which I could buy this ticket for the date I want and it offers global pass fare (which is 25€, hurray).. but I'm not sure if it's for the interrail's global pass or eurail pass because it is not specified. I would write them an email but they don't seem to have one. So I'm not really sure what to do. Any thoughts, suggestions? I guess I'll call the station tomorrow if they would happen to know something about it or try to make the booking again since seats are obviously still available.

Thanks again!

Pete @ 31-05-2009 21:49

GLOBAL PASS FARE is for INTERRAIL and EURAIL. So it is the one you need !!! 🙂
Congratulations. And have sun on your tour. 🙂

Petra @ 31-05-2009 22:03

Great! Thanks for your time and nice wishes. 🙂

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