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conor71 @ 08-05-2008 16:56

Hi I am thinking about buying a Interrail ticket, as I am planing on doing a trip from Marseille through Nice, to Venice, then onto Ljubljana ( via Villach) , then on to Split (via Zagreb) , and later from Split back to Venice ( via god knows where!) and finally back to Marseille, via Nice again

Anyway my (first) question is this. Can i use Interrail on the Nice to Venice part of this , using the Riviera train service and if so how do I even do so? I don't seem to be able to find a place to make the reservation anywhere, and it doesn't even appear on the Belgian or Deutche bahn websites...

the actual train is this:

Fri 27th June 2008:
Depart Nice 9:50 PM get to Venice @ 7:37 AM* following moring.

For example you can see it on the https://rail.shop/interrail websites, but when you go to reserve it it is always a dead link..

Any thoughts?


Pete @ 08-05-2008 18:36


the Rivera night train Nice - Venezia S. Lucia has a supplement of 40 EUR with InterRail (I am not sure any more but I think s🧐.

TRN 369
Dep. Nice: 21:50h
Arr. Venezia S. Lucia: 07:37h

without a rail-pass it is 75 EUR one-way in a 4-bed-couchette.

mmmh... I just tried to book the ticket via https://rail.shop/interrail and the system worked perfect... 🙂

I hope this will help you a little bit !! 🙂

jarandm @ 09-05-2008 03:00

I have a problem with the same thing.
Is trying to book a train venice - nice the 01th july 08 at 22.51.

Im trying to do it at https://rail.shop/trainline but when i try to click the select button i get this error:

Error Code : E525
Description : No journey suggestions for this type of request
Please select another itinerary to continue.

Is the suplement 40 euro? Why that much when i have an interrail ticket? Then i could just stay at a hotel and sleep there.

Pete @ 09-05-2008 05:00

you are right... there seems to be a problem. 😢

jarandm @ 10-05-2008 02:13

There seems to be a problem with the Riviera train Venice-Nice after 15. june. I have heard rumors thats its not going to go any more. But trenitalia have a note on there website that there will be a new timetable 15th june.

conor71 @ 10-05-2008 15:34

hi guys, I was just talking to the local SNCF in Marseille, the woman there said that the Riviera was cancelled from June 16th. She explained that Italian Rail had just cancelled all their Night train services and that it was causing nightmares!! So now we have no way og getting to Venice by train, without it costing an entire day travelling!!

Oh well I think I will fly to Venice using Myair and then train it from there!!

Thanks !

jarandm @ 12-05-2008 01:42

aah, not good. You know if its cancelled in just an period or forever?

conor71 @ 12-05-2008 08:47

Hi I dont know if it is forever, but certainly the SNCF woman did not know of any alternative night trains coming online any time soon....

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