Supplements/reservations + regional trains

yatinsardana @ 08-01-2009 12:01

i've tried quite hard looking for it but couldn't find it on the site or anywhere in the forums..
i think the regional trains are free of supplements so u could just ' get on' it. but which one's are regional? while trying to see a few possible routes i came across a few types of trains that i don't know are regional or not
TGV, Os, RR, CIS, INZ, OBB inter city bus AND INT
i've seen the page on this website about supplements and reservations (i.e. but i couldn't find much about these ones.. if they DO charge supplement, how much is it?

and also when you're looking at routes and everything,sometimes it says subject to compulsory reservation, subject to supplements both.. are they any different? do we pay twice ??? (better say no to that 🤣 )

i've got a million more questions but i'l just ask one more right now, cuz i'm ever so kind :P
if it says please reserve and not subject to compulsory reservation, that means reservation isn't compulsory on that train right?

you see i had decided to ' go with the flow ' when i go inter railing in spring/summer this year.. but then the economy went dowwwwwn and now i'm trying to see how much i'l have to spend on supplements and everything


SiDUDe @ 08-01-2009 13:38


to the first question, im not sure about all of them

TGV - you obviously didnt look very hard, the information is on the page you mentioned... €3/5

CIS €5, again on the website

im not sure what the other ones are...

second question, yes, sort of. when you pay a suppliment a reservation is normally included.

third question, correct!

sorry i couldnt have been of more help

Pete @ 08-01-2009 14:15

here is the explanation for you... 🙂

TGV = supplement needed:

Os = Osobní vlak: regional trains in Czech Rep. - no supplements

RR = it is in which country? as I don't know it, it should be a symbol for a regional railway - so no supplements.

CIS = in Switzerland:

INZ = International Night Train (Zug). it is a night train. for supplements:

OBB Inter City Bus = it is not included in InterRail, but very cheap. for more details:

INT = INZ ... see above...

subject to compulsory reservation = you need a reservation / have to pay a supplement
subject to supplements = you need a reservation / have to pay a supplement

please reserve = you do NOT need a reservation, it is only recommended

in general: you do not have to pay two supplements... only one per train !! 🙂

yatinsardana @ 08-01-2009 22:16

hey my bad there.. i did see tgv and cis and i don't know why i still mentioned it.. just lost it for a second
but thanks a lot you two for clearing that up!
speak soon :P

Pete @ 10-01-2009 12:55

oh SiDUDe... it seems we nearly answered at the same time... 😉

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