Reservations: Berlin - Dortmund - Milan - Barcelona

bw89 @ 04-02-2009 16:30


Just wondering how I would go about making these reservations:

Return journey from Berlin to Dortmund - can I book these online? I went onto the DB website but was quoted massive prices whilst I believe I only need to pay a small fee to make the reservation w/ the interrail ticket? There was no option online as far as I could see that would allow me to get the interrail 'discount.'

Also looking for a sleeper to Milan; similar problem, there doesn't seem to be a way to make a reservation only rather than buying the ticket as well? Will I have to simply make the reservations at the station in Berlin? (we're going next Friday, I'm hoping most trains won't be booked up as I doubt it's a hugely busy period for tourism etc?)

Is there a website for Italian sleepers (Milan to Barca)?

Thanks for your help.

Hetman @ 04-02-2009 19:16

call DB infoline. there you can make any reservation on train in europe.

Hetman @ 04-02-2009 19:20


bw89 @ 04-02-2009 19:58

Thanks for that. Does that include Milan -> Barca though (since obviously it's not German-based!)? I assume they speak English.

Hetman @ 04-02-2009 20:05

yes, you can book all trains in europe. generaly there is some women how speak english but sometimes there isn't ;] just call.

bw89 @ 05-02-2009 12:03

Tried to phone them up, no-one can speak English unfortunately. :P May try another day.

What are the chances of these services being fully booked up around this time of year?

Pete @ 05-02-2009 13:27

Online train reservations:

just something to add:
when using a day train from Berlin to Dortmund, it will be an ICE which is running every hour and you do not need a supplement (except the ICE SPRINTER which rules in peak times for business men).
just sit into the train. avoid peak times in the morning and evening and you easily get a seat !!
the citynightline CNL night train isn't worth to use it as it is only 4:50h of travel... you go into the train, sleep for three ours and get out and have to pay at least 10 EUR of supplement for a sleeping seat, or 20 EUR for a bed in a 6 person couchette:
better to use this money for a real hostel with shower and more time to sleep. 🙂

bw89 @ 05-02-2009 16:00

Which sleeper are you referring to? I thought Berlin -> Milan and Milan -> Barca are well over 7hrs?

As I said, there wasn't anybody who could speak English, making booking over the phone pretty much impossible1

Pete @ 05-02-2009 18:11

oh sorry I mixed it... didn't realized that you are continuing from Dortmund to Milan ... sorry. and I am sure you will get at least a seat when buying the reservation at Berlin main station.

bw89 @ 05-02-2009 19:15

Nope sorry, I think I confused you :P

Our itinerary is basically:

Berlin to Dortmund
Dortmund back to Berlin
Berlin to Milan
Milan to Barcelona

Pete @ 06-02-2009 09:07

oh now I understand .... :P
then buy your reservation for the night train Berlin-Milan when you arrive the first time in Berlin. just at the beginning, before traveling to Dortmund.
but the night train CNL is only running from Frankfurt to Milan. you have to go by ICE (free of supplements and running every hour - except the ICE Sprinter leaving Berlin Hbf at 1805h) from Berlin to Frankfurt and then change to the night train.
by the way... there is a direct night train from Dortmund to Milan.
and you can also buy the reservation for the ELIPSOS night train from Milan to Barcelona at Berlin main station! 🙂

bw89 @ 06-02-2009 13:07

thanks for your help 🙂

Our trip to Dortmund is only a day trip which is a shame as a direct train would be nice. Should we take the 18:24 to Frankfurt as that lets us arrive with 50 minutes spare (supposedly) or if these trains are subject to delays, should we arrive earlier?

Pete @ 06-02-2009 13:57

use a train a bit earlier, so that you have 1:30 or 2 hours of time in between!! the night train stops in Frankfurt for 10 minutes. 🙂

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