Interrail: How to buy RESERVATIONS for European trains

Pete @ 03-07-2008 15:48

How to buy RESERVATIONS and SUPPLEMENTS for European trains

Some train require an extra reservation for rail pass travellers (Interrail and Eurail).

Often you have an option to avoid train connections including such trains with extra reservation. Have a look at the following links where you will find reservation prices and more detailed information, where to buy, ...

- reservations:
- train schedules:
- night trains:

- reservations:
- train schedules:
- night trains:

Update: Jan 2016

rnl @ 20-04-2009 22:34

I want to travel Istanbul-Skopje (Istanbul-Thessaloniki-Skopje).
In Thessaloniki I will have roughly 25 minutes to buy a ticket for the train to Skopje. The website doesn't mention anything about reservations on that train, but if it's required, do you think I'll manage to get a ticket before it leaves? Anything in general about reservations and buying tickets in Greece would be appreciated 🙂

SiDUDe @ 20-04-2009 23:46

No - you wont need a reservation for this train.

benjf1 @ 21-04-2009 19:50

Hi there
I would like to travel from Paris to Zermatt, I will have a 22 day continuous interrail pass. I cant find how much the supplement will be for this journey.
Any help would be greatly appreciated🙂
Many thanks, Ben

SiDUDe @ 21-04-2009 19:58

The TGV into Switzerland is listed here:

If you then carry on by IR/R train there is not supplement.

lucina @ 22-04-2009 02:46

I don´t understand something.
I have to by the global pass, plus pay the supplements, and also pay reservations? i mean, i have to pay reservation in each train?
What is the reservation cost?
Thank you!

Pete @ 22-04-2009 07:03


1) Buy your InterRail Pass:

2) On some special high speed trains you have to pay a supplement: - all are listed here.

3) You do NOT need a reservations for every train - in most trains you just enter and sit down - except the ones with supplements.

4) You can do your tour of Europe without any supplements.
Check the train schedules:
And find free routes at the country topics:

5) Don't panic - InterRail is a really cheap solution to travel Europe by train - you can reach nearly every place in Europe - you are flexible - you are free.

Reservation: it is your turn if you want to have a guarantee for a seat or not - especially in peak times it might be useful - but if a train is free of supplement, just enter the train and sit down. Save the money.

Supplement: you definitely have to buy it if you want to use a train with a supplement (all are listed at the link mentioned above). But check the country topics at the forum - there you will find information about free routes which avoid trains with supplements.

Peter 🙂

Swede @ 11-05-2009 09:59

Ooook. So, to make this very clear and basic...
When you head up to the ticket window in the train station, show your Interrail pass to the staff, they charge an amount of money that includes BOTH supplement AND a reservation that is required on the specific train I want to travel with?
If yes, in what form do I get my payment for reservation/supplements confirmed?
A regular paper ticket?
If yes, when I've gotten on the train I just show the conductor my Interrail pass AND the reservation/supplement ticket?
So, in short: Interrail pass + ticket window at train station + receipt that I have paid all the extra charges + hop on the train + show the conductor all my tickets and + finally just enjoy the ride.
Am I right here? Cause I can't make my question any more clear. 🤣

SiDUDe @ 11-05-2009 10:40

yes, yes and yes!

cinek @ 09-06-2009 12:59

Can I buy a supplement/reservation for Spanish trains for example in Germany?
Thanks in advance.

Flo @ 09-06-2009 13:03

Yes you normally can. However you might need several tries as the computers seem to not always be able to have access to the Spanish reservation system.
I've already made reservations for several trains in Spain and Portugal here in Austria. 🙂
It is also possible by phone - see information above.

ecemm @ 22-06-2009 16:41

You said that Reservation directly at a station....
My first question, is this possible in every train station in Europe?
And the second one is, how many days in advance should I make reservation? For example, is one week enough for Barcelona-Paris train or other shorter lines?

Flo @ 22-06-2009 16:53

At most larger stations in Europe you should be able to make the reservations you need; however I'm might differ from country to country and from station to station. For instance it will be easier to make reservations for eastern Europe in an eastern country etc..

There is no rule for when to buy reservations but usually it is the best to make them as soon as possible, especially if you have to rely on a certain connection on a certain day. There are certain periods as well where trains might be more crowded like bank holidays, Friday afternoon, Sunday evening etc.
However if you don't get the reservation you want there is usually another way to get to your destination - but it might take you a little longer.

Amy130490 @ 24-06-2009 17:26

I am so confused with this reservation stuff. Me and my friend are travelling Italy: going Venice to Florence, Florence to Rome, Rome to Naples, Naples to Siena.
Does this mean when we get into Venice we can go book all our reservations for our 4 train journeys. From what I get here we have to pay for these reservations but are generally cheaper at the station? Is it risky leaving it until we are out there to do it though?? Is there no other way of reserving apart from through a website or at station??
Thanks Amy!

Flo @ 24-06-2009 17:37

In Italy there are certain connections by IC trains within Italy that do NOT require a supplement at all.
Then there are of course connections with stopping trains too if you'd really have troubles getting reservations. 🙂

For booking night trains or the high speed trains online just check the top of this topic.

ohwell186 @ 28-06-2009 14:01

I understand that I need supplement (=reservation) for night trains.
I have bought one for the Berlin Night Express to Malmö (Sweden), but what I'd like to know is do I need reservation for ordinary day trains under DB?

SiDUDe @ 28-06-2009 14:03

You do not need any reservations at all for normal DB day trains (even the high speed train ICE is free of reservations and supplements).
Just turn up and get on. Reservations are recommended (though not compulsory) on peak times on some ICE trains, and on all ICE Sprinters.

Flo @ 30-06-2009 10:13

Supplements include a reservation in general.

However, recently the IC trains in Italy are with compulsory reservation according to If you search for them in the online train planners it says they're free, also at the counter at my station I was told they were free.
Bit of confusion there, sorry.

Flo 😎

TomS @ 14-07-2009 11:03

What do I have to buy if I will take the CNL from Utrecht to Basel, but my Country of residence is Holland? What tickets do I need?
Can you say something about the prices of that tickets?
Thanks in advance 🤣

Pete @ 14-07-2009 11:45

You will have to pay:
- a 50% discounted on a normal train ticket (as you can not travel for free in your country of residence) from UTRECHT CENTRAAL (your Netherlands departure station) to EMMERICH (the German border station). It won't be a lot as it is only 1 hour of travel. Maybe something like EUR 10-15.
- plus the supplement for the CNL night train to Basel which depends on the type of cabin you want to have:
Peter 🙂

TomS @ 14-07-2009 12:00

Do I need to buy the CNL supplement from Emmerich? or from Utrecht? If it is from Utrecht, the 50% ticket is above the CNL supplement?
Or is the 50% ticket to the border, and the supplement after the border?

Pete @ 14-07-2009 12:04

You need to buy:
1) the CNL (night train) supplement from UTRECHT to BASEL:
2) a 50% discounted normal train ticket UTRECHT to EMMERICH (without anything else, no CNL supplement, no ....)

Then your InterRail ticket here to support our work: - thank you. 🙂
And the 50% discounted ticket to the German-Netherlands border at a station in the Netherlands. This is a normal train ticket of the Dutch railway company.

trouble @ 27-07-2009 15:48

Do you need to buy supplement in train (when a conductor comes to you), or do I have to buy it before boarding, on the train station ?
Thank you so much.

SiDUDe @ 27-07-2009 16:56

You have to have it before you board the train.
If you are on a train that doesn't require a supplement (like some night train seats) and want to upgrade to a couchette/sleeper you can do that on the train.

angelpop2k1 @ 02-08-2009 18:34

I want to travel in Germany from Dusseldorf to Munich.
I have found an ICE train on on the schedule planer and it is saying that it is subject to supplement.
Is it free or do I have to pay?

Pete @ 16-08-2009 05:59

In Germany there is no extra cost on top of the InterRail ticket for travel on ICE trains within Germany.
The schedule planer is no special InterRail schedule planer - as there is no one existing.

Always do it step by step:
1] Search for a train connection:
2] Compare it to the supplements:
3] Check the country topics for free and alternative routes if a supplement is needed:

Natalie @ 01-03-2010 20:27

I'm trying to book a train from Prague to Salzburg via Linz.
I've checked the route planner and it says reservation is required on the IC from Prague to Linz. I've checked the supplements section of the forum and there are no IC trains listed. So do I need to reserve it, but it will be free to do so?
Thanks for your help!

Flo @ 01-03-2010 21:15

You don't need a reservation on this train - there are two terms used in the schedule planner (see as well above as it is not a special InterRail schedule planer!):

- Subject to compulsory reservation: you have to buy a reservation
- Please reserve: you do not have to, but you can buy a reservation

Flo 😎

Skywalker @ 17-06-2010 17:23

If I don't have to pay any supplements or buy reservations for a particular train, can I buy a reservation anyway just to be sure that I won't miss this train due to shortage of seats? Cause I think during the high season it's better to reserve a seat beforehand to know for sure that you'd catch this particular train.

Pete @ 17-06-2010 18:12

Of course it is no problem to buy a reservation for a train which is free of supplements.
In average these reservations are about EUR 2-4.
Most ticket machines at stations sell such tickets.
Peter 🙂

Karine @ 20-02-2011 17:01


Just so am sure 😐 , for trains that require no reservation on the OBB website, I can't just jump on ? no need to pop by the ticket office ?

Thank you 🙂

Flo @ 20-02-2011 17:04

Hi Karine!

All trains within Austria do not require a reservation - just go to the station and hop on the train. 🙂 (This also applies to domestic travel on trains which require a reservation for international journeys, ie to Italy).

Flo 😎

Karine @ 20-02-2011 17:15

Hi Flo,

I was using the website, but to find connections all over... but I was just confused about the reservation need. so is it safe to assume that if no reservation is needed, you can just hop on? Austria or otherwise ?

Thanks again,

Flo @ 20-02-2011 17:26

Like I said, for train travel within Austria you dont need a reservation. Also for international trains to/from Austria, only for international night trains to/from Austria you usually need a reservation.

LIst of trains with reservation of all Europe:

Karine @ 20-02-2011 17:28

Thanks for your help 🙂

Eurotrip @ 12-03-2011 16:54

Hi eveyone!

I plan to reserve a ticket on a thalys line from Brussels to Paris somewhere around June. If I understand it correctly, with interrailGlobal, I have to pay a 25EUR fare for the train (with 30 days before reservation), WITHOUT an interrail. Is that correct? Or it is 25EUR with interrail? I don't get it. Link below

If the above is correct, then I also don't understand the Pass and Interrail option, where the same travel option is 27EUR, with PASS 1 class interrail. Link:

Anyway. I will buy the interrailGlobal, for it will be the part of a series in the trip. But if I can get my ticket withoiut interrail usage, then I don't have to list it in my 10/22 pass, if I'm right...
Can you please sort it out for me a little bit, or give a clue on what would be a better choice?

Thanks in advance!

Flo @ 12-03-2011 18:04


Bruxelles - Paris with an InterRail Global Pass (like the 10in22) is 27€ in Comfort 2.

A regular ticket can be as cheap as 25€ if you book in more than 30 days in advance. It doesnt matter whether you have an InterRail pass or not. Note that this ticket cant be exchanged or refunded after the purchase. If you go with this option, you dont have to mark a travel day in your InterRail pass.

A slower but cheaper alternative would be going Bruxelles - Lille - Paris. This would take 5h45 without any extra costs or 3h including a 6€ reservation for a TGV Lille - Paris.

Flo 😎

Toivoja @ 21-03-2011 15:30

Hey. In need of a bit help. I'm planning to travel from gdansk to frankfurt and i'm puzzled about the prizes of the supplements. I'll take a train from gdans to poznan and from there I would jump to The night train EN446 Jan Kiepura. Puzzling question is how to get the suppliments as I'm from Finland and the gdansk leg would be my first. And also If anyone would have an idea how much is it?
And does anyone know if it's possible to buy it from Helsinki railway station or somewhere online?

Thanks in advance.

Flo @ 21-03-2011 19:17


Theoretically it should be possible to book the reservations from a VR station but I've not been to Finland yet so could not try it myself. 😉

For Gdansk - Poznan you dont need a reservation; for the night train Poznan - Frankfurt you currently cant make a reservation online at and I dont know why and if it will be possible in the future... You could try and phone at the DB service center which sell tickets and reservations (14ct/min for calls from Germany so not that expensive, maybe you find a good rate to call them from Finland): +49 180 5 99 66 33
Prices for the night train:
4€ seat
32€/52€/112€ 3bed/2bed/1bed sleeper
65€/125€ 2bed/1bed deluxe sleeper
20€/25€ 6bed/4bed couchette

Flo 😎

chelstone @ 31-03-2011 06:00

Can I make reservations and buy supplements a day before or day of departure?

Pete @ 31-03-2011 07:52

Yes, this is no problem. Usually you can buy a reservation even at the day of departure, it depends on the railway company. Often until one hour up to ten minutes before departure. If you miss this, the train staff sells the reservations as well directly - but it is more expensive and not always sure to still get a free seat or bed in a night train.
Peter 🙂

fleon84 @ 11-04-2011 08:08

Hi, which you recommend for buying IR tickets also allows buying reservations/supplements - do you think it is a good idea to use it ?

Best regards,

Pete @ 11-04-2011 11:49

Often it is hard to buy additional reservations for InterRail passes online. 😲
Therefore I recommend either to do it like it is explained here in this topic.
If that's not possible, try our railcc system:

And of course I can recommend it. It's good like the information we offer here. 🙂
Last solution is to try to get it somewhere at a big railway station.
Peter 🙂

Sprigget @ 21-04-2011 23:55

Hi there, i'm currently planning a trip around Europe with my partner for August, and am doing the research in advance! Part of our trip will possibly involve an overnight train between Amsterdam and Copenhagen. Preferably we'd like to guarantee beds in a sleeper car, but since no online reservation is available (because I gather, neither station is in Germany) is this not possible? Would it be possible to book the reservation at a station in the UK (my place of residence), or would I have to wait until the trip has started to try to sort it whilst in Europe? If so, this seems a little risky, since I can't imagine any beds would be left just days before the train is set to leave, and don't want to be stuck in the situation where we have to sit for 15 hours (horizontal sleeping is the only way to go in my opinion)?


Pete @ 22-04-2011 05:51


1) You will still have to wait a little bit until you can book. Reservations are available up to three months in advance and there is at the beginning of June a small change in the schedules - it won't hit this night train, but it might be that booking is only possible after this date.

2) Simply book the reservation from COPENHAGEN to DUISBURG (the last stop in Germany at 07:15h) - so you one stop in Germany. Either ask the staff if it is possible to stay in the train - what shouldn't be a problem, as the supplement is the same for Amsterdam or Duisburg. Or you leave at Duisburg and change there to a supplement free ICE train to Amsterdam.
See also the discussion at the end of this topic:

Peter 🙂

emilschionning @ 03-05-2011 10:47


I'm living in Denmark and are going to take the nighttrain from Hamburg - Zürich the first day on my trip. My question is: Can I make a reservation before start my journey, when my intterailticket not are valid yet.

- Emil

Pete @ 03-05-2011 11:34

Hi Emil.
Have a look at this link and scroll down, there is a description on how to book online in advance.
Very easy:
Peter 🙂

JeanGP @ 22-07-2011 08:26

I am having trouble with one reservation.
I can not make a seat reservation for an Oslo-Bergen night train. I can only book an expensive NSB point to point ticket. If i try to book for day train, there is the seat option (see the pics) but not for the night.
Does that means that the reservation are full and that i have to change my travel plan?
See the pics:

Night ticket:

Day ticket:

Flo @ 22-07-2011 08:50

Humm...dont think that the train is full - but do not kow either the reason why it doesnt show you the reservation for the night train.
Anyway, I'd go to your station in Lyon and try to get the reservation there - it should be possible in theory. If they wont sell it you can also try when you are on your way, eg in Berlin Hbf.

We were in Norway last year and got reservations for Oslo - Bergen and return (night train) on the day for three people without problems (mid August). 🙂

JeanGP @ 22-07-2011 08:55

Ok, thank you so much for your help 🙂

Pete @ 22-07-2011 10:45

The problem are the construction works around Oslo.
The direct night train doesn't exist this year, you will have to do the first part by free bus.
Therefore the system can't offer you a direct night train reservation.
update - not closed anymore

Do it like Flow said and check the website of the Norvegian railway company as well:
Just wanted to explain the technical reason ... 🙂
Peter 🙂

Johannrobin @ 15-12-2011 13:20


I don't know if this has come up here (I couldn't find anything about it when searching the site), but I want to make reservations and pick them up on the way (that is, send them to people I know on the way) as it is now too late to send them to me. So I picked the reservations at your shop, but in the shipping address form I could only send them to my country of residence. Is this due to some regulations or is this just a glitch in the design, and if so how can I bypass this restriction.

best regards,
Jóhann Gunnarsson Robin

Pete @ 15-12-2011 14:39

Hi Jóhann.
It is due restrictions made by the European railway companies. 😐
But as you only want to order reservations, it is no need to have selected a country of residence. So just select in the top right corner the country to which the reservation has to be sent. 🙂
Other option is to purchase the reservations during your trip (not all are available online). Christmas and New Year is peak travel time, at least the 24th and 31th.
Hope this will help.
Have a snowy trip, Peter 🙂

toaster106 @ 09-05-2012 15:05

Are the reservations that can be bought on the website valid with an InterRail pass, as the page only mentions Eurail, I guess that it would be, but I don't want to buy an invalid reservation.

Pete @ 09-05-2012 15:33

This might look confusing, but the Eurail reservations are also the Interrail reservations. 🙂
Which train are you looking for?
Peter 🙂

toaster106 @ 09-05-2012 18:26

Marseille to Calais.

But I will also need to look at a few others later, I'm attempting to use the reservation-less routes as found on this site, but I need to reserve the few trains that do require them.

Pete @ 10-05-2012 08:06

If you want to travel Marseilles to Calais, think about a direct TGV Marseilles-Lille (so you avoid changing in Paris) - and then by free local train to Calais.
Peter 🙂

toaster106 @ 10-05-2012 17:51

I think I have to go via Paris due to the timing of my ferry.

toaster106 @ 17-05-2012 17:49

It also says that a reservation is necessary for the beginning of the Venice - Vienna route. But I don't really know how to buy that one, as the station does not show up on the reservation shop.

Flo @ 17-05-2012 18:00


I assume you are talking about the daytime connection by ÖBB Intercity Bus? You will have to get it either at a station or directly at the conductor of the bus.
Attention, the latter can be risky during summer season as the bus only has a certain capacity and it is possible that it is fully booked already. 😐

Flo 😎

toaster106 @ 21-05-2012 12:44

Thanks, if thats the VeneziaTronchetto to Venezia Mestre at 0920, then yeah that one. I think it is.

Flo @ 21-05-2012 15:30

👉 🙂

toaster106 @ 21-05-2012 17:05

Yup thats the one, so thats a bus and I buy a reservation at the station. Thank you very much for your help.

Flo @ 21-05-2012 18:32

Yeah, I just learned that it is not possible to get the reservation at the driver so you'll have to do it at a station. This is possible at any Trenitalia station and should be possible in other countries as well.

Keshman @ 12-06-2012 11:35

Hi, I ma going to buy InterRail Global Flexi Pass for Youth. I have already my travel plan, but I am a bit confused about how can I find out, if the train I picked up is fully paid by the Pass.

The Guide says that it has to be a ticket from National Railway Companies. However, if I have a look at my trains at , I see only fro example Regional-Express, but I dont know the company, wheter it is the one from National Railway Companies or not. And most of my trains are run by EuroCity, Eurostar Italia, TGV, EuroNight and InterCity. How can I find out if I have to pay only the reservation (my Pass pays the ticket) or if I have to pay the full ticket? Where are the compenies written down?

Thank you very much for any help,

Pete @ 12-06-2012 12:05

Hi Tibor.
Here are all trains listed which are valid with Interrail ( ) and as well the ones which require an extra reservation ( ).
As well we have listed a lot of special connections avoiding train with extra fees:
Information about night trains (times, reservation fees, where to buy and photos):
The website you mentioned will give you schedules, but not help you interrailing.
Finally, if you like the information here on railcc, support us and buy your official Interrail pass in our online shop (see blue bar bellow). Thank you. 🙂
Peter 🙂

Keshman @ 12-06-2012 12:22

Thank you very much Peter.

But still. I have two separate things. Thank to your link, I know every company with wich I can interrail. And I have got the scheudle, thanks to Deutsche Bahn website.

But HOW do I know if the train I picked up is run by a company on the list if nowhere is written which company it is? There is only Regional-Express, not DB or ÖBB. Where can I find out which copmany runs the train from the schedule? 🙂

I suppose for example InterCity is just a type of a train, not a company. Because if InterCity is a company, that means that its not paid buy InterRail pass, because InterCity is not on the company list.


Pete @ 12-06-2012 12:30

Hi Tibor.
I understand your problem.
You have to guess it - if the RE is running the biggest part in Germany, it should be a German (DB) train. Then have a look on the railcc list.
This is also a reason why we made the railcc schedules specialized for Interrailers:
As like I said: the schedule planer of DB you use is not made for Interrailers, it is just a normal one where you have to find out the details by yourself.
Open a new topic at the travel routes section here on the forum if you have special questions concerning connections.
Peter 🙂

Flo @ 12-06-2012 13:04

Hej Tibor,

you worry too much! 😉

Generally, there is a big state railway in each country (as České dráhy in Czech Rep) which of course accepts InterRail. They run different trains, such as Intercity, ICE, TER, Alvia, Snabbtag, and many more...this can be a little confusing at first but in 99% of the time you dont have to worry as they all are operated by the state railways and IR is valid on these. You just have to check, for instance here on railcc, whether a reservation is required or not.

In some countries, private railways do operate as well, but they usually accept InterRail: In Germany, Sweden, Netherlands Poland, many private railways operate but they all accept IR. In most other countries, there are only a few private railways which usually do not accept IR, but as they only operate small branch lines you usually have no need to use them.

Flo 😎

Keshman @ 12-06-2012 14:28

Thank you Peter and Flo, if its like this, there is no need to worry.
Have a nice day!

mihce_slo @ 23-06-2012 13:04

Hello everyone 🙂 !

I may have a bit of a silly question but can I buy the Interrail pass in France even though my country is Slovenia? Am short on money and will be in France whole july so I was planning to travel in august. Is it possible or is it a no go?

Thank you in advance!


Pete @ 23-06-2012 14:25

Hi Mihce.
You can buy your Interrail Pass at all big railway stations in France. And you can buy it in every country (taking part on Interrail) your want, such as well in France.
Your country of residence will always be the one where you lived in the past 6 months - not the country in which you buy the Interrail Pass.
You can also order you Interrail Pass online at railcc - then you directly support the forum and all the information on the website and not only an anonymous big company.
Peter 🙂

mihce_slo @ 23-06-2012 15:11

Great 🙂 , thanks a lot for the information Peter!


Rachel26 @ 01-07-2012 14:06


how do you make a reservation via this website?


Pete @ 01-07-2012 14:16

Which route?
Which date and time?
The best is always to buy a reservation at a station. Like mentioned before: NOT all trains are available for online booking! Why? We simply do not get access to the system of several railway companies to offer the Interrail/Eurail reservations. 😲

Rachel26 @ 04-07-2012 08:02

Paris to Amsterdam on the 5th July 10.04 and Amsterdam to Prague on the 6th July?
Are these possible to book?

Pete @ 04-07-2012 08:16

As you travel on the 5th from Paris to Amsterdam, you will have to do the booking at one of the big railway stations (Paris Gare de Nord for example).
Night train Amsterdam - Prague: online booking possible, but also available in Paris. Read here for details concerning the online booking:
Peter 🙂

foofvnicole @ 20-07-2012 17:20

Hi, i'm booking 2 reservation for me and for my girlfriend on two night train, we are interrail pass holders.
one train is from stockholm to narvik and the other is from rovaniemi to helsinki,
in the reservation it's written the reservation is for eurail pass holders, it may be used for interrail pass holders too?

Pete @ 22-07-2012 15:31

Yes - valid for both... Eurail and Interrail is the same in the sense of booking systems.
Have a nice trip, Peter 🙂

Andreas2006 @ 05-08-2012 09:53


we're Interrail passholders and would like to book a sleeper couchette from Helsini to Rovaniemi for the night train 273. Our problem is, that we are only able to select express delivery. Is there a way that we could get the reservations via e-mail or book these reservertions at local service offices in germany (DB)?

Thanks in advance

Best regards


Pete @ 05-08-2012 10:15

These reservations are only available as paper-tickets, not as e-tickets. You should get them as well at a station in Germany.
Peter 🙂

Dmitchell81 @ 21-08-2012 08:05

Hello and help?

Me and my partner are travellimg around Europe and have both have purchased the 22 day interail pass ( from here as we love the work and help from here) part of our trips need to do reservation for night trains for example Budapest to krakow on the night train l! I have tried to book the reservation on here and on the pkp website to no avail! The problem is we are currently in France!

Many Thanks


Pete @ 21-08-2012 08:44

Hi David.
If you like, just open a new topic in the travel routes or PLUS section so I can give you details about your route. 🙂
The night train Budapest-Krakow is only available to book at a railway station, like it is the case for most Eastern-European trains. If you cross Germany, do it there. You can also try to get it in France at a larger railway station.
Peter 🙂

luccieboy @ 18-06-2014 14:30

Hi guys,

I was wondering if it is possible to buy reservations for different people at the same time so you are sure you can sit together. So what I mean is buying all the reservations on one person's account. Would this pose any problems?

Flo @ 18-06-2014 14:39

No this is no problem and common practice. In some countries you may be asked to show your IR ticket(s) when purchasing reservations at a station so be prepared just in case. 🙂

Nunikas @ 23-06-2014 16:20

Hey there!

I was trying to buy a reservation for the Berlin - Malmo night train and it directs me to the page, the price of the reservation showed(399 SEK) is the price for interrail pass holders?

Also, does the night train from Stockholm to Ostersund(i´ll do the Inlandsbanan route, thanks for the blog!) requires reservation?

Thank you! 🤣

Flo @ 23-06-2014 17:32


Apparently the InterRail reservation is only available through phone via the snalltaget website anymore - it is 29€.
You can also get the reservation at a ticket desk at stations in Germany, Sweden or other countries.

You also need a reservation for the night train to Östersund (all night trains in Sweden have compulsory reservation for overnight travel).

Flo 😎

tuesday @ 03-07-2014 09:47

How do we reserve a seat/bed on the night train Madrid-Coimbra? I have read that you can reserve the seat/bed through Renfe but then you need to pick up the ticket within 72 hours which we can't do because we don't live in Spain. Is this really the only way?
Oh, and we have Interrail passes.

Flo @ 03-07-2014 10:52


I hope you have purchased your tickets at to support all our work and the free information avaialable on railcc, thank you. Otherwise, you should ask where you bought your tickets.

The standard way to make train reservations is at a train station, which does not neccessarily has to be located in the country of the trains departure/arrival. Therefore you will be able to make that reservation in other countries as well before you reach Spain.

Flo 😎

tuesday @ 03-07-2014 11:29

Thank you for the reply.
Unfortantely, I only came across this website after I bought my tickets. 😧
I found this link:

Can I still use this reservation option even though I have not purchased my tickets through railcc?
We have one country passes for Spain & Portugal and my country's rail company cannot book tickets in Spain. We are traveling to Spain first so it would only be a week or so in advance that we would be able to reserve tickets. I don't trust that it will be available then.

Flo @ 03-07-2014 12:01

Yes you can.

brumbeat @ 17-07-2014 14:15

Hoping for info?
I have booked a sleeping compartment on night train, Cologne to Brussels,
does this count as reservation, or do I need to book a reservation also.
I have interrail ticket.
Thanks in adavnce

Flo @ 17-07-2014 14:18


There is no night train Cologne - might have confused something?

Flo 😎

brumbeat @ 17-07-2014 14:21

sorry, being an idiot,
it is Munich to Cologne night train!

Flo @ 17-07-2014 14:52

Where have you booked it? How much did it cost? What does in say on the ticket/reservation?

You can buy reservations for CNL trains online at and InterRail tickets at to support our work and the free support we provide, thank you.

rebsiewares @ 23-07-2014 19:28

I want to reserve my tickets from Brussels to Prague but I can't work out how to add that i have an inter rail ticket to get the discount on the website DB Bahn for the final leg of my journey which is the high speed bus. I also can't work out how to do the same for my journey from Brussels to Nuernberg.

Pete @ 23-07-2014 20:13

Brussels to Germany is possible by free ICE train (do not use the THALYS trains). Then you travel for free until Nuremberg. There you change to the bus. The reservation for the bus is available a stations in Germany.
But you can travel the route as well completely for free without the bus.
To support the free information and the forum on railcc, please be fair and buy your official Interrail pass via our railcc partner link:
Thank you! 🙂
Peter 🙂

zoe001 @ 31-05-2015 16:54

hi, I am interrailing from Budapest to Athens in July/August, should it be okay to reserve my train seats at the train stations or should I reserve them online before hand?

Pete @ 31-05-2015 17:18

For this route you can only buy them at stations. If you like, open a new post where you write down the whole route you want to travel. 🙂
Pete 🙂

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