Reservation Prague to Krakow

MW @ 18-07-2008 13:28

Are we able to reserve the train from prague to krakow online somewhere and how so or do we have to go to the train station???

Pete @ 19-07-2008 10:17

try it at
if it is not possible, do it at a station... you can also try it at a German or Austrian station. of course as well in Poland or Czech Rep. 🙂

Hetman @ 04-11-2008 20:27

Now is november and I start thinking about my travel which will be before Christmas(about 20 dec.). But, as we know, in every year about 10 december, rail companies change timetables. So the question is: when can I buy reservation? Is that posible now or I have to wait when they change time table and then they sell me ones?
I want go to Warsaw from Barcelona.

Pete @ 04-11-2008 20:46

hej ...
timetables are now available... you can buy reservations right now ... buy them early so you get a seat ... especially around Christmas the trains are often full of travellers.
when using night trains have a look here at the forum ... scroll down to the country topics, there you will find all the details and prices for the night trains !! 🙂
have fun, Peter 🙂

kriste_tam @ 02-02-2009 11:16


I am planning my trip using this blue coloured schedule site🙂

There are trains named stoptrein R.... are these regional trains and do i have to researve seats for them.
there was also a round red sign next to some station names, what does that mean?
And i ve read that in Italy you have to pay reservation for all trains, is it right? what about these R.. trains. Like i want to go from Venice Santa Lucia to Venice Mestre (R), and then to Salzburg(EC). So this means i'll have to pay for both or only for EC?

thank you.

Pete @ 02-02-2009 12:38

stoptrein R = regional train, no supplements
the red signs I dont know... can you give an example of the connection, then I will check it when I see it... 🙂
for Italian supplements:
of course there are normal trains as well without any supplements!!
for Venice to Venice by R train it is free of supplements. for the EC to Slazburg: EUR 5

kriste_tam @ 05-02-2009 20:21

the sign is shown when clicking Show intermediate stops .... well i guess it means that the train does not stop there, or am i wrong?
Connection: Brig - Milano centrale;
dep 18:07
arriv 20:35

Pete @ 06-02-2009 08:57

you are right... then the station or something is under construction work. but not important for you. as you only have one change and are not interested in the intermediate stops. 🙂

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