Questions about Interrail reservations

sintesi @ 03-04-2008 12:49

I'm traveling Europe by rail in June with the intercity pass and have a few questions.

1. I plan on taking the CityNightLine from Hamburg to Paris. Is it wise to book reservations in advance to this train or can I get them safely at Hamburg Hbf?

2. Can I reserve seats only (no bed or sleeping compartment) on these trains (CNL) for a cheaper price?

3. Next I plan on TGV from Paris to Nice. I guess I have the same question here. Is it always enough seats to book a reservation in Paris or should I do this in advance too?

Thanks in advance 🤣

Pete @ 03-04-2008 14:52

hej hej ...
here are the answers:

(1) better to book your place in advance as in summer they are often full... you can buy the tickets in Hamburg, but also try Citynightline ... or buy the ticket at a big rail station (except the UK).

(2) yes... there are sleeping-seats... very comfortable... you pay a supplement of 10 EUR per night.

(3) you can book you seats in Germany or in France, Paris at the big rail stations. the supplement will be between 3-15 EUR, depending on the day and time you travel (main travel times like Friday evening, you have to pay 15 EUR, on Saturday morning when none is traveling it is cheap !!). if possible, book it in advance...

hope this answers help you !!?? 🙂
have fun,

sintesi @ 07-04-2008 08:16

Yes thanks alot 🙂

I also wonder if I can book TGV and CNL online? If so where? Or can I book both on a train station where I live (Sweden)?

Pete @ 08-04-2008 11:57

hej ...

CityNighLine: yes this should be possible to book it at a bigger rail station in Sweden...!! 🙂
or just look over there:

TGV: maybe also have a look on ... but when traveling outside of the main travel times (Friday and Sunday afternoon+evening), you can but the supplement for the TGV as well directly at a station in France.

have fun,

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