Question ticket reservation: Barcelona - Madrid - Valencia

fully27 @ 18-04-2008 21:40

Just wanted to know, after buying an inter-rail ticket, what is the procedure for actually using it? Do I need to contact and reserve a seat with the train company I will be using for each journey, quoting that I already have an interail ticket rather than buying another?

Barca to Madrid
Madrid to Valencia

Thanks in advance.

fully27 @ 18-04-2008 21:50

also what is the situation regarding the AVE trains between Barca and Madrid, does the interrail ticket cover them?

Pete @ 19-04-2008 12:31

supplements for Spanish trains:

When owning an InterRail ticket, you have to pay the following supplements:

Alaris - Altaria - Alvia - Euromed:
EUR 6,50 EUR (2nd class)
EUR 23,50 (1st class incl. meal)

AVE - Avant - Talgo 200
EUR 6,50 EUR (2nd class)
EUR 23,50 (1st class incl. meal)

Arco - Diurno - Intercity - Talgo:
EUR 6,50 (2nd class)
EUR 10,00 (1st class)

To find connections without supplements, have a look on this website:

Pete @ 19-04-2008 12:32


if you want to use a train for which you need a supplement, just go to the station at a ticket office, show your interrail ticket and ask for a reservation. then you pay it and jump in the train. that's it... 🙂

mikeandbex @ 20-04-2008 21:44

and if the train doesnt require a supplement do you follow the same procedure?

Pete @ 21-04-2008 07:52

if the train don't need a supplement r reservation, just jump into the train !! 🙂

annamadicken @ 22-04-2008 12:40

I have one question: how do I know if the train requires supplement or not?


Pete @ 22-04-2008 19:37

have a look on this website:

if it is marked as reservation NEEDED, you need a reservation ... if it is marked reservation recommended you don't need one !! 😉

have fun ... !!
and don't panic, you will always get a seat !! 🙂

RT @ 22-04-2008 20:17

Can you reserve tickets/seats online when you look up the train times, or do you need to do it at the station?

Also, is there a website where you can check the cost of city to city ticket prices? I have tried to look up certain legs of my planned journey (i.e. Lisbon to Madrid, Barcelona to Marseille) but doesn't seem to be able to provide this information.

I am trying to figure out whether it will be more cost effective to buy an interrail pass or pay for the tickets as and when I need them...

Pete @ 23-04-2008 12:43

go directly to the websites of the train companies of the single countries... for france for example on the website of SNCF ...
I think if you want to plan your route, InterRail is nothing for you ... InterRail is more for today I jump into this train to go where I want to go today ... feeling freedom and not to be too much in fixed plans. 😉
but if you want to find the different fares for single connections, you might have luck and find cheap ones (booking early enough) on the train companies websites.
for me (this is my personal opinion) it is to much planed. then I can also take a plane and fly to Paris, then Barcelona and then Lisbon and back home. 🙂
have fun.

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