PRAGUE - VIENNA - night train

Pete @ 19-07-2008 14:53

PRAGUE (Praha) - VIENNA (Wien) | night train
Information for Interrail, Eurail and travellers with single train tickets travelling the route Prague to Vienna.

TIMETABLE night train Prague to Vienna:

D 407 / EN 477
(Berlin Hbf Dep: 1925)
Praha hl.n. Dep: 0037
Wien Westbahnhof Arr: 0622

D/R 470 - running May to September
Seats are free - no supplements required.


single sleeper (only 1st class)
Rail pass fare: EUR 91
Standard fare: EUR ??

double sleeper
Rail pass fare: EUR 39
Standard fare: EUR ??

triple sleeper
Rail pass fare: EUR 26
Standard fare: EUR ??

❗ There are no seats and couchettes available in this train!

Update: Nov 2016

Natalie @ 28-02-2010 11:19

I am wondering if it is possible to reserve a bed on this night train online ?how do I do it

Also, I am travelling with my boyfriend and we are ona small budget. Is is possible to book two beds in a 3bed sleeper to save money ? Instead ofthe double sleeper?

And is it not cheaper still to use my IR pass on the day train from Prague to Vienna, and not have to pay a supplement at all ?


Pete @ 28-02-2010 11:49

Hi Natalie.

Read about reservations here:
If it is not mentioned that you can book it online, you can't book it online.
Just try it at a station on your tour. For example in Berlin.

It is possible to book 2 beds in a TRIPLE sleeper - but then a third person might be in your compartment. If you have luck, you have it on your own.
Prices are per person in the type of compartment.

Concerning DAY TRAIN travel Prague-Vienna, just read here. It is already answered on one of your topics:

Free day train travel is also possible.
Simply use the schedule planer:

And search for trains without supplements (without HST/trains with surcharge).

Praha hl.n. Dep: 0944 | free Fast train
Brno hl.n. Arr: 1315

Brno hl.n. Dep: 1336 | free Speed train
Breclav Arr: 1421

Breclav Dep: 1425 | free Regional train
Wien Mitte Arr: 1549

Peter 🙂

sam132 @ 16-06-2010 20:30


How much do I have to pay for a private sleeper for two (a double preferred over a twin) on top of our interrail ticket? Or can I only reserve a three bed sleeper? As I am confused!

It seems hostels are likely to be the same price as sleeper trains would you agree?

Many thanks in advance,


Flo @ 16-06-2010 21:59

Hi Sam!

You can reserve a bed either in a two or three bed cabin - the rates are listed in the opening post. The beds are for one person each and are placed one above the other.

It seems hostels are likely to be the same price as sleeper trains would you agree?

Well, depends on the category and the part of Europe you are travelling. In Western Europe a sleeper is roughly between 40 and 100 €, a couchette between 20 and 40 - in Eastern Europe rates are cheaper but the carriages usually arent the same standards. 🙂

Flo 😎

sam132 @ 18-06-2010 15:43

Thankyou for your reply Flo,

Prague is our first destination, and we planned to take a night train to Vienna the following night, we arrive late so only really can book the night train the day we arrive, do you think its likely there will be spaces?



Flo @ 18-06-2010 16:04


I cant tell you 100% - but I guess you will find a place. However, if the train should be full, you could alternatively go with one of the two night trains which run to Budapest. Then change at either Bratislava or Hegyeshalom. I give you one exaample: 🙂

Praha hl n 2311 - 0601 Hegyeshalom 👉 For regular seats no reservation necessarry, only for couchettes/sleepers
Hegyeshalom 0630 - 0723 Wien Süd Ost

Flo 😎

sam132 @ 18-06-2010 16:57

Sweet if not, we shall do this, or change our arrangements to go to Budapest, then vienna ;D !
🤣 🤣


Cookiemonster @ 02-08-2010 20:49

Are you sure, that there are no seats available on this train?

The schedule says for the EN 477:

Global price or ticket plus supplement (Berlin Hbf (tief) --> Breclav)
2nd class only seated accommodation
snacks and beverages available from sleeping-car/couchette-car attenda (Berlin Hbf (tief) --> Breclav)
Please reserve (Breclav --> Hohenau)
Subject to compulsory reservation (Berlin Hbf (tief) --> Breclav)
Special offer Spar-Night (Berlin Hbf (tief) --> Breclav)

Maybe I call the Deutsche Bahn and ask them?


I also found this Website, saying the same:

Pete @ 03-08-2010 07:36

In the EN 477 there are seats available in 2nd class, but they are not free (EUR 3-5).
In the D470 (currently not running) there was always free 2nd class seats, like mentioned above.
Peter 🙂

piotralek @ 04-06-2011 08:48

I'm looking for a day connection between Prague and Wien on 4th July. I found this on DB site:

Praha hl.n. dep 10:39 | EC 77 Eurocity
Wien Meidling arr 15:22

Does anyone know if I have to pay for any supplements for this connection?

have a nice day!

Pete @ 04-06-2011 10:22

This is a connection free of extra fees.

Peter 🙂

devil_lips63 @ 25-07-2011 15:04

Where can I book the ticket for train Praha-wien? (EN 477, R407, D 407)

Grateful 🤣

Pete @ 26-07-2011 10:03

Try the railcc shop.
Or at a station. 🙂

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