Pete @ 28-10-2008 14:03

PRAGUE (Praha) - INNSBRUCK - ZURICH (Zürich) | night train | D 207 / EN 466

Praha hl.n. Dep: 1716
Linz Hbf Dep: 2244
Salzburg Hbf Dep: 0014
Innsbruck Hbf Arr: 0338
Innsbruck Hbf Dep: 0340
Bludenz Arr: 0523
Zürich HB Arr: 0720


single bed [only 1st class]
Rail pass fare: EUR 140
Standard fare: EUR 200

T2 - double bed compartment [only 2nd class]
Rail pass fare: EUR 80
Standard fare: EUR 145

T3 - triple bed compartment [only 2nd class]
Rail pass fare: EUR 50
Standard fare: EUR 120

couchette - 4 bed compartment
Rail pass fare: EUR 30
Standard fare: EUR 100

couchette - 6 bed compartment
Rail pass fare: EUR 22
Standard fare: EUR 90

💡 There is a second connection by CNL (CityNightLine) running via from PRAGUE via DRESDEN - LEIPZIG - FRANKFURT - MANNHEIM - HEIDELBERG - KARLSRUHE - FREIBURG - BASEL to ZURICH with different prices and supplements:

Update: Nov 2016

travelingsusie5 @ 02-06-2010 03:29

I was wondering how to make a reservation on this train for July 26,2010. We would like 2 sleeping cabins. 2 parents and 2 daughters 20, 15 yrs and one son 17 yrs. I cannot figure out how to book the reservation. i understand I must pay in Prague.But would like to reserve the space.
Thank you!

Pete @ 02-06-2010 08:09

Hi Susie.

For this train you cant get a reservation online when traveling with an InterRail ticket.
You have to buy the reservation at a station. This can be as well in an other country (not only in the Czech Rep.). For example somewhere in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium ... depends on where you live and where you travel before.

If you want to travel the whole way from Prague to Zurich, you have this night train as well:

Peter 🙂

travelingsusie5 @ 04-06-2010 02:56

THanks Pete,
I have a friend in Brussells right now...could he buy the R207/466 tickets for me and bring them home to USA and then I bring them on my trip in July?
Also..which overnight do you like better?

Can I buy the CityNight Line in advance on line?
Thank you,

Pete @ 04-06-2010 07:28

Hi Susie.

This should be no problem to buy the ticket in Brussels main station (Bruxelles Midi).
I recommend you the CNL night trains. But both are of good quality.
The difference is the fare.

You can buy the reservation for a CNL online, but either the departure or the arrival station has to be a German one - and that's not in your case. 😲

Peter 🙂

travelingsusie5 @ 08-06-2010 05:28

Hi Peeter,
What is the difference in the R207/466 and the CNL to Zurich?
THank you!

Pete @ 08-06-2010 07:58

Hi Susie.

The CNL is a bit cheaper if you travel with a rail pass.
I recommend you the CNL train - the train service is of good quality.

Peter 🙂

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