Pete @ 23-06-2008 18:30

From PRAGUE to BUDAPEST by train.
How to buy point to point train tickets - online shop. Interrail and Eurail pass travel information. Route from Prague (Czech Republic) to Budapest (Hungary).

Train connection from Prague to Budapest.

More information:
Prague - Budapest:
Budapest - Prague:

Update: Nov 2016

Dumpy @ 26-04-2009 20:40

can you go from Prague to Budapest on a normal train without any added supplements or is the overnight train advisible?

cheers Dumpy

SiDUDe @ 26-04-2009 20:50

There are a few EC's a day. Im pretty sure they dont have any suppliment since I took the same trains Bratislava-Budapest and there was no suppliment

yngve0 @ 01-05-2009 21:11

We are 2 persons who plans to go from Praha to Budapest with nighttrain R471 / D471 in end of juli.

1) Is 2 bed-compartment available with 2nd class ticket on this connection or is 1st class ticket required?
2) What is the supplement fee for a 2 bed compartment?
3) What is the ticket fare for this distance (to verify however InterRail is best alternative)?
4) Is it recommended (or required) to book compartment in advance or could it be done in Praha 2 days before departure?
5) How work the border-crossing for sleep-compartment passenger? It seems to be 2 of them on this connection.


Pete @ 02-05-2009 07:50

The supplements for the night train are above.

You have to add to these supplements the basic ticket price of (one-way per person):
2nd class: ~ EUR 150
1st class: ~ EUR 220

point to point tickets are available via

yngve0 @ 02-05-2009 11:47

anyone with experience with the bordercrossing and passcontrol for sleeping passenger?

Pete @ 02-05-2009 19:02

in sleeping cars you give your ticket and passport to the conductor - within the EU, you can sleep and nobody will wake you up. 🙂

zeetha @ 03-05-2009 16:37

When I search for prague - budapest it gives me two different options. One is the R471/D471 which is a 10:40 hour journey. Then there is the EN 477 which is a 7:50 hour journey.

Are supplements for these two the same?

Pete @ 03-05-2009 18:55

I need the departure and arrival times otherwise I have to check always the timetables and loose time. the EN 477 with 7:50h is the one with the supplements mentioned above. Peter 🙂

zeetha @ 04-05-2009 13:27

departure time for the R471/D471 is 21:40 from Praha hl.n 🙂

Pete @ 04-05-2009 14:20

now I have it after searching not only the actual as well the summer timetables.... 😲

you can use both trains for the same fares mentioned above.
some wagons of the EN 477 are attached to the D471 in Budapest - then the D471 continues to Bucaresti (Romania) - I recommend the D471, as you have more time to sleep!

Praha hl.n. Dep: 21:40
Budapest-Keleti pu Arr: 08:19

EN 477 (coming from Berlin)
Praha hl.n. Dep: 00:42
Budapest-Keleti pu Arr: 08:32

zeetha @ 04-05-2009 20:45

Thank you!

Melody @ 12-06-2009 20:54

So, if I have paid €300 for my Interrail pass, and I want to go to Prague to Budapest overnight, it will cost me an additional €150? That's very expensive. If so, I'm going to return my Interrail pass!

SiDUDe @ 12-06-2009 23:33

no, you have to pay €14 for a couchette (as in the first post) if you didnt have an IR ticket youd have to pay €150+€14

shiv_13 @ 26-06-2009 11:28

What is the website with the timetables for direct connections from Prague to Budapest. Thanks

Flo @ 26-06-2009 12:00 🙂

sam132 @ 16-06-2010 20:20


Many thanks for providing so much useful information.


johnshir1 @ 10-03-2011 22:13

Still very confused with pricing for train ticket from Prague to Budapest Keleti station.

Plan: Night train from Prague to Budapest Keleti station
Date: 20 March 2011

1) Please provide me with all the available night trains' schedule

2) Please provide me with the pricing for the 2nd class (bed, crouchette & seating)

3) Any additional fee that I'm supposed to pay since I'm a non-european and non-holder of any rail pass?

4) Any additional fee that I should be aware of?

5) Any restriction on luggage since I have 2?

6) Should I purchase the train ticket in advance since I'll be arriving in Prague on 17 March 2011?

Really appreciate your feedback.

Pete @ 19-03-2011 14:53


For the normal fares you have to contact the national train companies directly as we are only a forum specialized on InterRail and not on single train fares.

For schedules please see above or use the schedule planer:

Peter 🙂

RailerSPA @ 23-06-2011 09:35


From České dráhy, a.s. (Czech railway national company) customer service told me that it's not possible to buy the ticket for the EuroNight from Prague to Budapest.

Could anyone suggest me what I can do in order to buy cheaper on-line tickets for this route?


Flo @ 23-06-2011 19:57

Well, if it is not possible to get an e-ticket from CD you will have to buy a cheap single ticket either directly at a CD station or get a regular tariff ticket from any other station that sells international tickets.

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