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Train to Ponto de Lima

littlebranshill: Is there a railway station at Ponto de Lima? Is it possible to get a train there? If not, which is the nearest train station? Don't really want to catch a bus as there are 4 of us.
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Last Post littlebranshill
2019-10-30 17:56

Faro to Seville - bus or train?

Patsy: We are travelling to faro in March and want to take bus or train to Seville Spain...can we do this and where do you see time schedules
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Last Post Patsy
2019-10-12 22:24

Largo Sacadura Cabral

kelleyarmann: taking the train from Porto to Penafiel. Are there local cabs available to take from the train station to the winery?
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Last Post kelleyarmann
2019-10-09 18:53

Sintra-Cascais-Lisbon train ticket price

yrispaa: Hi - how much is the train ticket from sintra to cascais also from Lisbon to cascais? how long is the ride?
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Last Post yrispaa
2019-09-14 14:40

How to get senior tickets on CP/AP train in Portugal

lornamonroe: My husband and I are over 65. We want to buy senior tickets to go first class from Lisboa to Porto. Where can we buy the tickets?
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Last Post lornamonroe
2019-06-18 14:33

Lisbon to Figueira da Foz

Piterson: Hello,
Someone knows how to get in the evening from Lisbon to Figueira da Foz. I land in Lisbon 18.05.2019 at 19 pm and I have to get to Figueira da Foz. The trip can be with transfers. HELP 🙂
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Last Post Piterson
2019-05-09 07:25

Lockers in Tomar?

molly4749: We will travel to Tomar on our way to Porto. Are there lockers or luggage storage in Tomar? We will only be there a few hours.

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Last Post molly4749
2019-04-21 14:31

Lisbon to Cascais and Cascais to Lisbon

LesReiner: What train station and train co. do I use from Lisbon? I can't find any info on this.
Replies 2
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Last Post LesReiner
2019-04-08 13:10

Train Lisboa - Porto

LidyvanDensen: What can be the price for a ticket Lisboa - Porto on the 8th of Juin? We are with 3 persons in total
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Last Post LidyvanDensen
2019-03-18 09:45

Trenhotel Lisbon-Hendaye without 4-bed sleepers on some days?

PhilippB: Hi,

I'd like to take the trenhotel night train from Lisbon to Hendaye in March. However, on the day I want to travel (27th) there is no option to book a bed in the "cama turista" (4-bed sleepers), only common seats and the expensive 2-bed sleepers. Apart...
Replies 3
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Last Post PhilippB
2019-02-06 10:24

bed bugs on nighttrain between Hendaye-Irun and Lisbon?

mvanderhoorn: I travelled by night train from Hendaye-Irun to Lisbon both ways in October 2016. It was a Cama Turista (4 beds) with Trenhotel. Unfortunately I had a very bad experience because the train was full of bed bugs on both journeys. Does anyone have actual information on this issue? Are...
Replies 3
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Last Post mvanderhoorn
2018-12-15 19:15

train from Caldas Da Rainha to Cascais

JoyceKutcher: I am looking for the most direct way to get from Caldas Da Rainha to Cascais using public transportation. I would rather not return to Lisbon, if possible. I was wondering if it I can get to Sintra directly and then take the bus? Any other suggestions are greatly appreciated....
Replies 2
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Last Post JoyceKutcher
2018-07-28 03:45

Interrail 2018 Portugal

Pendolino: This July I have planned my next Interrail trip, which takes me to Portugal this year. I have already booked my reservations for the trains in Spain and France, and I have also booked my accomodations. The travel days are as follows:

11 July | Rotterdam -...
Replies 6
Views 979
Last Post Pendolino
2018-06-29 12:00

Online tickets from Lisboa to Albufeira

Nanasa: Some reason I can't reserve and buy online tickets Lisboa-Albufeira-Lisboa, dep. 30.6.2018 / arriv. 11.7., does anyone know why ? And a second question, which station at Lisboa is best (easy, simple) going in train (Lisboa-Albufeira). Our hotel is at central but I think that, we are going to railway...
Replies 2
Views 716
Last Post Nanasa
2018-05-14 09:03

Store suitcases

Laurence264: I would like to know if there's a secure place where I could store my suitcase in Cais do Sodré train station for 4-5 hours?
Thank you!
Replies 2
Views 2260
Last Post Laurence264
2018-05-13 20:54

Faro to lisbon

Splodge: What are facilities on the IC train from Faro to Lisbon?
What is the difference between first class and standard?
Is it worth paying more for Alfa Pendular?
Replies 2
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Last Post Splodge
2018-03-06 06:57

Can I take 2 dogs travelling from Porto to Santander via Vigo? Or Lisbon to Santander via Madrid?

LauraWilliams: Hi

I have 2 dogs to take to the ferry at Santander. I large Alsation and a smaller terrier. Do the Portuguese and Spanish trains allow dogs to travel?

Many thanks

Replies 2
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Last Post LauraWilliams
2018-02-14 14:28

Train from Lisboa to Porto

Lissabon: What is the period the ticket for the train from Lisboa to Porto can be bought before the departure of the train ?
Replies 2
Views 1676
Last Post Lissabon
2018-01-30 08:28

Train tickets from Porto to Sintra

huatah: Could you provide me the URL link to make the purchase online.

Replies 4
Views 1509
Last Post huatah
2017-11-07 09:38


lokarijo66: how to get the senior train ticket on-line?
Replies 2
Views 1558
Last Post lokarijo66
2017-09-05 09:10

Access for disabled persons

David1992t: We would like to travel by train on Sunday from Albufeira to lisbon. In order not to have to go to the wheelchair-friendly train station in faro, we would be interested in whether the train station in Albufeira is also disabled. Are there any entry aids?

Replies 2
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Last Post David1992t
2017-08-11 11:18

Porto to Vigo

SHotch: Is the train sold out on Friday 28 July - I cannot buy online tickets for either of the two daily departures that day. How can I find out?
Replies 2
Views 1998
Last Post SHotch
2017-07-22 11:47

Luggage dropping point

RobertoFinelli: Hello! Do you know if there is a luggage dropping point in Tomar o Aveiro station?
Replies 2
Views 2416
Last Post RobertoFinelli
2017-06-09 22:51

Tickets from Lagos to Lisbon

Lena55: I'm trying to buy tickets from Lagos to Lisbon. All my options are only with transfers. One, which I would like to buy is train from Lagos comes to Tunes at 14:15 and at 14:23 departs train from Tunes to Lagos to which I will have to transfer. My question...
Replies 2
Views 2145
Last Post Lena55
2017-05-29 04:19

Parking car at station

LooseBoots: Is there anywhere to park a car at Entroncamento station for 4 /5 days?
Replies 4
Views 2780
Last Post LooseBoots
2017-05-14 09:30


BepBeentjes: good day, where can I find the price of a ticket: Faro to Lagos.
Replies 3
Views 2374
Last Post BepBeentjes
2017-04-24 11:57

Luggage pieces allowed on the train

marifa58: Hello,
Can you please tell me how many luggage pieces are allowed on the train from Lisbon, Portugal to Ourense, Spain per person.
And how much are the tickets per person to travel in a cabin.
Prices per senior and regular adults?
Also how many hours...
Replies 3
Views 1989
Last Post marifa58
2017-03-29 01:49

Coimbra B Station

NicholaBryant: Hello
In May we are travelling from wales to Portimao...I was wondering as we have a 2 hour stop at 4 am if there would be anywhere on the station or nearby to eat at that time??? Will have a grumpy hubby and whingy kids by this point.
Replies 3
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Last Post NicholaBryant
2017-02-11 16:17

Interrail: Lisbon - Madrid Trenhotel

interailer: Hi 🙂

I'm portuguese and I will start my interrail from Lisbon to Madrid.

Someone knows how much is the fare I will have to pay to a 6 bed couchette?

Thanks 🙂
Replies 2
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Last Post interailer
2015-07-14 14:18

Beaches in Lisbon + How To Get There

klemen_m: Hi there,

does anyone have any good recommendations for nice beaches around Lisbon? We are staying at Rua Pedro Nunes street. I looked up some sites and found out that there are supposed to be great beaches at Costa da Caparica and Cascais, any other beaches worth...
Replies 3
Views 2143
Last Post klemen_m
2014-07-19 23:35

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