PORTBOU (France) - BARCELONA - MADRID | night train Estrella

Pete @ 12-08-2008 20:11

PROTBOU (France) - BARCELONA - MADRID | night train Estrella

Update: these night train connections aren't available anymore. For other connections have a look here: https://rail.cc/en/search-train-route

Cheap night train from Portbou via Barcelona to Madrid and reverse.
Portbou - Barcelona - Madrid: https://rail.cc/en/night-train/barcelona-madrid-estr-373/391
Madrid - Barcelona - Portbou - Cerbère: https://rail.cc/en/night-train/madrid-barcelona-estr-370/392

Update: Nov 2016

Lamboo @ 30-01-2011 23:20

hi, could i get on this train at barcelona and then onto madrid or do I need to be coming from France?

Flo @ 30-01-2011 23:35


you can board this train as Barcelona as well.

Supplements are currently like this:

2nd class seat: 6,50€
6 bed couchette: 18,60€

Flo 😎

fxcgomes @ 22-05-2011 14:45


I went to railcc to make a reservation for this night train (Estrella), and the only price that appears for a reservation is 25€, for both couchet 4B and couchet 6B. Which is pretty much a robbery. There is no option with 2nd class seat...

Is there any mistake in this? I would like to travel in the 2nd class seat because it the cheapest way.

Thanks for your time.

Pete @ 22-05-2011 14:51

It is not a robbery. It is the typical problem that national railway companies do not gain access to their system the easy way. So it is hard for an overall system like the railcc one to get the best rates concerning reservations. 😢
Beside: 25 EUR for a 4-bed-couchette is standard within Europe.

For Spain buy your reservations either at a station in Spain or do it this way by phone:
Peter 🙂

fxcgomes @ 22-05-2011 15:29

Yes, I understand what you are saying and I was not stating that the problem was with railcc! 🤣 railcc is an excellent system that helps everyone a lot! Congratulations on that! 🤣

I said it was a robbery because it's more than I would like to spend, obviously it is a pretty fair price.

I will then try to reserve the ticket on the phone or at a railway station.

Thank you for your help,


nltrainer @ 12-01-2013 13:22

CHANGES route as from next week or so-when the HiSpeed to Figueras opens,. Train will continue to run (except, I understand nights sat/sun), but follow the beachside coastal route north of Barca and end at Figueras (but check this).

Flo @ 14-01-2013 12:08

Train timings are already updated.

👉 https://rail.cc/en/night-train/madrid-cerbere-estr-370/84
👉 https://rail.cc/en/interrail-night-train/portbou-madrid-estr-373/85

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